36 Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Bloggers to Make Money With Their Blogs

As of 2019, the cryptocurrency market is valued at $237.1 billion. While the figure is not unexpected given the industry’s size, the industry’s worth was $128.78 billion in 2018. The value nearly doubled in a year and is expected to increase at a 32 percent CAGR through 2024.

Furthermore, with new technologies, cryptocurrencies, and exchanges appearing daily, now is the ideal time to enter the sector. The bulk of individuals have not yet invested in cryptocurrencies, therefore joining top cryptocurrency affiliate programs is certain to bring you money.


top cryptocurrency affiliate programs


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In this article, I’ll go through the finest cryptocurrency affiliate schemes that can help you maximize the industry’s potential. Affiliate Marketing for Cryptocurrency: How to Make Money. While top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs require you to promote a specific exchange, the cryptocurrency sector also offers a variety of additional affiliate marketing opportunities.

Selling bitcoin mining hardware is a great way to make much money in this area. Different currencies function well with different hardware. Thus, micro-niches may be targeted and ranked in. Marketing bitcoin classes is another popular approach to earning money. There are many good courses on the market, and updated versions are released regularly, making marketing much easier. Regardless of the sort of program, you choose to promote, you will earn a lot of money.

Top 35 Top Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs in 2020


1. A-Ads

A-Ads is an ad network that focuses on the bitcoin industry. In the bitcoin sector, advertisers may pay for impressions and clicks. It’s ideal for new crypto affiliates since the low fees make it simple to advertise their services. You will be paid 50% of the company’s fee (ten percent of advertiser spendings) for six months for each advertiser you join.

Invites Commission
All invites 50% of advertising fees for six months


2. Abra

Mobile wallets are extremely popular right now, making it simpler than ever to promote the Abra mobile wallet. The software is attractive and easy to use, and users may buy over 30 cryptocurrencies using a credit card from their phone.

Action Commission
Joined user deposits $5 to Abra $25 flat
User exchanges crypto 0.75% of exchange total


3. Nominex

Team stacking incentives and bonuses from your partners’ spending are part of the reward system. The bonus’s value is determined by the level determined by the quantity of NMX staked. The benefit increases as the partner level rise. In the first two weeks, the maximum quantity of tokens is given. That is done to reward early adopters and stakeholders.

In the first two weeks, 490,000 NMX will be given! More than twice as soon as the next two months. The promotional pool will be awarded up to 40,000 NMX each day. The quantity of distributed tokens will steadily decrease after that. These 40,000 NMX will be used to fund the following projects:

  • Personal Staking Pool: On personal staking, you can earn a portion of the daily NMX pool (profit only depends on personal staking). The BSC blockchain is used for staking. A smart contract contains all of the regulations.
  • Bonus pool for staking period: Get a bonus of up to 20% depending on how long you’ve been taking continuously.
  • Bonus pool for direct referrals: Receive 5% to 20% of your direct referrals’ surplus revenue from dairy farming.
  • Bonus pool for team staking: The exchange identifies the weak team at 00 UTC and credits up to a 20% bonus from the total tokens harvested by your weak team and + 100% to your team’s staking income by boosting the partner level to the maximum.

The project is divided into several bonus tiers. The partner packages are quite appealing, and they improve as more funds are added to the liquidity pool.

How to Take Part

Onboarding is easy and quick, taking only 30 seconds to complete. All you have to do now is sign up for the exchange and confirm your email address. Then go to the affiliate panel to obtain your referral link. Please make a copy and send it to everyone you know. When someone signs up through your link, information will display in your affiliate panel.


4. Privacy Pros (Billfodl)

It should be simple to market a bitcoin wallet that is almost unbreakable. Traders should feel at ease knowing that their money can withstand a jet fuel fire. The excellent selling arguments and reasonable price compensate for the middle-of-the-road commissions.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales 15%


5. Binance

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that provides traders with access to all major cryptocurrencies. Its reputation persuades people to convert. It is a cryptocurrency affiliate program that any top cryptocurrency affiliate programs should join because of the high compensation rates.


