How To Make Online Dating Site Free and Earn Monthly $5000

Online dating is a platform where many unknown people find and introduce themselves to possible connections over the Internet regularly to develop personal, romantic, or sexual relationships. Online dating site free from different countries, people also join here.

Online dating services allow users to become “members” by making a profile and uploading personal information, including age, gender, sexual orientation, location, etc. Most services also inspire members to add photos or videos to their dating profiles. Online dating site free from different countries, people also join here. So, it is easy to find someone to make a friendship or sexual partner.


Online Dating Site Free


1. How To Benefited You Are From This Site?

The online dating site free and Earn Money $5000 is quite common, and various people find their correct partner in these types of areas. Now, how do these websites make money? They earn by some methods. There are different methods or ways to create income via a online dating site free service. It will be only sure that there are many people joining on the dating website when there is activity on the dating site.

Without any people, none would join since they wouldn’t have anyone to similar their profile or talk to at the very least. People are the main source needed here to start money. This is the main subject of all dating websites. I’ll give a verified method of earning money from online dating site free that will surely inform about the unknown sources of income in this business.

Online dating website free, some people can get free access, and some are paid who will get the full feature of the dating site. They get more opportunities to meet with others to make friendship or sexual partners that free people don’t get this. You can create a membership plan according to your paid customer and earn more money.


2. When Do You Create a Membership Plan

When you see that most people regularly come to your website and create their profile and meet different people, you make a membership plan because you can easily get a membership when you see big traffic on your dating website.

Don’t worry, worldwide have many people who are always finding this type of website for making friends or sexual partners. When it comes to earning money from your online dating site, there are some methods.

You need not always have to depend on one source of income. Include a minimum of 2 to 3 seeds that will give below.

2.1 Membership (Free or Paid)

You want to set up the online dating site free, in a way that may have a free membership user account that has limited access. But when paid membership account where you will give full access to all features. This fee is charged monthly – quarterly – half-yearly. Paid membership permits for the progress of the website. Different membership package has charged different payment.

It may be an hourly, monthly, or yearly package. And you must be making your site according to your payment method. Some have serious dating people who take paid membership for their dating partners. Abroad living people are highly interested.


Online Dating Site Free


2.2 Ads and Affiliate Network

Dating affiliate networks are a fixed niche of the wider affiliate partnership worldwide that focuses on promoting products and services to dating websites. An affiliate network is a connection of many companies that sometimes offer their products and show them to free and paid customers. In this case, one company becomes affiliated with another in order to sell its products or services, earning a commission for doing so.

A company is always finding to get new customers to sell their product and pay to the online dating site free. Affiliate marketers can earn large money by promoting dating items as they offer high ratings and commissions. So, they can easily give ads on online dating site.

2.3 VIP Membership

Some customer has most special membership called VIP membership. They are different from all other members. And they have to pay more than others for their attractive feature. VIP, as we all know, has some special permission. To get this membership, the user has to pay additional than a daily paid membership due to the full special access or login provided.

VIP memberships are all based on repeated payment, and the clients who select for it are well attentive to it. So, VIPs should have something extra compared to other membership types to justify its cost. Since it is a repeated billed payment to the user, you need to carefully choose the features providing for this membership, and the permit without limit except for a small number of parts is necessary here. So, you can earn more from the VIP customer also.

2.4 Virtual gifting

Through a online dating site free, a user can talk to one another. Some person manages his dating partner on there. A real dating profile match permits one user to send a gift to the other. This is the hottest and trending style in these kinds of sites. They can send gifts to each other.

It is also based on the type of user membership and the level of the gift they can send. Here, you must have made an option to charge minimum prices for welcoming cards, virtual flowers, gift cards, candy, party tickets which can use to exchange for physical products, and more.

By charging for this type of digital gift, your effort is minimum here, while you can gain maximum income. Gift-giving is a new trend, and many sites are supporting it to attract additional clients.

