Full Guidelines of How to Sale Vintage Clothes Online In 2021

Vintage clothes have been trending for quite a long time. If you are involved in selling vintage clothing, make sure to follow these tips to maximize your benefits. If you need to attract as many consumers as possible to your vintage online boutique, make sure to study exactly what you are selling. You think you own a vintage dress and want to make vintage clothes then you can make it.

Research what year it comes from, who the fashionable was, or even the kind of outline or label it carries. This way you can inform your consumers as exactly as you can about the product you are selling as well as make trust and leadership in your business. Nowadays several items are labeled ‘vintage’ with no details whatsoever on what exactly it is or what area it comes from. Educate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Once selling from vintage clothes, proper advertising is necessary to maximize your income. Pay special care to photography and presentation, as it can either strengthen the positive features of your vintage item or negative facets. Make sure to also use all the resources available online to ads your vintage items. Several customers looking for vintage clothes trust social media, blogs, and smaller platforms to buy vintage products.


1.  Sourcing Vintage Clothing

Finding vintage clothes to sell in your online store can take some time, but when you find a valued piece of the past, it will be worth it. Here are some common methods that eCommerce sellers source vintage clothing inventory:

  • Thrift stores
  • Auctions
  • Estate sales
  • Wholesalers
  • Craigslist
  • Consignment shops
  • Flea markets

As you are sourcing vintage clothes, be sure that you review each piece closely. There may be stains or other damage.


2. Pricing Vintage Clothes

One of the most challenging parts of selling vintage clothes. There are some pieces that are rarer than others, some that are more valuable, and some that are essential more repair than others, and all of these things have to be careful when you price your list.

That isn’t awfully specific, but because there is a wide range of vintage clothes, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pricing formula or algorithm. You’ll have to consider what you paid, the time it takes you to bring a piece up to selling condition, and what similar pieces are selling for.


3. Funding Your Vintage Clothing Business

In 2021, after a year of lockdowns, new technology has come to make learning, socializing, and doing business much simpler from anywhere, virtually. You can launch your vintage business from your home with very little initial investment.

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This is, however, a business that needs you to purchase inventory upfront unless you opt for a consignment model (you only pay for the goods after they are sold). As you scale, consider how long your living space will be able to handle your storage needs. Idea ahead for when you may need to upgrade to a dedicated office or warehouse space.


4. Produce Your Pre-Owned Clothing Store

Once your catalog is properly uploaded to your brand new website, it is time to launch your vintage clothes. But the work is not finished yet. It is one thing to launch a pre-owned clothing website and quite another to make it profitable.

First off, make sure that your online store works just the way you need. If you find any glitches, get them fixed ASAP. Proofreading item descriptions check product images and testing main site structures before beginning.

Here’s a list of the top online spots to sell your vintage clothes:


4.1 Poshmark

If you have a Pinterest account, you’ve likely seen this site advertised. Poshmark is a website where you can sell your old clothes. The site is filled with apparel at a range of price points, from Levis to Louis Vuitton. You’ll find a wealth of name-brand clothes like North Face and Michael Kors.

You can shop from people’s closets for a super discount compared to purchasing in-store. On Poshmark, sellers can speedily list clothing for men, women, and kids straight from their phones with the Poshmark app. Fees for listing your vintage clothes on Poshmark are taken from the recorded price when you make a sale.

It’s a flat $2.95 for goods under $15, and 20% of the listing price for everything else. The top part of selling on Poshmark is they take care of the financial side of the transaction, sending you a pre-paid delivery label, and providing consumer service for your customers.


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4.2 Depop

The app is planned just like Instagram you upload a picture of your goods in the usual square format, and add a caption underneath with more info, like the condition and description of whatsoever you’re selling. Depop also gives you the selection to set the prices and select the item size.

For newbie sellers, the procedure of uploading your stuff and making your first sale is super easy. You can sell pretty much anything that’s in your wardrobe on here, but vintage stuff tends to be the most popular, or high street clothes that have now sold out in-store.

If you’re observing to sell shoes, jewelry, and even lifestyle stuff like posters, old books, and lists literally anything goes. You can also make preparations with other sellers to swap items if you can agree on a deal.


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4.3 Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace isn’t known for being the most successful selling platform for vintage clothes, but since it’s totally free, it might be worth a shot. The Marketplace permits you to upload items in the traditional way, but it has also been merged with Facebook selling groups.

These groups are normally exact to certain locations, like towns or boroughs, permitting you to potentially cut out postage costs by selling to people who live close sufficient to come and collect their goods. Don’t count on receiving a great reply for high-quality vintage or niche items, but if you’ve got a big bundle of clothing you want rid of, this might be a good way of selling it rapidly and without charges.


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4.4 Refashioner

Refashioner sells fashionable pieces and excellent vintage clothing with wonderful accompanying stories. While there are several luxury items and upscale pieces, Refashioner looks for more avant-garde creators and unique selections. Items are prepared by the owner and all considered “owned” not pre-owned. Though they do have a backlog for selling and their fees are not disclosed, if you have valuable and unique vintage clothing, Refashioner is worth looking into.


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4.5 Rebelle

If you’re lucky enough to own some designer clothes (that you no longer want) then Rebelle is one of the best platforms for selling them online and receiving a decent price. Unlike the websites listed above, you list your item and then send it to Rebelle. They will confirm the quality and authenticity of the item.

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Once the item is sold, they’ll post it off to the buyer and transfer the money to you. There’s also the option to have Rebelle handle the selling procedure for you, but at £15 per item sold, we’d only recommend this if you’re selling from vintage clothes a big number of expensive clothes. So if you’ve got any Louis Vuitton or Prada handbags tucked away somewhere, you could actually earn some money selling them on Rebelle.


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4.6 Mercari

The Mercari site makes it simple for sellers to list and sell vintage clothes through their mobile app. The procedure is simple: upload a photo, select your price, and list your goods. When you sell something, you’ll get a pre-paid mailing label and ship the item straight to the buyer. One nice thing about Mercari is, though it’s an ideal platform to sell from vintage clothes, you can also sell other non-clothing items as well. Mercari charges only 10% of the sale price.


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4.7 Letgo

Letgo is a website where you can buy anything from tables and chairs to electronics and, yes, vintage clothes. It’s like a trendier version of Craigslist, going by the common saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What’s great is the fact that there are no listing fees or commissions. Also, if you’re looking to furnish your first apartment and you’re low on funds, Let’s go is a great place to find cheap furniture.


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4.8 Varagesale

Varagesale is a site that is very similar to Craigslist. On this website, you can sell an attractive much anything. You can surf the site from your computer and from your mobile device. Varagesale is community-funded, sort of like a giant virtual garage sale. They make a point to weed out sketchy sellers to keep the community as a whole. Again, similar to Letgo, there aren’t any fees.

We expect that the above list supports you started selling vintage clothes to the resale market. All the vendors we selected are knowledgeable in finding and advertising to their own target audiences. While these sites are trendy, cross-listing your goods on numerous platforms will net you even more sales from vintage clothes and happy consumers.

This is what we call multichannel selling and is a great way to prosper in the eCommerce industry. When you’re ready, start selling on more established sites with tons of traffic such as Etsy and eBay.


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