You want to be a MILLIONAIRE?

You want to be a MILLIONAIRE? I dare you that without technology it’s kind of impossible. And I again dare you that this article will change your life.

Hi, My name is Masud Rana, a software engineer & digital marketing expert. I was pretty good at coding and developed lots of websites, SAAS software, eCommerce related website and HRM, CRM related software. It’s easy to develop software or services but it’s difficult to sell them.

And that’s why I was trying to buildup a digital marketing team. Most of the digital marketers in the world are not tech background but I have built a team and all are techy and professionally they are software engineers. Because problem solvers know how to do growth hacking.

We had 7 software related products and we were trying to sell our software and SAAS services. After 8 months Our revenue was almost $2.6 Million, and Net profit was almost $1.7 Million. That is our story.

Now our mission is to make MILLIONAIRE. For that purpose, we have started our business solution service ‘Bintoz.com’.

Bintoz is a platform for you to grow your online or offline business. Here you will get lots of resources about technology, digital marketing, online business and many more.

If you are a new entrepreneur or struggling to develop your business, we will help you to develop your entire business or startup.

We will help you to research and develop software related products, content making, search engine optimization and will give you entire digital marketing related services.

If you want to be a MILLIONAIRE within 6 months, we are here to support you and mentoring you.


Our services:

  1. Friendship.
  2. Mentorship for online business and digital marketing.
  3. Develop any type of software.
  4. Making any kind of content like article for website or videos for youtube or Instagram.
  5. Any kind of graphics design related services.
  6. All kind of support for digital marketing related services.


One thing is; Money is nothing, it’s all about relation, it’s all about communication. We believe in good business relationship. If you would capable to buildup good relation/communication all over the world, you will be a MILLIONAIRE very soon.

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