Something as simple as a ‘Thank You card for online dating is also a make money creator. Nowadays, for an online dating site free, so many people always want to gift items to his dating person. So, it is one kind of earning chance by making a dating site.


3. Don’t Know How To Create a Dating Website Using WordPress?

Don’t worry at all. We will discuss this full article about how to create a WordPress-based dating website with short and detailed information. It’s very easy to make a dating website. WordPress is a useful platform that can be turned into everything you got in your mind. We all know that the mind is more important than knowledge.


4. Learn How To Create a Dating Website

4.1 Choose Your Niche

A niche customer represents a specialized listening group that has a different set of interests or qualities. Searching for the accurate niche is the most important step before you move further. Some examples of niches that are really special sites may be dating sites for sports, dating sites for same-sex, dating sites for military, dating sites for a hobby, dating sites for gamers, dating sites for religion, or online dating site free for a political view.

You have to understand and decided to create a dating website according to audience target. The dating site niche is very to the customer because most people are attracted by seeing the online dating site free niche. So, you must take your eyes to select a glorious niche that the customer is come to your site and visit this. After the selection of the right niche, now, it’s time to move forward to create a dating website.

4.2 Create Your Domain (Dotcom Domain)

Yes, when you set up your mind to create your own dating website, you need to get a domain name that you select before as a niche; you can buy a domain according to choosing a niche as your domain.

Your domain name will permit visitors to access and make traffic to your website. Or you should always choose the right domain for your online dating site free for customers. And remember that your site will be a .com domain because your site will be run worldwide, so you must take a .com domain and get more traffic.

4.3 Choose Hosting Plan

The hosting plan will permit you to store all the information that makes up your site. Your hosting server is where you will install WordPress. What’s great about WordPress hosting is that it’s improved exactly for WordPress performance, security needs, installation, and onboarding developments.

There is a long list of WordPress hosts to select from and many considerations to factor into your choice process. As far as hosting plans go, the series is from cheap shared hosting plans to more exclusive managed WordPress hosting and premium dedicated servers.

Once you’ve signed up for your new hosting plan, you will get a welcome email that will have all the details connected to your account. Find the login link to your hosting account area and use the username and password to log into your account. All essential documents they give your mail.

4.4 Install WordPress

WordPress is a very popular CMS platform that is mostly used worldwide. The maximum size is created using WordPress. The second step is to install WordPress. After you have logged in to your hosting account, click on the My Accounts tab and then log in to your cPanel.

In cPanel, click on the WordPress icon where you see the auto-installers area and follow the process to install WordPress. After WordPress has been installed, go ahead and visit your WordPress site. Enter the name and password you’ve set up and clicked ‘Log In’ to access your WordPress dashboard.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the WordPress software, you can take advantage of the WordPress CMS platform. The flexibility of WordPress lets you choose from tens of thousands of WordPress templates, themes, and plugins.

4.5 Buy Dating Theme

A dating website theme is primarily important for your site to look good. And the feature of a dating site is attractive to your customer. They also easily use your site, and everything manages very easy like meet with their partner, payment method, and others. You can get many attractive premium WordPress-based themes in the market.

Select that goes with your concept and niche dating section. This is the easiest path to make your website look attractive and premium. You can add other necessary Plugins or Add-ons as per your need. This is the beauty of using the WordPress Dating Plugin. You can add all the plugins that you need.


dating websites for teens


4.6 Buy Dating Plugin

A dating plugin is a readymade software or application you can install on your WordPress-based dating website, and your dating website is ready to rock and roll. After purchasing the domain, install WordPress that is free, and you can receive the best WordPress Dating Plugin from the several plugin providers select that meet your essential.

Don’t go for a cheap one’s Plugin; on the other hand, it will be costly later on. The cheap Plugin is not improved and does not provide good care. Good Plugin gives you an attractive communicating user interface to your user. Good Plugins are timely updated, and dedicated designers are continuously working on it to update it with more attractive features and make it more user-friendly.

