How To Unblock a Number iPhone or a contact on Your iPhone

One of the unique innovations in technology is the smartphone. The more advanced the technology, the better the smartphone system. We can manage the smartphones as per our wish through their advanced system. Today we will discuss how to unblock a number iPhone or Unblock numbers on iPhone. The iPhone is currently the most popular smartphone because the system is a little different from other phones. Although the iPhone functionally is more advanced than other smartphones, Unblock iPhone number or Unblock iPhone contact is very similar. How to unblock a number iPhone or unblock a contact on iPhone whatever we will talk about this subject now. Can you unblock someone’s number by reading this article? So read this properly and carefully.


What is number blocking?

Blocking means preventing a specific contact or number from calling and texting on the phone. After blocking, we will not receive any calls or SMS from that specific number. But if the blocked number tries to call or SMS us, it will show a notification on our phone. Almost everyone knows how to unblock a blocked number iPhone. But this is for those who use the iPhone new how to block iPhone calls, blocked number iPhone text, and unblock a blocked number iPhone.


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When do people block a number?

We all live in a busy world. Many people do not like annoyances. It can be seen that many people want a little peaceful rest at the end of this busy day.

When a call comes in from a certain number in the office’s busyness, the phone owner blocks the number to ignore it. The number is also blocked if you continue to be harassed by an unknown number. The owner of the phone can have any motive behind blocking a number. If the owner wants to unblock the number, then they can go to the iPhone blocked number list or iPhone blocked call list.

Process of unblocking a number in an iPhone?

If the owner wants to unblock the blocked number, then he can do it very easily.

When the owner saves the number on the iPhone

  1. First, the owner will go to his phone’s contact list.
  2. Then, find the specific saved number from the contact through the search list.
  3. By searching, when the owner finds the specific number, after entering, you will find the option to unblock at the bottom.
  4.  Lastly, the owner will be able to unblock from that number through the Unblock option.

When the number is saved on the phone

  1. First, the owner will open the Contacts app from his iPhone.
  2. He will then enter the recent call history to find out the blocked number.
  3. In this case, the owner must remember the correct blocked number.
  4. You will see a blue mark next to it.
  5. And with the I written symbol, he can go to the Unblock Number option.
  6. Now, the owner can unblock the block number using the Unblock option.