12 Best Free Movies Online Streaming Websites

If you can watch your favorite movie for free, it can be a pure pleasure for you. This is because free movie streaming websites are so popular. Anyway if you are a movie lover like me and want to enjoy free movies without spending money. Yes, in this article I will tell you about free movies online streaming which you are eagerly waiting to know about. Although you will find some streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu. But you have to pay for these streaming websites.  There are many free movie streaming websites for you that you can enter for free. You can access these websites if you have a smartphone, TV, and internet connection. Therefore, Let’s start without delay. In this article, I will tell you about the top 12 free movies online streaming sites you are eager to know about.


What Are Free Movies Online Streaming Safe For You?

Below in this para, I have given you a list of free movie streaming and these websites come from the official platform. You can use these sites without any problem and These sites are safe for you. Although there may be some malware or suspicious files here there are alternative methods for that. We’ve done our best to scan websites and see if they’re safe for you to use. But the best way for you is to use VPN. Because VPN protects your device from hackers and unwanted websites and with this it helps keep bad actors from watching movies.  


What legal legitimacy does a free movie streaming website have?

What legal legitimacy does a free movie streaming website have? You might be wondering if the streaming movies for free on this website I want to watch have any legal validity.  You can get all the content in a completely legal way from here. But you see, when a website streams copyrighted content for you for complimentary without the authorization of that website, it is completely unfair. Therefore, you should give up those websites. Otherwise, you may run into piracy problems. Although free websites stream movies best and it is difficult for Bintoz to determine the legitimacy of this app. However, we can advise you to avoid streaming the latest movies and TV series because these are seen as legal issues for streaming. Below is a detailed discussion for you about free best streaming, don’t stop reading.

In this essay, Check out the details on the best free streaming site for the sake of cinema and TV shows. We’ve reviewed some of the best free streaming websites, and here are 12 notable sites for you. You can use them safely and they are guaranteed to make you enjoy watching movies for free. From this free streaming website, you could easily find some nagging ads. Let’s dive without delay, don’t stop reading.


The best free streaming movie sites are listed below.

At the time of writing this article, we have visited the best free streaming sites listed below. And these sites are currently working great for free movie watching.  This Streaming Movies for Free site is always updated so you don’t have to rush to get your best options. Don’t stop reading, below is a list of the top12 best free streaming sites.

01. Vudu

Voodoo is an online video-on-demand streaming service and By using this site you can enter thousands of cinemas for free. Voodoo streaming service has 546,000 monthly visitors And it’s not consistent. There are plenty of TV shows and cinemas in Voodoo that you do not need an account to use. And you can use this Vudu platform without any subscription fee. In that case, if you feel like it, you can pay for the update and if you don’t want to, you can continue for free.  Voodoo Service In addition to your Microsoft Windows PC, this is a great app for Android IOS.

In voodoo, you can get some advantages and disadvantages. 


  • This you can use for free.
  • Vudu is easily usable


  • Content on Voodoo is limited.


2. AZ movies

“AZ” movie can be placed at the top of this list because it is a long-lasting streaming website.  You can enjoy great movies full of 1080p and 720p quality on this streaming website. This website has 617,000 monthly visitors and is VPN-friendly. This site is very popular with you because here you can look at your selected favorite cinema without any hindrance. All you have to do is choose your favorite cinema. This website lets you watch movies for free and it will always be free. 


  •  AZ movies are mobile-friendly.
  • It has High-quality streaming as well as huge catalogs. 


  • Huge annoying ads.


3. Peacock Tv

Peacock TV was officially launched on 15 July 2020.  This is a new streaming platform. Peacock TV is such a streaming website where Watch movies for free. The TV is visited by 73,000 viewers every month, and it has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. You can enjoy lots of TV shows and live channels on the free movies online streaming website. Peacock TV has a content library and smooth playback which has enabled it to reach millions of subscribers in a short time. Users on this TV can watch free streaming as well as pay.  Peacock TV is great for free online streaming and it has an install app.


  • There is a decent library.
  •  Has a valid platform and a nice user interface.


  • You may not use it outside of the United States.


4. Kanopy

Canopy This movie streaming site is quite popular on this list. Because it’s great for free movie streams. Although, A library card may be required to stream movies free of charge to this site. Here you need to successfully create an account although you can register it to use any university email account. 

However, by creating an account, here you Will get Free Movies Online new a lot of access. You may have some difficulties with content selection being somewhat limited. There is a wonderful side for you that you will not encounter any annoying ads here. Canopy website visits 354k customers every month and there is no hassle of advertising. 


