How to Start Coupons Site Using WordPress In 2021

Everyone wants to save money, and creating a coupons site may help you do just that. You may make a lot of money by collecting coupons and combining them with affiliate sales. Affiliate advertisements might assist you in achieving those goals. Your visitors may save money as you put more money in your pocket by sharing codes. In reality, WordPress makes it simple to create a coupons site.

It only needs a solid plugin, an appealing theme, and access to associated discount codes to make it happen. Customers may use coupons site to locate discounts and bargains online, and you can profit from affiliate commissions. We’ll teach you how to make a coupons site in WordPress without any particular expertise in this article.

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1. Using a Theme for a Coupons Site

The simplest way to make a WordPress coupons site is to use a theme. This is especially true if your website is entirely focused on discounts. Themes for coupons site are simple to use and contain features like categories, subscriptions, and social sharing options.

Your coupons site will also look good on mobile devices if you use the proper theme. When utilizing a plugin on top of a general-purpose theme, this might be more difficult to regulate. Because the discount functionality is incorporated within the theme, you won’t have to worry about plugin compatibility.

There are several themes to choose from, but here are a few of the more popular:

  • Clipper is a theme that is extremely simple to set up while still providing a lot of features.
  • WordPress Coupons site Theme: A feature-rich theme that aims to provide everything you need to get your coupons site up and running.
  • Couponer is a highly configurable, lightweight, and SEO-friendly solution.

After you’ve decided on a theme, you’ll need to buy it and install it. Then you may start making coupons using the built-in capability. We’ll use the Clipper theme as an example to demonstrate how this procedure works.

1.1 Install and Activate Clipper

You’ll need to download the zip file containing Clipper’s data because it’s a premium theme. When you purchase the theme, you should receive this file by email or other means. Then, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Add New > Upload Theme. To install the theme, simply upload the zip file and activate it.

1.2 Add a New Coupon

You may begin creating your coupons site after activating the theme. Go to Coupons > Add New: to make a new coupon. You’ll need to give your coupon a title and a description. You may modify the default coupon settings under Listing Plan Details:

You may choose the coupon’s term in days and when it will begin. You may also choose an expiration date and whether or not the coupon will be shown. Those coupons are prominently displayed on your website. The coupon’s destination can then be selected under Coupon Details. If you’re dealing with affiliate items, for example, your affiliate link should be included here.

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Finally, select your chosen option from the list in the Coupon Type area. Print coupons, codes, and promos may all be distinguished. You may post your coupon once you’ve chosen the one that best suits your needs.

1.3 Create a User Submission Form

Clipper, for example, allows you to accept coupons supplied by website visitors. To access the integrated form builder tool, go to Forms > Add New:

Give the form a title, then use the Form Builder to add fields. Users may be prompted to input their names, personal information, and the voucher they wish to submit. When the form contains all of the fields you want, click Publish, and it will be available for users to use on your website.

1.4 Customize The Theme’s Appearance

It’s also vital to personalize the design of your website in addition to putting up your discounts. This is done by going to Appearance > Customize, which will bring up a preview of your website with personalization options:

You may customize the theme for your business or brand by adjusting each component of the menu. You may, for example, modify the site title to your company name and the color palette to fit your existing identity. The positions of the menus and widgets may also be changed to build a website that appears precisely as you want it to. 


2. Using a Plugin for a Coupons Site

While a coupon theme is a fantastic choice, a coupon plugin may be a superior option in some cases. If you already have a website and want to add a discount area, you may simply do it using a plugin that doesn’t require you to modify your layout. You won’t be limited in your theme option with a dedicated coupon plugin, either.

There are a variety of coupon plugins to choose from, including:

  • Coupon Creator is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use free Plugin.
  • Another free alternative with a wider feature set is the WordPress Coupon Plugin.
  • WPCoupons: A premium plugin created with affiliate marketers in mind.

After you’ve decided on a plugin, you can begin building your WordPress discount website.

2.1 Install and Activate The Plugin

After you’ve decided on a plugin, you’ll need to install and activate it. To do so, go to your dashboard’s Plugin> Add New section and search for the Plugin.

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Then, to get started, click Install and Activate. The remainder of the procedure will vary somewhat depending on the Plugin you’re using. As an example, we’ll use the WordPress Coupon Plugin.

2.2 Create Your Coupons

After you’ve completed the installation, go to Coupons > Add New to begin creating your coupons. For your first coupon, you’ll need to give it a title and select a coupon type:

You can input a code, set button text, or upload a picture depending on the sort of discount you want to make. After that, you’ll need to offer a URL for the discount to point to, such as a link to an affiliate product. After that, you’ll need to decide what kind of discount to provide and create a unique description. The coupon’s start and expiration dates can then be set.

Below the Coupon Details section is a preview:

This area shows how your coupon will be shown to customers. Click Publish when you’re satisfied with your new coupon.

2.3 Insert The Coupon Onto Your Website

Two shortcodes will be produced when the coupon is published. The first is a code for the whole coupon, as seen in the preview, while the second is only for the coupon code. These shortcodes make it easy to place the coupon wherever you want on your website.

To begin, copy the shortcode for the voucher you wish to use. Go to the location where you wish to add the coupon, such as a blog post. Then, in the WordPress editor, open the post or page.

Click Add Block after scrolling down to the place where you want the discount to appear. Choose the Shortcode block from the drop-down menu and type in your shortcode: To save your changes, either publish or update the page or post. The coupon will display at the place you specified, and visitors will be able to use it right away.

In a matter of minutes, you’ve established your own WordPress daily deal website! There’s no need to be concerned about complex coding or employing expert website builders. You can create your own WordPress coupons site and start making money from home.