Top 20 Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Program for Bloggers

Eating well and keeping fit are two of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Exercising, according to health and fitness affiliate program, may help you lose weight, improve your energy, decrease your risk of chronic disease, and even improve your brain health and memory capacity! These data explain why the fitness industry is a long-term investment.

For hundreds of years, people have wished to keep in shape. It’s no surprise that the health and fitness affiliate program is worth 3.7 trillion dollars! Enrolling in health and fitness affiliate program is a fantastic way to get started in the industry. It would allow you to make money while also aiding people in improving their health.


health and fitness affiliate program


However, finding the most noticeable health and tips affiliate program to generate money is far more complex than it appears. There are thousands of programs available, and although many of them can help you make money, the majority of them aren’t worth your time. There’s no reason to be concerned. We got your back! Here’s a list of the best paying health and affiliate program to help you locate the right one quickly.

The Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Program to Promote in 2021 are listed below.


1. Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill Fitness has some of the most influential female health and fitness affiliate program around. The health and fitness affiliate program are simple to market, and you may earn up to 50% commission on every sale you make. Natalie’s workshops assist women in their forties in improving their lives by becoming fit. With her, though, Fitness isn’t everything.

Users can eliminate detrimental behaviors that keep them from achieving their goals using programs like the full-body reset. Her guidelines are beneficial and focus on typical pain spots that many women experience, making them extremely easy to market.

Commission: 30% to 50% per sale


2. ACE Fitness

You may monetize your website, blog, social media page, or email newsletter with ACE Fitness’ affiliate program. ACE is one of the most well-known health and fitness affiliate program globally, making it one of the most commendable affiliate programs for newbies. Affiliate banners and links that drive people to their website can be embedded into your page.

After that, users may discover more about their fitness certification programs. They may also purchase study materials and an exam sitting, and you will get an 8% fee when they check out. Your commissions may appear modest, but when you consider the pricing, they should build up to hundreds of dollars in only a few purchases.

Commission: 8% per sale


3. All Volleyball

All Volleyball is an online company that sells volleyball equipment, apparel, and accessories. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports on the planet, with 800 million people participating daily. With such a large market for the sport, assisting the website in making some sales is profitable and straightforward.

You’ll receive a 5% commission on all transactions up to $250, and if you sell more than that, you’ll get a $30 flat fee per transaction. It is one of the best paying affiliate programs available due to the high compensation rate. It’s simple to sign up for, and you’ll be ready to sell in a matter of hours!

Commission: 5% per sale up to $250, then a flat fee of $30


4. ProForm

ProForm has released a variety of equipment throughout the years that can help someone obtain the high-performance exercise they want. Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise cycles, rowers, and HIIT trainers are all available to assist athletes, and regular people get and remain in shape. Users may receive the entire ProForm experience by signing up for a 3-year training membership that includes free equipment.

They also get access to tens of thousands of workouts! The most delicate aspect of the plan is that the customer may retain the equipment after three years! The attractive and modern plan is simple to market, and if you’re in the fitness industry, you can earn a lot of money by teaming up.


5. Net2Fitness

Net2Fitness sells some of the most excellent home training equipment on the market, and you can join their affiliate program to tap into their growing client base. You may sign up for the program for free and earn an 8% commission on every transaction you make. Although they provide reasonable compensation rates, the amount of money you can make with their affiliate program is determined by how actively you sell the items.

Products range in price from $17.99 to $3,999.99. Lower-priced items are pretty easy to sell. However, if you want to make more money per transaction, you might attempt to sell their most costly equipment. The 30-day cookie length and real-time statistics make it simple to keep track of progress.

Commission: 8% per sale


6. Workout Warehouse

Workout Warehouse has a total site conversion rate of over 1%, which means you’ll be generating money with their affiliate program in no time. The software is structured in a way that starts you to sell as much as possible.

You may begin by earning 8% on each transaction, and as you sell more, you can earn up to 11% per sale. You’ll have profited more than $3,000 if you sell $30k worth of items! With some treadmills costing $2,000, you may earn thousands of dollars in commissions by focusing on a small number of high-intent individuals.

Commission: 8% to 11% per sale


7. 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness has a refer-a-friend program that pays you a fixed price of $20 for each sale you bring in. When users click on your link and enter their contact information, they will receive an email from 24 Hour Fitness with a 7-day pass offer.

If they make a purchase, you will receive a $20 bonus! The 60-day cookie period provides you plenty of time to convert clients, and their enticing plans are simple to offer, so you’ll easily make a few hundred dollars each month.

Commission: $20 per sale


8. Wahoo

Promoting Wahoo’s goods should be simple whether you’re a fitness instructor or an athlete. Every non-smart trainer product you sell earns you a 10% base commission, and every intelligent trainer product you sell earns you a 7.5 percent commission. Wahoo makes sales simply by offering banner advertising and custom URLs that connect to your affiliate account.

With your Wahoo affiliate account, you also have access to statistics and reporting tools. You get paid every quarter, which is a sluggish payment frequency. The effective commission rates and simplicity of selling, however, make it worthwhile to invest your time.

Commission: 7.5% to 10% per sale


9. Bowflex

Bowflex’s premier training equipment has altered the lives of millions of people. They have an extensive product line that includes everything from trainers to climbers. One of the most significant benefits of collaborating with Bowflex is that Impact Radius manages its affiliate program, the best affiliate management platform available.

It allows you to keep track of your progress and assess your strategies. You may invest time improving your strategy to generate more money if you discover that a specific marketing method makes you more money. They use 30-day monitoring cookies and give commissions based on orders. You’ll earn a 3% share when you first start, but as you sell more, you’ll get a more significant percentage.

