Best 6 Software for Inventory Management System In 2021

Software for inventory management and monitoring are such important aspects of operating a successful business that there are hundreds of software solutions available to assist you in keeping track of your inventory data. But how can you know which platform to use when there are so many?

For each sort of organization, we’ve created a list of our top recommended software for inventory management systems. Ordoro, inFlow Inventory, Upserve, Cin7, and TradeGecko are some of our favorites. But, in the end, the best option for your business is determined by your specific inventory requirements.


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1. Ordoro: Best for eCommerce

When you’re juggling various sales channels, it’s difficult to adopt excellent software for inventory management practices. Ordoro, fortunately, makes multichannel selling a breeze. You may build master goods in your inventory system with Ordoro, which allows you to change descriptions, pictures, branding, and more across all (or part) of your sales channels at your leisure.

Ordoro also has vendor management tools that make drop shipping easy. Vendors, for example, can be assigned to certain goods in your catalog. If a client purchases those products. Ordoro can send the order to the right vendor immediately. Eliminating the middleman (you), increasing supply chain efficiency, and ensuring your consumers receive their items as fast as possible.

Ordoro also allows for unconventional software for inventory management strategies, which we appreciate. For example, you may intentionally oversell your products or limit the amount of in-stock items visible to your consumers, both of which create a sense of scarcity and encourage potential customers to finish their purchases. Finally, this allows you to make a higher profit and avoid holding costly extra goods.


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2. inFlow Inventory: Best Budget Buy

InFlow Inventory is a fantastic inventory management solution for small enterprises on a budget. InFlow provides the greatest free software for inventory management service on the market, in our view (inFlow On-Premise). Alternatively, inFlow’s paid plans are among the most affordable on the market, starting at just $79.00 per month.

In addition, many of inFlow’s inventory tracking functions are automated, making it a breeze to use. It even has a beautiful mobile app that allows you to scan barcodes and keep your sales agents and software for inventory management on the same page when it comes to stock inventory levels.

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But there’s one thing to bear in mind. Because it is more scaled back than the other systems on our list, inFlow Inventory is less expensive. While it makes inventory management a snap, inFlow has a monthly limit on the number of orders you may handle before being charged extra.

The most costly package, for example, covers 10,000 monthly sales orders. You’ll be charged between $19 and $29 for each batch of 50 orders beyond the limit if you need to handle more. If that’s an issue, you might want to look into Zoho Inventory, another of our top budget picks.


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3. Upserve: Best for Restaurants

For the specific demands of restaurants, Upserve offers a dynamic inventory solution. In comparison to other inventory control software choices, Upserve focuses more on expiry date tracking and specific supply chain demands (such as chilled delivery).

Furthermore, Upserve has features designed specifically for restaurants. You may, for example, utilize Upserve inventory software to build recipes for the foods you offer, personalizing each one with the exact components and quantities required. Upserve may then automatically subtract those quantities from your inventory levels for the items utilized when you sell that dish. You can also utilize this function to figure out how much to charge for your menu items and how much food is wasted.

We also appreciate that Upserve has a built-in point-of-sale (POS) system. However, we don’t care for the fact that you have to use (and pay for) Upserve’s proprietary POS hardware. Even yet, if you own a restaurant, Upserve is arguably the greatest software for inventory management software available.


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4. Cin7: Best ERP Solution

Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have modules for every element of your organization (such as accounting, point of sale, inventory, and shipping). And each module you add to your plan charge separately. These expenses pile up to make ERP systems incredibly expensive for all but the largest businesses.

Cin7 breaks the pattern by including built-in modules as part of every design. Cin7 has B2B e-commerce capabilities, manufacturing features, and even a payment site, in addition to a fully integrated POS system. That’s on top of the barcode scanning, inventory monitoring, and order fulfillment functions you’d expect from software for inventory management systems.

Cin7 also provides extensive demand forecasting and multichannel capabilities, including five-minute cross-channel synchronization. That guarantees that you have a dynamic inventory system that is always up to date, allowing you to manage your inventory efficiently. What’s the drawback? Cin7 is one of the most expensive platforms on our list (beginning at $299.00 per month). However, it isn’t as pricey as other ERP solutions.


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5. Zoho Inventory: Best for Small Businesses

There’s a lot to like about Zoho Inventory. To begin with, Zoho has a free plan that allows clients to take backorders on out-of-stock products, set up drop shipping, and manage multi-currency transactions. That allows small businesses to maintain their inventory organized without having to worry about their budgets.

However, if you want to increase your subscription, you will have access to more benefits. You can manage numerous warehouses, maintain serial numbers and batches, and sync your account with different Shopify businesses. However, we believe that Zoho is best suited to small enterprises. Businesses are limited to a total of 30,000 online and physical orders each month, even on the platform’s most advanced plan.

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Zoho also restricts your invoices, warehouses, packing slips, and shipping labels, which is inconvenient given that alternative software (such as Cin7) costs around the same and does not impose such limitations. However, if you’re a small business that doesn’t need to fulfill thousands of orders each month. Zoho Inventory may be a highly effective and affordable solution that also helps with accounting and project management.


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6. Fishbowl Manufacturing: Best for Manufacturing

Because of its comprehensive production management features, Fishbowl Manufacturing is our top pick for manufacturing companies. To begin, Fishbowl Manufacturing allows you to generate impure material bills of materials (BOMs). Multi-level BOMs are available on the platform, allowing you to track inventory expenses item by item for each project you complete.

You can sync your inventory and accounting systems to keep track of these expenses because Fishbowl’s inventory software is designed to interface with QuickBooks accounting software. Multi-level work orders are also available in Fishbowl Manufacturing, allowing you to aggregate work orders across various production stages to build an overall production plan.

Each period may be allocated to a certain employee and includes its own set of instructions and calculations for construction. That allows you to keep a better track of your manufacturing projects while also assisting your clients with supply chain management.

Keep in mind that Fishbowl is only available on desktops and laptops because it is local software. You’ll have to pay extra for the Fishbowl Go add-on to obtain barcode scanning and other on-the-go warehouse capabilities (such as physical inventory counts).


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