Marketer Bracket Commission
Individual with <1000 sales 40%
Individual with >1000 sales 50%
Business/media organization 50% (instantly)


6. Deribit

Deribit is a relatively young trading site (established in 2016), but its low costs and clear design make it ideal for new and experienced traders. It is one of the finest bitcoin exchange top cryptocurrency affiliate programs because of its high commission rates on Bitcoin purchases. Ethereum trading is also possible on the site. It is a must-join for any marketer in the niche because it gives extended commission periods.

Period Commission
First six months of joining 20%
After six months of joining 10%
Joining with discount code 10% (for six months only)


7. Bitbond

Bitbond makes lending and borrowing faster and easier. The platform expedites bond issuance, custody, and settlement; however, the payments are transmitted through top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. You must turn your visitors into investors in the platform’s STO to earn commissions.

Action Commission
STO investment 5% of investment


8. Bitcoin Mining

Connecting with hardware businesses like Parallel Miner is an excellent way to make money in the niche. Pre-built mining rigs, PCs, GPUs, and any other components a miner could require are all available from the firm. You can also generate money by turning your visitors into paying clients by connecting with cloud mining businesses like CCG Mining.

Company Commission
Parallel Miner 5%
CCG Mining 6%


9. BitMEX

BitMEX is the place to be if you want to earn lifelong commissions for every user you convert. BitMEX is a Bitcoin exchange that caters only to seasoned cryptocurrency traders. The commissions are reasonable, and you get paid for the users you recruit for the rest of your life. It’s one of the top cryptocurrency affiliate programs because of its generous commission structure.

User Trade Value Commission
<1000 XBT 10%
>1000 XBT 15%
>10000 XBT 20%


10. Bitpanda

Bitpanda allows you to buy cryptocurrencies from your computer or mobile device, and its outstanding security features and quick assistance make it ideal for new crypto traders. It’s the top cryptocurrency affiliate programs for all affiliates, regardless of reach or skill level, because of the huge commissions and 30-day cookie window.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 20% revenue share


11. Bybit

Sign up for Bybits’ affiliate program if you want to connect with a fast-growing bitcoin trading platform to increase your impact and income. The platform boasts a 60 percent conversion rate, which means that one out of every two customers you sign up for will make you money.

You may join other affiliates and get a share of every transaction they assist in making, in addition to recommending traders. It is one of the most effective cryptocurrency referral schemes around.

User Type Commission
Trader Up to 30% (set by the company)
Affiliate 10%


12. Cex.io

It is not easy to find exchanges that are both simple to use and have minimal costs. Cex.io, on the other hand, possesses both characteristics and gives some of the finest commissions in the business. Since its inception in 2013, the exchange has amassed over 3 million customers and has never lost a customer’s cash, which explains its flawless reputation.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 30% (all exchange transactions)


13. Changelly

Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange among traders since it provides secure and instant access to over 198 coins. Exchange provider traders have some of the lowest costs on the market, and the site offers a contemporary and voguish design.

As a Changelly affiliate, you will receive 50% of the income from any transaction made by a user you suggest. Another advantage of Changelly’s affiliate program is that you are paid in Bitcoin.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 50% of revenue


14. Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that also has a wallet where customers may keep their coins. Top cryptocurrency affiliate programs for crypto wallets that pay and the Coinbase affiliate program are hard to come by. The platform also provides ad banners that you may use on your website in addition to affiliate connections.

Referrals Commission
All referrals 50% of transaction fees for the first three months


15. Coinhouse

Coinhouse is a clever three-tier pricing system that allows investors of various skill levels to participate in cryptocurrencies. The Classic tier is free, while the Superior and Platinum tiers provide lower costs, premium investment advising, and customized assistance.

It’s a top cryptocurrency affiliate programs that affiliates may easily benefit from because of the high commission rates and top-tier marketing materials they provide.

Referral Type Commission
Free “Classic” user 35% commission
Premium user €50 fixed


16. Coinigy

To take advantage of trading opportunities, professional traders require superior portfolio management tools. Traders in cryptocurrencies are no exception. Coinigy provides traders with access to over 45 exchanges across all platforms and an exchange portfolio monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It should be simple to sell to traders. However, you must first establish an account and produce a link from the referral program menu to participate in the crypto exchange affiliate program.

