How To Start a Dropshipping Business & Earn Million Dollar Every Month

Dropshipping is a form of retail business where the seller directly accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in their stock. In its place, when a stock sells a product using the Dropshipping method and the drop shipper purchases the item from a third-party shop and has it shipped directly to the customer and makes money with drop shipping.

It’s hidden from the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to manage the goods directly. The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn’t stock or own inventory.


make money with drop shipping


1. How Does One Make Money With Drop Shipping?

Dropshipping productions act as product keepers, choosing the best dropshipping products to market to customers. But you should remember, advertising is a cost you bear, in both times and make money with drop shipping, helping possible customers find, evaluate and buy the accurate product.

You’ll also have to include the cost of providing customer care when there’s a product or shipping problem. You should always hide the original price that your products purchase from the supplier. With all of these prices to account for, dropshipping productions markup specific products in exchange for distribution. Make money with drop shipping is a good method to earn money online.

This is why suppliers are OK with having drop shippers market their products for them; dropshipping stocks drive extra sales that the supplier would have otherwise missed out on. To make a benefit with your dropshipping business, it’s the best idea to find out how much it costs for you to get a customer and cost your goods with that in mind.

As an example, suppose you buy a product amount of $5. But when you sell this product, you can set its price to $10. Here, your customer doesn’t know your technique. When any customer places an order, you can order that product to your desired supplier store according to the customer’s address, and the supplier also shipped the product to the customer. It’s very easy. And you can benefit freely from selling products.


2. How To Start a Dropshipping Business?

Opening a dropshipping production is not as problematic as you’d think. Many eCommerce platforms permit you to manage simply by setting up a dropshipping stock without any technical experience. We suggest using woocommerce because of its low setup costs, ability to use several payment methods, and flexibility to customize your online store.

According to build with, WooCommerce is the number 1 software used to build eCommerce stores. It is also the most famous choice between dropshipping stores basically because it works on top of WordPress, the famous website builder. Practicing WooCommerce provides you access to thousands of WordPress extensions, third-party integrations and creates awesome store designs.


3. How To Find Dropshipping Suppliers

By correctly selecting your suppliers before you decide to ‘stock’ the products, you will improve a lot of the possible availability issues. Find suppliers who offer a display of products permitting you to limit the number of suppliers you need, rather than having one supplier for each product you are selling.

Once you have identified your goods, the next step is to find the best dropshipping suppliers. How do you go about that? Don’t worry! As a part of this woocommerce dropshipping article, I am listing the most vital dropshipping suppliers here.

3.1 Aliexpress

AliExpress is a big marketplace where you can search for nearly every product you can think of. It has more great opportunities for woocommerce dropshippers and make money with drop shipping:

  • You can simply search for a product on Aliexpress and see if one of their suppliers has it.
  • You are able to buy products at their wholesale prices and make them drop shipped directly to your customer.
  • Woocommerce dropshipping Aliexpress is quite easy as the procedure is attractive, much like buying an item of your own by AliExpress.

make money with drop shipping

3.2 Amazon  

You can also dropship on Amazon after making an Amazon Seller account and being accepted as a drop shipper. As the largest eCommerce marketplace, Amazon stores and sells a wide variation of products, many of which are actually sold by third-party merchants via Amazon’s website and make money with drop shipping.

Amazon can help the sale of your products. So, Amazon is the best marketplace to find suppliers who sell similar goods you wish to dropship. Amazon gives you a chance to make money with drop shipping.

make money from drop shipping

3.3 Etsy

Being the world’s most famous marketplace for expert people, Etsy has more than 1,600,000 sellers giving more than 8,000,000 single handmade products. Etsy gives a wide range of special products, the demand for some of which are quite high. If you select a product from Etsy, which you would like to dropship, you can find the supplier from the platform and take it from there. make money with drop shipping is the right place to sell your products.


how to make money dropshipping


4. What Are The Benefits of Dropshipping?

Dropshipping removes the necessity to preserve the list on hand, freeing your business from the (time, labor, and monetary) costs of manufacturing or organizing goods yourself and maintaining your own warehouse property to stock them. Even if you only drop ship some of your products, you’ll be freeing up properties for the items that need additional care.