Commission: starting at 3% per sale


10. Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness is recognized for providing high-quality fitness equipment that promotes fat-burning activities. They have over 35 years of experience in the fitness business! Every sale you make earns you an 8% fee, plus their brand value and low pricing make it much simpler to sell equipment. The 30-day cookie life keeps the chronology under check and allows for easy targeting and remarketing. The average cart value on the site is $800; thus, your average profit per sale is $64!

Commission: 8% per sale


11. Titan Fitness

The Titan health and Fitness affiliate program is for you if you’re looking for an affiliate program that will help you generate sales. You’ll get a dedicated program manager to regularly receive updates, promos, and banners, making it simple for you to generate sales-driven content. Their dashboard is simple to navigate, and you can even earn free items in return for a review.

Titan Fitness also gives you exclusive incentives that you may use to entice your followers to convert. These benefits, along with the 5% commission rate, can result in thousands of dollars monthly earnings! Every month on the 15th, you’ve paid, and the 30-day cookie window is unheard of in the business.

Commission: 5% per sale


12. JumpSport

JumpSport has trampolines for every use and budget. Trampolines aid in the development of core engagement and balance. Users don’t need a spotter every time they use it because it comes with handlebars and also-fit extenders! It’s free and simple to join their affiliate program.

Once you’ve been authorized, you’ll be able to earn an 8% cash commission on every transaction you make. Both new and repeat purchases earn you money! They even sell child trampolines, allowing you to reach out to a broader audience and increase sales. You can make a lot of money with the 30-day cookie length and decent product price.

Commission: 8% per sale


13. Lifeline Fitness

Lifeline Fitness was one of the first firms to develop and market bodyweight and athletic training equipment. The quality of their products has set industry standards, and in some instances, the brand name is enough to close a transaction.

The Lifeline health and fitness affiliate program pays a 10% commission per sale to authorized partners, and if you’re a top performer, you’ll be awarded more excellent commissions! They also offer you access to the complete Lifeline product catalog, allowing you to produce compelling material in any format you want.

Commission: 10% per sale


14. Hitch Fit

Hitch Fit provides world-class fitness programs that have assisted thousands of people in losing weight and gaining confidence. Genuine, tailor-made courses are in high demand, making them simple to market. The 8% commission rate makes it worthwhile to invest your time.

Furthermore, the average cart value on the site is $330, implying that you will earn an average of $25 for each transaction you make. Marketing staff will assist you in adequately implementing the program, and you will be compensated for the sale if the user converts within 60 days of you targeting them.

Commission: 8% per sale


15. Evolve Fit Wear

Evolve makes some of the most comfortable training clothing on the market, so it should be simple to sell them. High-quality yoga mats never break down, and they also sell accessories like hats and water bottles.

Regardless of whether or not a person is an athlete, suitable workout clothing is vital. You’ll get a 6% commission if you assist Evolve in selling them. ShareASale manages the program, so you should have no trouble keeping track of your progress and sales.

Commission: 6% per sale


16. University For Weight Loss Science

The University for Weight Loss Science provides some of the most tailored weight loss exercise programs available. A team of specialists designed all of their exercises and routines. Every product is developed by scientists, athletes, dieticians, psychologists, and fitness experts.

You’ll have more than enough time to target and retarget prospects and close a deal with a 60-day cookie length. You’ll get paid on schedule, and the high value of their programs at such low costs makes them relatively easy to sell.


17. Kickoff

Kickoff allows customers to schedule their sessions with a qualified trainer whenever they want. They can train using a text message or an app! Exercise, diet, and wellness counseling are all included in the subscription process, which helps consumers get back in shape.

The app is a one-stop-shop for health and fitness affiliate program, providing users with workouts, diet planning, and therapists to help them feel better. It’s accessible on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. Affiliates are handsomely rewarded, and if you’d like to join their health and fitness affiliate program, email Kickoff at [email protected]


18. PaleoPlan

PaleoPlan specializes in meal planning and provides high-quality cookbooks and health items to help customers feel lighter and more energized. The high commission rate is one of the most appealing aspects of working with PaleoPlan. In all sales, you earn a 75% share of the front-end commissions!

Each product is designed to boost their health, and their guided meal planning may help them feel satiated throughout the week without having to prepare. They also provide items that aid with intestinal health, sleep, stress reduction, and thyroid abnormalities. It’s simple to sign up for the plan. You’ll quickly generate sales and see the profits come in if you use the tried and true marketing methods they give.

Commission: 75% per sale


19. FitReserve

FitReserve is a great affiliate marketing network if you want to make a lot of money. FitReserve’s referral program rewards you with a $50 credit for every transaction you assist in making! The FitReserve Gold Monthly Plan is simple to sell because it is reasonably priced and allows you to visit their facilities numerous times each month.

Yoga, pilates, barre, rowing, boot camp, and various other activities are available to users. They also get unrestricted access to Aaptiv audio recordings, which allow them to practice meditation and cardio at home.

Commission: $50 per sale


20. South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has a unique concept: users may enter their height and weight and instantly receive a customized food plan. Every time you assist the company in making a sale, you will receive a $30 credit.

You may contact them straight from the South Beach Diet website and try to sell the membership that way, or you can copy the link and paste it into your social media or blog page. Setting up a reminder email system is as simple as ticking a box, and you can make hundreds of dollars in commissions in only a few successful emails!

Commission: $30 per sale


There are so many health and fitness affiliate program out there that choosing one that pays well may be a struggle in and of itself. This list of high-paying health and fitness affiliate program, on the other hand, should assist you in locating items, plans, and subscriptions that you ca

n rapidly offer.

The secret to success is to position oneself appropriately. With only one blog, you’ll be able to market items to different audiences if done correctly. It’s as simple as keeping your preferences in mind and skimming through our list to choose the best health and fitness affiliate program for you.