Referrals Commission
All referrals $15 flat


17. Coinmama

The Coinmama cryptocurrency affiliate program is for you if you want to convert crypto traders from all over the world for commissions. It’s simple to join the program, and you’ll be able to convert visitors from any of the 190 countries covered. For the duration of their account, you will receive a portion of every transaction your referrals make.

Referral Type Commission
All referrals 15% lifetime commissions


18. Coinsquare

The top Canadian platform not only allows users to exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum fast and safely, but it also allows them to buy gold. It’s as simple as entering your email address on their website to join the bitcoin affiliate program and receive your referral code.

Referral Type Commission
All referrals Up to 45% (set by the company)


19. Cryptohopper

It might be challenging to sell top cryptocurrency affiliate programs goods to new traders. A low-cost automated crypto trading bot, on the other hand, should appeal to traders of all skill levels. The software makes it simple to copy traders and maintain exchange accounts, and users may manage their portfolios for over a hundred different cryptocurrencies.

Commission Slabs (Monthly) Commission
<$500 in commissions 10%
>$500 in commissions 12.5%
>$1000 in commissions 15%


20. CryptoTrader.Tax

Traders are well aware of how difficult it may be to file taxes when dealing with top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Calculating how much the trader owes is as simple as uploading the trading papers with CryptoTrader.Tax.

Sales Tier Commission
All reports 25% of report value (lifetime)


21. eToro

While most people are familiar with eToro because of their viral advertising efforts, they are recognized in the affiliate market for their huge commissions. Professional traders will benefit from the platform’s ability to trade CFDs. While affiliates can earn much money, the commission programs are CPA-based and vary from one partner to the next.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales CPA-based


22. Exmo

Exmo is one of the top cryptocurrency affiliate programs in the business, not just because it pays out well but also because it makes marketing a breeze. Affiliates get access to attractive ad banners, and their news site publishes marketing content regularly.

Trades Commission
All exchange transactions 25% of Exmo fees


23. Indacoin

Indacoin is a global platform that allows customers to use their debit or credit card to buy any of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies they offer. The company claims to have the greatest commission rates in the market, but its affiliate network is currently closed, so there is no way of knowing how much money you may make.

Referrals Commission
All referrals Undisclosed


24. KeepKey

Crypto traders believe their coins require a safe cold storage wallet. KeepKey is the ideal answer for them. KeepKey supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, and users are not restricted to keeping only one type of top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Secure wallet software and simple recovery methods are good selling features, and affordable pricing adds to the appeal.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales 25%


25. Ledger

Ledger produces some of the most high-end hardware security wallets on the market. The attraction of the items and the company’s reputation is frequently required to generate sales. Traders may use wallets on the go by connecting them to their phones, and they operate over 100 crypto apps.

Aside from delivering competitive commissions, the firm also increases conversion rates by providing access to eye-catching banners, educational links, and videos.

Product Commission
All products 10%


26. LocalBitcoins

Users from 248 countries may buy and sell Bitcoins for cash on LocalBitcoins. The website is not an exchange; local Bitcoins are exchanged, and the site is only a conduit via which these transactions can occur. LocalBitcoins recognizes that P2P Bitcoin transactions contain a small degree of risk, and it minimizes this risk by employing an escrow wallet.

The portal’s ease of use makes it a no-brainer to recommend. The affiliate program is a winner in my view since it allows you to make large commissions regardless of your location.

Referrals Commission
All referred users 20% share of fees for 12 months


27. Paxful

Marketing a popular peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange is a sure-fire method to make money. Although the site only allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, it is distinguished since it provides over 300 payment options. It pays to join a bitcoin affiliate scheme. When your invitees conduct transactions, you get compensated, and their invitees get paid as well.

Purchases Commission
Purchases from direct referrals 50% of the escrow fee
Purchases from referrals of referrals 10% of the escrow fee


28. Plus500

CFDs are hazardous, although they’re used all the time by expert traders. Plus500 is a top cryptocurrency affiliate programs CFD trading platform that allows users to trade CFDs in cryptocurrencies. Visitors must deposit cash into their Plus500 account for you to earn a commission.

The company provides its affiliates with various marketing tools, such as the Smart Link tool, which automatically generates an appropriate landing page for users who click on your link. You may use banners, buttons, and widgets, in addition, to display creativity to increase conversions across all devices.

