Best 20+ High Paying Cruise Line Affiliate Programs In 2021

Do you want to increase the amount of money you make through affiliate marketing? Then I have some fantastic suggestions for you. Today, I’ll show you the cruise line affiliate programs to join right now. I’ll discuss the cruise industry as well as pertinent cruise line affiliate programs. I understand that this is about the tourism sector, which is now experiencing difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

But believe me when I say that there is a wonderful opportunity there. You may enroll in these programs, create content, and begin marketing your website. You will have a high-converting resource as soon as the current economic and social conditions return to normal.

Your website will be ready to amuse new visitors and turn them into customers when everything has settled down. People enjoy traveling and are looking forward to a weekend break on a cruise once the Covid-19 problem is resolved. You can make a good living if you have a website where clients can get advice and suggestions.

To have a lasting travel experience, you may post in-depth review articles and propose particular cruise packages. A cruise is a luxurious mode of transportation. It is pricey, unusual, and captivating. Cruises provide advertisers and tourists with a life-changing revenue stream.

Here is some data that shows that up.

  • In 2019, over 30 million people went on cruises.
  • In the Caribbean alone, almost 34% of new cruise ships will be deployed.
  • The cruise industry has a global economic effect of $134 billion.
  • In the cruise market, the United States has just an 11% market.

The world’s largest market, the United States, has only an 11 percent stake. As a result, cruise packages may be focused on people from various geographical and cultural backgrounds. Please take a look at this case study at least once. It demonstrates that the cruise market is one of the most interesting.

If successful advertising is combined with a high-demand product, it can produce millions of dollars in income. There are certainly a plethora of cruise lines and travel firms available. As a result, competition has heated up. As a result, nearly every cruise line welcomes affiliates.

They have cruise line affiliate programs that compensate website owners for increasing their sales. You may incorporate various add-ons in addition to cruise packages to boost your average sales per conversion.


1. Here are Some Ways to Make Money With Cruise Line Affiliate Programs

1.1 Cruise Tickets

Cruise tickets are, of course, a popular choice among affiliates. I’ll show you some cruise line affiliate line programs that pay up to $200 for each transaction, which I’ll show you below. You may target folks from various demographics to convince them to use your cruise line affiliate programs link to purchase tickets. You may use a variety of channels and content types to entice new customers to book particular cruises on the internet.

1.2 Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential since it aids in paying high-cost medical bills and checkups that may be required while traveling. We encourage your subscribers to buy insurance coverage and plans. The insurance company will pay you a set commission for each sale. On today’s list, there’s also an insurance company. To find out more, keep reading.

1.3 Luggage

People go on cruises for multiple days; you won’t discover a trip schedule that includes only one night on a ship. My argument is that individuals have much stuff to transport when on a cruise. As a result, they’ll require a decent suitcase. You may propose baggage bags on your website so that customers can be inspired and purchase for them. The makers of travel bags will pay you a commission as a cruise line affiliate program.

1.4 Medication

Even if they don’t have a major condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or acidity, people nearly always travel with medication on board. You can assist folks in determining which medications they should take. However, before discussing any pills on your website, make sure you complete your homework and check with a doctor.

1.5 Hotels and Car Rentals

Many cruises travel for five to ten days, stopping at a specific destination where passengers can remain for a day and a half and enjoy sightseeing in the area. By recommending hotels and auto rentals, you can take advantage of these possibilities and earn extra income.

Travelers will be relieved since they will be able to pre-book their accommodation and taxi. They won’t have to worry about their accommodations or transportation during their visit to a specific location, and you’ll be able to make more commission as a result.

1.6 Accessories

When it comes to traveling, people may be required to pack a large number of accessories. To have a nice sailing experience, families with youngsters and older folks must usually check on their essential accessories. You may also create content around it and propose items that fit the bill.

Now it’s time to get down to business. I’ll walk you through the finest cruise line affiliate programs and everything you need to know about them. After reading the following section of the essay, I’m confident you’ll no longer need to Google the top cruise line affiliate programs. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.


2. Best Cruise Line Affiliate Programs

2.1 CruiseDirect

CruiseDirect is one of the most well-known cruise booking companies. They also offer a fantastic affiliate scheme that marketers may use to supplement their revenue. They pay a 30% commission on gross sales and provide exclusive specials and discounts on cruise line affiliate programs.