  • Ad-free.
  • There are thousands of free videos and almost all new movies are added.



  • Supported library card and registration required.


5. Youtube

YouTube is the most popular website for free video streaming. You may know that YouTube offers thousands of free movie streams from different genres. All you need is a Google Account to do this and you can sign in to this platform with your Google Account. You do not have to sign up to watch free movies online on YouTube. On YouTube, you will get significant visitors and you may need to see the least number of ads. But The good side of this site is that you can avoid annoying ads after 5 seconds. Therefore, it can be said that the youtube platform is a great platform for you to stream free movies. 


  • This is gratis and mobile-friendly.
  • Lots have content.


  •  Lack of popular content and advertisements keep coming in the middle of movies.


6. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix is a great service for streaming your free movies and it started its journey in the year 2017. Every month 417k customers visit this site and it is VPNFriendly.  Popcornflix works great for watching free movies online websites. You can find more than 1500 movies including family movies, action movies, various horror movies, and foreign movies at this streaming site. Although, you do not necessarily have to have an account to use Popcornflix. 


  • No account required
  • You can read comments from other movie lovers.


  • The movie is not downloadable.


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7. Movies Joy

You might be wondering, which website to watch movies for free? Yes, you can use the Movies Joy site. Movies joy is a free movie streaming service for you. This site has a search bar on its homepage and offers TV shows as well as modern movie gifts. Movies Joy site has a monthly visitor of 634k, And it is VPN friendly. On this site links, you can turn movies up to 1080p HD and they can be played Rapid. However, the bad news for you is that while watching your favorite movie, some annoying advertisements may have to be stopped.


  • There is excellent search and plenty of content.


  • Nagging ads


8. Vumoo

Vumoo is also an outstanding service for free movies online streaming for yours. The homepage of this site contains trendy TV series and great movies. Every month 561k customers visit this site and it is VPN-consistent. Additionally, On this website, you will find an integrated media player and this media player helps you to play your movie directly in a web browser. 


  • Easy to use and features fast exploration.


  • There are a small number of sections.


9.  Yes Movies

“YES Movies” will be at the top of your list for free movie streaming. This site plays a great role in helping you stream cinemas of your favorite. you will find a simple and usable search tool on “YES Movi” sites that quickly helps you search for the movie of your choice. However, this streaming site is a site where watch movies for free as many as you like. It lets you watch trending movies and TV shows of your choice. In addition The bad side, you can encounter some pesky ads on this site. Don’t anxiety because you can accomplish it. But, The best ad blocker yours will require to do this.


  • There is extensive content and a huge catalog.
  •  Personalization  Features found


  • Gives annoying ads and the platform is not valid.


10. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a great site for your free movie watching and this site is an “on-demand movie streaming site” where you can watch free movies online latest movies for free. You can watch thousands of on-demand cinemas on this site. Indeed, this site streams news, TV series, and vastly more owing to you for free. In addition, it is good for you because this site starts live from where you stopped watching movies. It is excellent for you that you do not require an account to use this streaming site. Find your favorite dramas, various horror movies, and super action movies on Pluto TV and enjoy them for free. 


  • Watch thousands of movies for free.


  • VPN is not Balanced.


11. 123 Movies

123 movie site is the most prevalent site for you because this site lets you watch free movies online streaming.  You can get movies on this site at 1080p  and it allows you to stream without any ads or pop-ups. 123 Movies site has 190k visitors per month and it is VPN amicable. However, there is a general bar on the home page of this site where there is a search bar. you can put this site on the list for easy Use. Additionally, the downside of this streaming site is that you may encounter annoying advertisements. 


  • Has user-amicable and HD streaming action movies.
  • Contains fascinating content.


  •  Nagging Advertising.


12. Go stream

Thinking  How watch movies for free online? Yes, Go Stream Allows you to stream cinema for gratis. This site persists to run automatically without any hassle or delay. However, this site is great for you because it is ad-free and you can use it on any device. Additionally, Go Stream is an extraordinary site for free movies online streaming. But, the downside of the Go Stream site is that it does not show any TV shows for streaming.


  • The load is fast
  • Captivating Library


  •  Mostly Nagging ads



In this essay, we try to discuss how to free movies online streaming.  Here are some of your favorite great movies and TV shows you can stream free movies from any one of these sites. However, I would suggest that you stream movies for free on Voodoo or Popcornflix. Get down without delay and stream the best movies of your choice for free.