Accounts Commission
All accounts Up to $800 (set by the company)


29. Trezor

You should join the Trezor affiliate network if you’re searching for a product that pays out well and sells quickly. Users can check their balance and authorize purchases instantly using the hardware wallet, which supports over 1300 different cryptocurrencies.

The wallets are expensive, but they sell well, particularly in Europe. Their program is a must-join because of the high pricing and good commission rates.

Product Commission
All products 12% – 15%


30. LiveTrader

Trading techniques can take years to develop and master. Beginner traders, on the other hand, may increase their earnings by employing bots like LiveTrader. Users may trade while sleeping, and the alert features let them keep track of their bots’ movements.

Traders may easily create strategies with technical indicators or utilize the tried-and-true techniques offered on LiveTrader’s marketplace. Users can easily model the outcomes of their plans, and the platform is compatible with all exchanges, so they won’t have to transfer accounts or goods.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales 30% lifetime recurring


31. Wirex

A major reason for cryptocurrency’s growth is that it has met the demand for decentralized currencies. Wirex is a platform that connects the worlds of digital currencies and fiat money. Wirex cards configure to operate with a variety of cryptocurrencies, and they can use them anywhere Visa is accepted.

Action Commission
The user buys $100 worth of crypto $5
The user uses Wirex card in-store $5


32. xCoins

Other platforms might take days to credit Bitcoins to customers’ wallets, while xCoins allows users to buy Bitcoins immediately. Bitcoin may be purchased with a credit card or using PayPal. 70% of the company’s clients utilize their platform to buy Bitcoins regularly. If you promote aggressively, you may establish a constant source of revenue because the platform provides lifelong recurring commissions.

Action Commission
Purchase 50% of transaction fees


33. Coindirect

Coindirect claims to have low prices and no hidden costs. Users may trade over 400 cryptocurrencies and pay for transactions via bank transfers, SEPA transfers, credit cards, and even mobile money. You will be paid the same commission whether you suggest a buyer or a seller.

On the other hand, joining sellers is a great idea because sellers have a higher trading volume. Affiliates are paid daily, and commissions are paid for life. By being a member of the Coindirect cryptocurrency affiliate network, you will be able to wake up with more money in your account every morning.

Referral type Commission
Buyer 20% lifetime recurring

20% lifetime recurring


34. KuCoin

KuCoin is a commonly used top cryptocurrency affiliate programs. So much so that one out of every four bitcoin owners uses the service. Mobile apps allow users to trade on the go, and the site offers a variety of order types for traders with varying risk appetites.

KuCoin allows users to buy and retain their currency, trade-in futures, and lend their top cryptocurrency affiliate programs to interest. KuCoin’s affiliate program, like many others on this list, pays out lifelong recurring commissions.

Referral Tier Commission
A-level invitee 20% of transaction fees
B-level invitee 12% of transaction fees
C-level invitee 8% of transaction fees


35. HashFlare

Cloud mining is a new service that allows users to earn without purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment. The service provides a variety of options, each of which connects customers to mining pools. Profits from pool mining are distributed based on the amount of mining power purchased by users.

HashFlare has a 26 percent conversion rate, and it provides amazing advertising content to assist with conversion rates even more. Although commission rates are minimal, the strong conversion rate and lifetime recurring commissions more than compensate.

Sales Tier Commission
All purchases 10%


36. AvaTrade

Over its 14 years in business, AvaTrade’s partner network, AvaPartners, has paid out over $250 million to affiliates. It’s one of the most well-known cryptocurrency affiliate networks. Secure crypto trading is a selling factor in and of itself on the site.

It also offers affiliates a variety of marketing and tracking tools to make cryptocurrency affiliate marketing simple. They have a closed partner network, and only approved partners are given commission details.

Affiliate Program Commission
CPA Undisclosed
Dynamic CPA Undisclosed
RevShare Undisclosed
Master Affiliate Undisclosed

And with that, you’re well enough in the industry’s best bitcoin affiliate schemes. All you have to do now is establish your commission objectives and marketing choices before returning to the list. In minutes, you’ll be able to locate the ideal programs to join.