They’ll show you how to make landing pages and ads creative, as well as how to put them on your site to attract and convert unique visitors. To become a cruise line affiliate programs, go to Commission Junction and sign up.

Cookie Duration 45 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout The fee is 3% of the gross sale.

2.2 Allianz Worldwide Affiliate Program

You may make money by selling travel insurance through Allianz’s cruise line affiliate programs. You may monetize your site visitors by sending them to Allianz to buy travel life insurance. Travel insurance, as mentioned in the previous section of this essay, is essential. In addition, Allianz offers passengers numerous insurance options as well as a dependable affiliate network for marketers.

They refuse to accept it:

  • Site-based outside of the United States
  • Solutions for remarketing
  • Websites that provide coupons and vouchers
  • Websites that reward loyalty
  • Each eligible sale will earn you $12-$25.

By filling out a form on Commission Junction, anyone may join the affiliate program.

Cookie Duration 45 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout Up to $25 per qualified sale

2.3 Beach Tours Mexico

Beach Tours Mexico has popular cruise line affiliate programs. It allows you to provide a choice of cruise and beach trip packages to your website’s visitors. Customers may choose from a variety of beaches and travel destinations via Beach Tours Mexico. The cruise line affiliate programs is hosted on ShareASale, which allows you to track and analyze your affiliate campaigns in real-time.

Cookie Duration 90 days
Creative Support No
Payout Up 30% commission

2.4. BookingBuddy

Users can book inexpensive flights, hotels, automobiles, and flight+hotel combos via BookingBuddy. They may use BookingBuddy’s gateway to book non-stop, one-way, or circular journeys. They can also fly in economy or first-class.

You may make up to 50% commission and efficiently monetize your website visitors with their affiliate marketing program. BookingBuddy is a reputable company with dependable and safe services. Commission Junction hosts its cruise line affiliate programs.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support No
Payout Up 50% commission

2.5 CheapCaribbean

You can book your beach holidays on CheapCaribbean’s platform with ease. They have hotel chains as well as beach resorts. They include sites in Africa, Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world. Customers have the option of booking hotels and flights independently or as a package. Commission Junction is where you sign up to become a cruise line affiliate programs.

Cookie Duration 45 days
Creative Support No
Payout 2%

2.6 CheapTickets

As the name implies, Cheaptickets allows customers to reserve tickets at a low cost. Customers may choose from various places, travel dates, and the number of family members to get the perfect cruise for them at a reasonable price. You will receive marketing materials such as text links, ad creatives, and banners that you may use on your website. Commission Junction hosts its affiliate program.

Cookie Duration 7 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout $30 per cruise

2.7 CraftCruises.com

Customers may book a world-class cruise with CraftCruises and enjoy an unusual holiday with their loved ones. You can monetize your website visitors and make extra money with their in-house affiliate network. It also pays out $25 to affiliates who refer new affiliates following their first successful booking.

Cookie Duration 7 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout 20% commission

2.8 CruiseAway

Customers of CruiseAway may book cruises and save up to 70%. They provide experienced assistance to help you make well-informed vacation planning selections. Every booking receives a $10 share. The affiliate cookie is valid for 90 days, giving affiliates additional opportunities to convert prospects. They don’t have an in-house affiliate program; you must first register as an affiliate with LinkShare to join the affiliate program.

Cookie Duration 90 days
Creative Support No
Payout Every booking quotation generates a profit of $10.

2.9 CruiseCompete.com

CruiseCompete relieves consumers of the stress of visiting many websites to obtain various cruise estimates, compare them, and make selections; instead, they may do it on CruiseCompete. Customers may receive alternative rates and deals by entering a location, cruise type, travel date, duration, and cruise line.

The affiliate cookie from CruiseCompete lasts approximately three months. As a result, they provide you with many opportunities to convert prospects and earn a commission.

Cookie Duration 90 days
Creative Support No
Payout Per booking

2.10 Entrepreneurs Cruise

Entrepreneur Cruise allows company owners to socialize with like-minded people while also expanding their network. It’s not suitable for family vacations or honeymoon suites. Executives are sent on luxurious cruises where they may network with other entrepreneurs and get inspiration.

