The 20+ Best Free Calligraphy Fonts With New Style In 2021

A developer can never have too many typefaces in their arsenal, including the trendy calligraphy styles. Free Calligraphy fonts offer a sense of refinement to any design process. They’re also wonderful for conveying character and individuality. Furthermore, free calligraphy fonts are utilized for many projects, including logos, advertising, presentations, banners, and more.

Free calligraphy fonts are available online for both business and personal applications. Begin by looking through our collection of the greatest free calligraphy fonts.


1. Endestry Modern Free Calligraphy Font  (Free)

The company created the Industry typeface, which has a beautiful flow. It’s ideal for trademarks and branding initiatives. And official documents invites and social media postings, among other things.


2. Billowing Script  (Envato Elements)

The Billowing Script is a natural-inspired contemporary free calligraphy fonts typeface. It comes with 243 glyphs and 64 variant symbols, artistic alternatives, conventional ligatures, and other Font size characteristics.


3. Naira Script  (Free)

The Naira Script is a free calligraphy fonts typeface with brave movements and various alternative main characters. And diacritical marks to give your vector illustrations more personality. This font would be ideal for building brand artists or making your comments on social media walkouts.


4. Everything Calligraphy  (Envato Elements)

The shifting baseline of the Whole Calligraphy font offers your artwork a lively and joyful character. This typeface is available for free as part of your Envato Elements subscriptions and is ideal for party invitations.


5. Fabfelt Script Free Font  (Free)

If you want to aim for a retro style, choose the Fabfelt Script font. Destiny Fabien developed the typeface, which has elegant symbols. It is suitable for both consumer and corporate use.


6. Anjani Script Modern Calligraphy  (Envato Elements)

Whenever you subscribe to Envato Elements, you may obtain the Anjani typeface as well. It’s an excellent option for wedding invites, logos, t-shirt layouts. And official documents since it has a contemporary and beautiful appeal.


7. The Woodlands Font  (Free)

Woodlands is a brush calligraphy typeface with a rough appearance. It’s an excellent option for any design, including the outdoors or natural products. It is available for both personal and business usage at no cost.


8. Mustahe Brush Script  (Envato Elements)

If you’re searching for a multipurpose typeface, this is another wonderful option. The Mustache Brush Script typeface is available in three different designs: script, rounded, and smooth. You may combine such elements to create a distinct. But a cohesive appearance for your creations.


9. Playlist ont  (Free)

If you want to add some variation to your layouts, consider using the Tracklist font. You’ll receive three different fee calligraphy fonts: script, ornament, and caps, which you may mix and combine to create your custom design. Playlist Free Font is suitable for both personal and professional purposes.


10. Love Rosnita Font  (Envato Elements)

The Rosita typeface has a light and airy vibe. You’ll receive an attractive alphabet and a sans-serif font with this typeface. Combine the two in your layouts for a well-coordinated but distinctive effect. The typeface is suitable for use as a trademark, accent, or quotation font for Instagram photos.


11. Frutilla Script  (Free)

Ianmikraz Studio created the Frutilla script, which has an exquisite and timeless appearance. The typeface has over 250 glyphs, several OpenType elements. And decorative symbols, making it a highly adaptable font. This typeface is available for both personal and commercial usage at no cost.


12. Feelsmooth Script  (Envato Elements)

The Feelsmooth Script is ideal for trademarks and promotions. Because of the shifting baseline, it has a beautiful and flowing sense. There are 350+ glyphs and 167 variant characters in this font.


13. Arabella Script Font  (Free)

The Arabella script is a fun and beautiful script font that you may use for free in your work. The typeface is suitable for use in logos, presentations, and t-shirt layouts.


14. Buffalo Font  (Free)

Buffalo is a free script typeface that uses for both business and pleasure. It has an antique yet beautiful feel about it, as well as a distinctive appearance. It uses for advertising, signs, and promotional materials.


15. Hello Stockholm Typeface  (Free)

Hello Stockholm is a contemporary brush script typeface with Scandinavian simplicity as its inspiration. For example, wedding photos, street advertisements, Twitter feeds, t-shirt layout, advertising. And more can all be done about it. In addition, Uppercase and lowercase alternatives. And a supplementary sans serif typeface with international capability is included with the typeface.


16. Carosello Font  (Free)

If you’re looking for a marker font, try the Carosello typeface. The typeface is ideal for antique projects because of its retro appearance. The typeface used in any private project is complimentary.


17. Aprillia Script  (Free)

The Aprillia script is a contemporary and strong script font ideal for social media posts, logos, and t-shirt layouts. The typeface is available for private use at no cost.


18. Olivia Script Font  (Free)

The Olivia Script font is a good option if you want an attractive and refined design. The typeface has 351 glyphs and is suitable for both business and personal purposes.


19. Noelan Font  (Free)

Elegant swashes that link at the end or the start of a word are included in the Noelan font. The typeface is available for individual and business use and offers many alternatives and foreign symbols.


20. Alex Brush Font  (Free)

The Alex Brush typeface is distinguished by its short-level shifter, making it more readable than comparable script fonts. The typeface is available for both business and personal use.


21. Salmela Calligraphy Font  (Free)

The Salmela typeface is a lovely brush font with a contemporary and strong appearance. Typographic projects, wall art, and advertising would all benefit from the typeface. It’s completely free to use for both business and personal purposes.


22. Allura Font  (Free)

With just one glance at the Allura font, you’ll see why it’s ideal for wedding invitations and decor. The typeface has an attractive and sophisticated appearance and may be utilized in both professional and personal tasks.


23. Autery Script Font  (Free)

The Autery script has a fun feel, making it ideal for branding initiatives involving items. Or businesses aimed at a younger population. The typeface is available for both business and personal use.


24. Easy November Font  (Free)

For branding initiatives and advertising efforts, the Easy November font is the best pick. Elegant aesthetic swashes are included in the typeface, which utilizes for customized projects. Calligraphy typefaces give your work a unique look and feel.

They utilize branding initiatives, t-shirt layouts, letterhead styles, stationery patterns, and wedding invites. As you can see on the sample above, there are many large free calligraphy fonts available for both consumer and corporate projects, so have a look.