Another profit is that your drop shipper takes attention to the full physical procedure of packaging and shipping your products. For several business holders, packing, shipping, and fulfillment are a big logistical pain. Dropshipping essentially outsources that part of the business to somebody other.

Because dropshippers are often big businesses dealing with various orders per day, they may even have negotiated shipping costs that are lower than the ones your small or medium business can receive. Dropshipping can also decrease losses from damaged goods since shipments take an extra direct route from the warehouse to the client.


5. How To Start Dropshipping Business?

5.1 Choose a Niche

The primary step in opening a dropshipping store is selecting a niche. A niche supports you, builds an audience, affects your advertising and content efforts, and makes it simpler to make the best products for your perfect customers and make money with drop shipping. Without demand, it doesn’t matter if your business idea sounds wonderful.

If nobody gets your product, you’ll have a hard time making money with drop shipping! As the old saying goes, it’s much easier to fill existing demand than trying to make it. Fortunately, a number of online tools agree with you to measure demand for a product or market. So, finding a niche is one of the most important features for an eCommerce business person.

5.2 Keyword Research

It is essential to remind that keyword research is not only used for SEO. The keyword is the importance of any advertising, whether it is showing Ads on Google or doing marketing on the Social Media platforms. You want to research your keywords for your woocommerce dropshipping products or goods to learn the value and competition. You also need to find correct keywords for your website content by keyword research.

Why is it important?

Regularly somebody looks up something on a search engine; the latter must think which results to show from thousands of websites. SEO algorithms manage the best and most related matches for every single query by analyzing millions of websites. Hence, it’s important to select your keywords carefully so that the search engines can match and pull up your site to display on the search results top page.

5.3 Create Dropshipping Store (Buy Domain)

The primary thing you would want to do is to change the arrival of your dropshipping store. Luckily, one of the most things about using WordPress is selecting from thousands of WooCommerce themes. That’s right; you need a woocommerce store. How can people purchase things from you if you don’t give them a place to shop? So, you can make a dropshipping stores and make money with drop shipping.

You can buy a domain and install WordPress that is very popular for making a website. You can use many platforms to start a dropshipping business with no cost investment at all. So, you can Set up your dropshipping eCommerce website is the simplest part of the entire procedure because there are so several simple options available nowadays.

Overall, your eCommerce platform choice will be based on your budget, what option you need and how much tech knowledge you are. Making a website WordPress is an easy platform where easily control the whole thing.

5.4. Install Woocommerce Theme

Thanks to its profits, dropshipping has become a more good business idea by various sellers. There are more and more dropshipping websites made every day. Dropshipping is a way of selling that’s sweeping the eCommerce world.

It can make starting an eCommerce business a less intimidating project by removing the stress of managing products and inventory. The whole thing of your website only a theme can change everything of your woo-commerce store, and lucky for you, WordPress dropshipping themes are important, especially if you want to use WooCommerce as your online store platform.

You can get fully get more options that help you to sell your products and make money with drop shipping. It would help if you were reminded how easy your website is that customers can easily order from your website. That is another important thing.

5.5. Install Dropshipping App

When you’ve finished the registration procedure, you’ll be brought to your stock dashboard. From here, you can start additional goods to your web store for sale and make money with drop shipping. This is where one of the high points of the dropshipping app. For new drop shippers, eCommerce can be a one-stop store.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to eCommerce Apps. ‘Oberlo’ is a dropshipping platform that will permit you to simply find and add dropshipping goods to your store. Once you’ve done the installation, you can explore the products on it.

Key Features of Oberlo:

  • 100% Free
  • Order tracking
  • Allows product customization
  • Auto-pricing updates
  • Handling of bulk orders

5.6 Adding Dropshipping Products to Your Store

Make money with drop shipping is very easy to run. WooCommerce does not come with full dropshipping functionality and needs some functionality. Luckily, there are many attractive WooCommerce dropshipping that permit you to do that. Using a drop shipping extension, you’d be able to simply add dropshipping products, set custom prices with wanted profit margin, manage orders, send them to your supplier, and further.