Entrepreneur Cruise pays the best commissions to its partners. They pay their bloggers $200 for each recommendation they make. Go to Eventbrite to sign up as an affiliate, where you’ll also find full dashboards and tracking for your affiliate campaigns.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support No
Payout Up to $200 per referral

2.11 Expedia

In the travel sector, Expedia is a well-known name. It allows you to book nearly any trip, including cruises, flights, hotels, auto rentals, and amusement parks. They use Commission Junction to host their affiliate program. With Expedia’s affiliate network, you may make money by promoting hundreds of thousands of vacation locations and accommodations. You will never run out of cruises, hotels, airlines, or other vacation choices.

Cookie Duration 7 days
Creative Support No
Payout $25

2.12 Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel has almost three decades of experience. Intrepid Travel offers trips to virtually all of the world’s most popular destinations. Customers can purchase a package that includes meals, transportation, lodging, and tourist activities at a certain destination.

People may also arrange a vacation around a certain theme, such as 18-29s, outdoor, adventure cruises, excursions, family, cycling, food, lonely planet experiences, Etc. Affiliates may sell these bundles by joining Intrepid’s Commission Junction-hosted affiliate network.

Its affiliate cookie lasts approximately two months, giving you plenty of time to convert your prospects on the internet. They charge a 4% fee and pay $0.5 CPL for each booking.

Cookie Duration 60 days
Creative Support No
Payout 4%

2.13 Last Minute Travel

Customers may book hotels, flights, automobiles, cruises, and many activities worldwide with Last Minute Travel. The company guarantees that tourists have the experience of their lives after making a reservation with them. We provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions.

Their affiliate network enables website owners to offer visitors appealing offers while earning a substantial profit for each sale. After a successful conversion, you will receive your commission in your bank account within 40 days as an affiliate. You’ll also have access to their buttons, text, and banners, as well as updated discounts, ad creative, and specialized customer service.

After effective convincing, their affiliate cookie lasts around a month, which is plenty of time to earn. The cruise line affiliate programs for Last Minute Travel are hosted on Rakuten LinkShare, ShareASale, and TradeTracker.com. You’ll also have access to their buttons, text, and banners, as well as updated discounts, ad creative, and specialized customer service.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout 4% of hotels $2 for air 3% for a car Cruises are 2% of the total. $5 for activities

2.14 Orbitz

Hotels, flights, holiday packages, cruises, automobiles, and amusement park tickets may all be booked via Orbitz. Because Orbitz has a direct relationship with service providers, affiliates get access to world-class inventory. Users may choose from 150,000 hotels, vehicles, cruises, and airlines to book.

As a result, you may advertise other fascinating goods to increase your income in addition to cruises. To convert more consumers from their website, they provide dynamic bundles and special pricing to affiliates. Commission Junction hosts its affiliate program.

Cookie Duration 7 days
Creative Support No
Payout $30.00 for a cruise $3.00 for air $4.00 for a car Hotel with a retail component – 3% 6% for the Merchant Hotel 2% off at Merchant Hotel (with Promo Code) 5% of the time spent on activities Packages account about 4% of the total. Packages (with Promo Code) – 2%

2.15 Original Resorts

Original Resorts is part of the Original Group, a tourism company with 35 years of expertise. It enables people all around the world to enjoy adult-only travel and cruise vacations. It’s perfect for those who like to spend their vacations in a sensuous setting. ShareASale hosts its affiliate program. The average order value for the brand is $2215.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support No
Payout 10-11.5%

2.16 Polynesian Cultural Centre Affiliate Program

When visiting Hawaii, it is highly recommended that visitors visit the Polynesian Cultural Centre. The People’s Choice Awards have named the Polynesian Cultural Centre Hawaii’s “Favorite Visitor Attraction.” Impact Affiliate manages an affiliate program, which anyone can join for free.

Once you apply, it will evaluate personally and approved within three business days. The average order value is $400, and all qualifying leads may earn you up to 5% commission. They provide affiliates with high-converting banners and text links as well as creative support.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout 5% commission

2.17 ROAM Luggage Affiliate Program

As the name implies, ROAM Luggage provides appealing offers and goods for luggage and suitcases that are comfortable, fashionable, and dependable. Customers may get personalized luggage from them. You may select from four different sizes, a color from their Designer Choices, and a three-letter monogram to give a unique touch.