Using a Dating Plugin refers to manages very easily. You do not need a necessity to hire high rating developers that means the operating cost is very low. This is the best way to create a dating website.

4.7 Promote Dating Site

Dating websites may be very easy to make and maintain everything. Marketing a dating website is hard work that seriously complicates your efforts. Attracting customers is not a simple mathematical equation. A real marketing strategy that will bring in customers is built upon a foundation of careful planning and creative choices, and budget.

4.7.1 Go Viral and Social

It is working hard to underestimate the effect of social media. Modern marketing successfully co-exists with social media, and generally, they cannot continue without Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Have a keen team member who will be active in these networks and regularly interest new users to your dating website. Manufacturing your content is also a good idea. Film viral videos, order drawings that will make other customers smile, and share cool speech marks related to your dating site. You will notice the results as soon as possible.

This is primarily on the list because it will likely be your most useful tool. Open up as several social media accounts as you can for your dating site and post to them regularly.

4.7.2 Be Smart and Creative

Online dating is a very oversaturated business with hard competition, and bigger wallet regularly wins believe when fighting for customers. Though, you can be cleverer than huge companies and think on plans that may be less effective in the short run but provide advantages in the long run.

Your new dating website can be really interesting to news services. Develop interesting new features and search for exciting stories that your current clients may share to get into the news feeds all over the world. Many big sites focus uniquely on marketing their websites through stories about their faithful customers.

4.7.3 Plan Your Budget

Careful planning is the basis of any successful marketing campaign. Despite all the wonders of free advertisement and experience on social media, avoiding costs is impossible. You will still have to hire several dedicated specialists and work with online agents. You will have to purchase some traffic and make deals with forums.

However, you can be planning all your costs earlier so making your marketing movements much more manageable. Try to be as attentive as possible when planning your marketing operations. Promoting your dating website is a hard task that needs both dedication and interest.

4.7.4 SEO for Dating Site

Having good search engine optimization when working on your dating website is important for higher traffic and better-quality customer. It can be a fast and cheap way to increase website traffic to new sites or sites in niches with huge competition such as dating, gambling, or travel.

Famously SEO is one of the hardest things to crack when making a new website to launch online. SEO makes your website traffic, so you must SEO of your site and customer can easy to find your website.


5. Essential Layout for Your Dating Website

5.1 Login Page

Users should have the option to join the website easily through email registration or quick registration through Facebook. Many of these members may come to your site through a social site like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, or other social sites. That’s you must be an option to registering on a dating site over a social site.

5.2 Setup Member Profile

For a dating website to be successful, the user profiles have to be fairly informative, so people can find their desired match. This can be achieved by mixing with social media profiles. This simplifies the onboarding process, as users won’t need to fill out all their details when making their accounts.

5.3 Home Page

Currently, success stories of the users, popular and featured members are on your homepage. The quick search feature should also be presented to the users to impress them. Who is familiar with your dating site that people you must arrange another special page that other dater can easily believe and join your dating site.

It is positive thinking. You can show their details of how much they are affected on this site and add their comments.

5.4 Member Page

Users should be able to search based on their favorites like gender, country, interests, and such. There also should be features like Date Tracker, meet me, near me, Who Viewed, online chat, Newsfeed/ Timeline, etc.

5.5 Membership Page

On your dating site, membership page is essential to check them. Because some people are getting membership cards for their full access to this site and membership customers, they must be paid first and create their profile.

5.6 Success Story

Highlight the success stories of the members that have had happy endings through your dating website.


6. Publish The Website

Once you’re fully pleased with your website’s plan, interface, and functionality, then it’s time to publish it live.

  • To show the site, click the icon.
  • If you are fulfilled with the result, go ahead and click the button.
  • Click ‘Have a Look to view the published page.

Creating a well-designed and fully functional dating website can be a smooth, continuous process with the page builder plugin’s template kits. No coding is required; download and install the page builder plugin onto your WordPress site, choose your wanted template kit, customize and publish.