 The functionality of your dropshipping extensions would fully depend on the supplier or marketplace you select. If you are selling products from several suppliers from many marketplaces, then you may need multiple dropshipping extensions to automate the checkout procedure.


6. Here Are Many Top Dropshipping Addons for WordPress

AliDropship Create it easy to import from thousands of products on AliExpress, offer seamless checkout experience, and 1-click order fulfillment.

  • WooDropship – Another attractive plugin that makes it simple to collect goods from AliExpress, automatically add product images, and sync pricing.
  • WooCommerce Dropshipping – Permit you to add other third-party suppliers or vendors to your WooCommerce stock and send them to order details in PDF format for fulfillment.

6.1 Research Profitable Dropshipping Products to Sell

Today that you’ve listed the product concepts for dropshipping; this step is where you will filter your ideas to choose which products are the most possible to sell online. So, the best products must be select properly, and you need to choose popular products.

If this is your first time selling online to make money with drop shipping, here are, some product plans that you should follow.

6.2 Select a Niche With Lots of Relevant Products

The key to running a successful drop transported store is to cross-sell your products. If a client buys a BBQ grill, sell them cooking utensils and an outdoor thermometer. Repeat business is key.

  • Sell products where the average order size is a minimum of $50 – Because margins are lower with dropshipping, you need to make sure that you can create a decent benefit per sale
  • Sell goods that are date expired – Avoid goods that go outdated within a short period. After all, the more often a product turns over, the more work it will be for you to update your product listings and maintain your website. This is yet another reason to avoid electronics-related products like iPhone cases because they change so repeatedly.

6.3 Invest Your Time

Here is the part where the hard work comes in. If you want to start your eCommerce dropshipping business with no amount or otherwise, you would like to accept that it’s because you love designing things. By that logic, this part won’t necessarily be hard work. I

t’ll be you doing your hobby somewhere dissimilar than you normally do, to earn a living doing what you love. Another way, whatever you call this part, it’s the time where you need to invest your time and set up your product range. This is super easy to make a modified design border exactly for this purpose.

Within this tool, you can upload your plans to your selected product. You can add, remove, resize, reposition and add effects to your designs. You can add text, you can remove it, and what’s more, you can see every change in real-time. Our design showing lets you see accurately what your goods will look like when it’s done, whether it’s a tea towel or a tea dress.


6.4 Advertising Dropshipping Store

Have many more ways to marketing your dropshipping store than just using Facebook social media. Just imagine using Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even Twitter. Just make sure that your goal customer is online on these platforms earlier you start advertising!

  • Instagram advertising through Facebook

Although Instagram is from Facebook, it’s still worth looking for if you want something else other than advertising on Facebook. The first way you can advertise on Instagram is through Facebook, but officially it’s advertising on Instagram, so you can put it on this list. It’s the same way you would promote with Facebook Ads, but then you select Instagram Feed change of Facebook Feed.

  • Boosted Instagram Post

A boosted Instagram post is essentially a normal post that you post yourself on your Instagram account. You can then later “boost” it. It’s a little more limited than marketing through Facebook, but it’s also easy. Also, it’s perfect for boosting the momentum of organic posts. If you want to promote with Instagram but don’t know if you should boost your post or advertise through Facebook, then I suggest advertising through Facebook.

  • Instagram story add

Another option to advertise on Instagram is by having Instagram Story Ads. You can also do this with Instagram influencers. They will post your story video (or image) as their story.

  • Google Ads 

With Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords), you will pay Google to get on top of the search results. You will pay per click. So, that means no clicks, no costs. If you’re interested in learning if Google Ads is right for you and your dropshipping store, you can add there.

The dropshipping method gives small startups with limited capital the chance to compete with medium and large-sized online retailers, thus creating the e-commerce world as an equal playground for all. This being said, expect to see more e-commerce stores adopting this model in the future.