Customers may test their personalized bags for 100 days and return them if they are not happy. They provide specialized customer service and offer a 100-day free trial. Their luggage comes with a lifetime warranty. You may earn up to 8% commission per conversion with their affiliate marketing program hosted on ShareASale.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support No
Payout 8% per sale

2.18 RoamRight Travel Affiliate Program

The RomeRight Travel Affiliate Program is one of the few that has cookies that last for a year. You may earn a commission by selling travel insurance via our affiliate network. It also sends out monthly newsletters to assist affiliates in converting more visitors to purchasers. To manage, monitor, and expand your account, they provide you access to their specialized affiliate marketing staff.

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to their innovative ad banners, which you can use on your website to increase conversions. Through ShareASale, you must sign up for their affiliate program. They have particular criteria that a website must meet to be approved.

  • Privacy policy and contact details are required.
  • On the site, no rude, vulgar, hateful, or pornographic content is permitted.
  • Websites hosted on Blogspot and WordPress.com are not permitted.
  • It is not permitted to have a website containing duplicate material.
  • Sites that offer coupons and discount codes are not permitted.
Cookie Duration 365 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout 15% commission

2.19 Royal Caribbean Cruises Affiliate Program

People may book luxurious cruise vacations at a reasonable price with Royal Caribbean Cruise. Customers may expect the finest rates and personalized service from the brand. To become a Royal Caribbean affiliate, you must first register on TradeDoubler, an internet network that connects marketers, publishers, and influencers.

When the average gross value is £1254, you may earn up to 4% commission with this affiliate program. Their affiliate cookies can last up to 1.5 months, giving you plenty of opportunities to convert customers and earn income. You can advertise over 240 wonderful locations across 72 countries on six continents with our affiliate program. That implies you’ll need to cover a wide range of topics for your audience.

Cookie Duration 45 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout 4% per sale

2.20 Sailing Europe

Sailing Europe has an affiliate marketing program in-house. They provide everything you’ll need to monetize your travel website and make a decent profit. You receive €50 for each order you deliver, and you must have at least €100 in your account to withdraw it. Payment is cleared once a month by Sailing Europe.

Sailing Europe’s user-friendly interface assists clients in planning their vacations. Customers must provide information about their destination, boat type, and sailing date. You will receive ad banners and textual links as affiliates, which you can use on your website.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout $50 to $100 per sale

2.21 TheZenCruise.com

People may use TheZenCruise to book exotic cruises and spend quality time with their loved ones. You must sell at least three cabins to become an affiliate. The dashboard will provide you with real-time tracking and data. Within 6-8 weeks of the cruise’s departure, you will get commissions for your sales. If you have one of the following, you are eligible to apply:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Travel agency
  • Magazines
  • Media corporation
  • Event company
  • Advertising agency

You will receive:

  • Inside, ocean-view and balcony cabins are available for $50 per person.
  • Junior, Penthouse, Owners, and Royal Suites are available for purchase for $100 per cabin.

Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] to sign up as an affiliate.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support Yes
Payout $50 to $100 per sale

2.22 Virgin Holidays Cruise Affiliate Program

Richard Branson and Nick Powell created Virgin Group, a worldwide corporation. They can also assist with travel arrangements. People may use the virgin holiday site to book vacations, multi-destination trips, flights, car rentals, tools, and hotels. Affiliates may sign up and earn up to 2% commission. The commission may appear to be small, but Virgin Holidays’ average order value is substantial.

Cookie Duration 30 days
Creative Support No
Payout Up to 2%

2.23 Way.com Affiliate Program

Way.com is a famous website where consumers can book parking, restaurants, events, movie tickets, amusement park tickets, and, of course, cruises by searching for a city and destination. They also offer a ShareASale affiliate program. Way.com offers one-of-a-kind goods and services. As a result, you may use it to earn a nice commission from it.

The affiliate cookies used by Way.com never expire. That’s right; you read that correctly. Your cookies are valid for a lifetime, making them a must-have affiliate program on your list. Not only do you receive a 10% commission on each sale, but you also get a 5% VIP commission. You’ll also get a ton of unique banners, text, and keywords to use on your website. To optimize your profits, the brand provides you with specialized associated managers.

Cookie Duration Never expires
Creative Support No
Payout 10% per sale



So that’s all for the best cruise line affiliate programs. Please let me know what you think of the article. I hope you found this post to be informative. I discovered several excellent affiliate program opportunities to join right now. If there’s anything I’ve left out, please let me know in the comments section.