10+ Free Data Recovery Tools For Windows PC

In tech market free data recovery tools are an important segment. There are lot’s of software available. It occurs to the most well-intentioned among us. We’re in the middle of working on a crucial document when calamity strikes. It’s a mistake to erase corrupt computer crashes. Several other terrible events prohibit you from accessing the file. Worse yet, you don’t have a backup and are in severe need of those critical files right now.

Don’t worry because those destroyed files recover. Don’t indeed ‘destroy’ a file when you remove it. The system identifies the file’s location as reusable. I was removing it from the index. It indicates that the file restores for a limited time. 

We’ve compiled a list of 10 accessible data recovery softwares for Windows. That can help you from simple file partition recovery to whole sector rescue.


Here are 10+ Free Data Recovery Tools:

FonePaw Data Recovery

FonePaw Data Recovery is a dependable data recovery program. It can recover lost images, audio, video, email, and documents. In addition, other items from hard drives, SD cards, and memory cards, among other storage devices.

You can use this software to recover your data. Suppose you have an unintentional deletion, a wrecked PC. Or a formatted partition. It can swiftly and securely recover files without causing data loss. It also allows you to see the scanned data before recovering it. Since you have a free trial. Don’t worry if you receive it by accident.


Stellar data recovery

Stellar is a powerful data recovery program that uses a few easy steps to recover any lost data from your Windows or Mac machines. It can recover any file from various storage media. For Example, an inner hard disk, an external hard drive, an SSD, a USB flash drive, or an SD card.

You can inspect all recoverable files and even retrieve data from your Trash or Recycle bin that destroys. You may also see all recoverable files in any format. It allows you to pick and rescue only the files you need.

The Stellar recovery tool can also analyze and recover deleted files from missing. Or lose the disks with the Deep Scan option. Additionally, you can recover data from virtual disks and fix damaged media files.


Disk Drill

Disk Drill Restore for Windows is a free file recovery software for Windows. That lets users rescue lost. Or delete information from almost any hard drive memory stick. In addition, with a simple and easy best data recovery software process that takes a few clicks. You can recover mistakenly lost information from SD cards and internal drives. And external devices.

Drive Drill aids users in recovering data from a variety of situations. For example, they include accidentally removable media, formatting the wrong disk, or partitioning. And be infected with a virus or malware.

The program is simple to use and allows anybody to locate swiftly. And recover lost files in any data loss situation. You can recover data from over 300 different file types. And even recover items from an empty Recycle Bin. Scans can be interrupted. And repeat as needed to allow you to recuperate at your leisure. Save time and effort.

Accessible data protection and management utilities provide. It allows you to conduct activities. Such as establishing byte-level backups. In addition, remove duplicate files and clean your system’s hard disk to save space. At the same time, try out the solution and its outstanding array of functions. The trial edition allows you to recover up to 500MB of data for free.



There are occasions when the file system on your hard drive breaks. However, it will take some time if there is much data. It will be easier to recover the file system. TestDisk is a free tool with PhotoRec that allows you to repair a damaged file system, making the data accessible and the disk usable without formatting it.

The software can rebuild the formats used by Windows and is compatible with a variety of operating systems.


Ultimate Boot CD

As the name indicates, Ultimate Boot CD is the ultimate boot CD to use, as it provides a plethora of free diagnostic tools for scanning, editing, and saving your computer’s disk or data. A couple of the tools in this collection can assist you with such chores. They may also assist you in recovering your data. If you cannot boot into your main operating system, ensure that you lock out your data.

Some of the tools included in the suite to aid in the recovery process are TestDisk and PhotoRec.


UndeleteMyFiles Pro

UndeleteMyFiles Pro bills you as a free professional program to recover lost files. For example, it includes more than just data recovery capabilities. Include extra elements to aid in the recovery process.

You get normal functions like searching for and recovering lost files. However, the finest feature is Emergency Disk Image. It allows you to generate a disk image picture of your drive. In fact, the data mistakes are erased.


Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete will do a comprehensive scan of your disks for deleted data. You are displaying attributes of each deleted item and condition. It is in and the probability of recovery is estimated. You may arrange your scan results. Based on the likelihood of recovery or filtering the results to discover the files.


Orion File Recovery

Orion File Recovery lacks the bells and whistles of other recovery tools, but it is straightforward to use. It will launch with a wizard that will ask you step-by-step what you’re looking for, including file type, location, and name. If you wish to wipe data on your disk fully, you can use the permanent overwrite function.


Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a simple, minimalist tool with a user interface. That is well suited for novices. But the layout is well suited for beginners. Everything you need to get started recovering your data is present right once. And the absence of sophisticated capabilities helps you stay focused on that one task.



Recuva comes with a variety of tools and features that make data recovery a breeze. The software will do a detailed search of your disks. It allows you to recover lost files as well as data from damaged or formatted devices. It can restore data accidentally lost from some programs, such as your email program or Microsoft Word’s temp folder, essential when the power goes out. And you haven’t saved your work. There is a wizard to walk you through the procedure if the selections seem too overwhelming.


Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery is Microsoft’s data recovery program. That might be useful for your files, documents. And images, among other things, are accidentally erased from your Windows computer. Or have your hard drive wiped clean. It’s compatible with Windows 10 versions 2004 and up. And it has two simple recovery procedures. 

Windows File Recovery can recover lost data from SSD, USB drives. And an SD card in addition to your computer’s hard disk. It also supports NTFS, FAT, exFAT. And ReFS file systems and can restore various file types.


Prosoft Data Rescue

Prosoft is a good option if you’re seeking a more complex answer to your Windows data recovery problem. It works with Windows 7 or later. In addition, And allows you to choose a disk to recover from USB, SD card, or HDD, examine the contents. And recover them all in a matter of minutes.

Quick Scan is available if your external drive fails to mount or Windows fails to launch, and Deep Scan is available if you need to recover data from a formatted or completely wiped disk. Even though it’s a paid program, you may pay only for the data you wish to recover.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows is a powerful data recovery tool. This utility can effortlessly recover data from a damaged or formatted drive (internal or external). For example, it emptied Recycle Bin, virus assault, or an unintentional deletion.

It can also restore corrupt or damaged photographs and movies on your HDD, SD card, or USB drive. And you may preview the fixed data before restoring them. There are various price choices available. But you may start with a limited free trial to learn more about the product.


Crash Plan

Businesses are constantly in danger of losing critical information. CrashPlan is a cloud-based enterprise data recovery technology excellent for medium and small organizations. We are allowing them to recover deleted or lost data.

You don’t have to manually backup your data because the cloud backup operates in the background. There are no file size limitations. And you have 90 days to retrieve your destroyed files. You may also save a copy of your backup data on an external hard disk.



Ontrack is a data recovery program for Windows with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is used to recover files in many formats. That loss is due to any data loss situation.

It can recover data from SSDs, RAIDs, USB drives, memory cards. And optical media and restore damaged or corrupted media files. It can also recover data from BitLocker-protected disks, as well as emails that erase.



Ontrack is a data recovery program for Windows with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is used to recover files in many formats. That loss is due to any data loss situation.

It can recover data from SSDs, RAIDs, USB drives, memory cards. And optical media and restore damaged or corrupted media files. It can also recover data from BitLocker-protected disks. And emails that erase. Click Here For More Tech Article.