As a freelance graphic designer: 10 best ways to earn money

People who work as freelance graphic designers are all over the place, even though they may not know it. That makes its expertise and a job that is now in need. Graphic designers who want to make money can use this guidance, even if they’re beginning out or have already begun.

It’s easy to make money online as a designer. If you want to be a good graphic designer, you do not even want to go to college. Many online tools enable you to acquire the skills, like YouTube and Skillshare.

As a freelance graphic designer, I can tell you what it takes to get started and what it takes not to. Honestly, it is one of the greatest, most high-paying jobs you can do from home. It’s also wonderful for people who want to work while on the road.


As a freelance graphic designer, there are ten different ways to earn money:

Regardless of the topic you’re specialized in, there are several methods to generate money as a freelance graphic designer. This list will help you figure out how to be a graphic designer. You can begin selling or attempting to make a few of these things.

1. Make and Sell Templates.

That is probably one of the best directions for graphic designers to make money without working at all. You will need to create templates of any sort using this method; these templates might be for ebooks, posters, invitations, or Pinterest images, among other things. Then, you can distribute the templates on the web. In addition to making a template, all you need is 99designs to consider making a template.

That is why many entrepreneurs and bloggers have always been concerned about the time; not everyone has the skillset to make designs from a sketch like to purchase these items because it’s so easy for them to make them their own.

As long as you put in the effort, you may make money without doing much more than promoting your items.


2. Doing Workshops and Webinars to Disseminate Information

There has never been a better moment for people to learn how to succeed as a graphic designer via online courses.

Graphic design is something you might have analyzed or feel very comfortable with. You could sell access to digital coursework, master classes, or webinars in which you teach people about the subject who might not recognize much about it.

I can be helpful even if I could talk about the essentials. For making online courses, Teachable is a good place to start. Find out more here.


3. Sell Stickers

In the last few years, sticker shops have been popping up all over because of TikTok. To create stickers, all you need is Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator or Canva to consider making text-based stickers or an iPad to create stickers that look like they’re made of art.

You could use dropshipping when you make stickers, which implies that you may not have to bundle and send them out yourself if you wouldn’t want to. That implies that you should not have to do this if you wouldn’t want to.

Even if you outsource all of your selling to a third party, you’ll still walk away with more cash in your bank account. Etsy, RedBubble, and Society6 are three of the best locations to sell stickers. You can also think about setting up your site with your design and branding features on Shopify.


4. Be A Design Consultant

A career as a design consultant might be a good fit for a graphic designer looking to earn based on expensive products.

The individual who wishes your concepts and opinions on graphic design job for their company or organization will pay you for an hour or two of your time. It is up to you to decide how much time and effort you are willing to put in to help aspiring designers succeed.


5. In Creative Market or on Etsy, you can make fonts.

If you’re engaged in typography, typefaces are a great way to earn money that doesn’t require you to do any design work. The person can make fonts, perhaps with their writing style, and afterward, sell them on websites like Creative Market or Etsy for up to $100. There are indeed a plethora of methods to do this.


6. Make Pre-Made Logo Packages

You might produce and sell many unique logo designs already established as vectors like manufacturing and distributing templates. In addition to making a Premade Logo with digital art, you could use emakpato digital art. That is where you can use it.

If you don’t have much money for customized branding, this is an excellent idea to create your logo. Everyone has to access the project file and change the meaning and colors. Then they get their brand design!


7. Sell Customized Branding Packages

As a graphic designer, you may also charge up to $4000 for branding services, which are in great demand and hence expensive. These packages come with a unique logo, color scheme, font styles, trends, and other tools that affect brand identity to show who they are.


8. Create and Sell Printables

If you make and sell printables online through a site like Etsy, you can make money that doesn’t require any work. That is a great idea for anyone who wants to make printables for teachers, students, tourists, or whatever you can believe in.

As a digital product, printables can be sent right away when someone buys them. All you need to do is set up a system that sends a PDF of the printable right away when someone buys it. You wouldn’t even have to think about how to get it there.


9. Work With Clients As A Freelancer

Clients are a fantastic way to get many different things to do. With customers, you might be making logos one day and then assisting with the design of a print publication the next. 


10. Graphics & Highlight Covers for Social Media

Another famous source of revenue as a graphic designer is to bring about social media graphics that people share on their phones. All of us need to improve social media. You could distribute packages of social media templates or pre-made Instagram standout features for a small fee. That can add up over time. That might lead to higher profitability over time. When you offer a service on this subject, you must recognize the Envato market to do so. To make a good graphic design, you need to get the best raw materials from the Envato market.


The following are suggestions for being a good graphic designer:

These recommendations can help you to become a professional graphic designer.

Be Realistic

The first point you need to do is be accurate about what you are doing and fully responsible for any timetables and contracts you make. Don’t set a timeline that you do not even believe you can meet, and always keep in touch with your customer in a particular instance when something turns up.


Create Contracts 

It’s always good to have an agreement in place if you’re collaborating outside of a console such as Upwork and have a customer of your own. Several of the ideal places to store and make these are And.Co and Honeybook. PayPal Biz is indeed a good choice.


To keep track of your taxes, maintain a spreadsheet.

I can’t tell you the importance of keeping a record of all of your costs and revenues as a freelancer. If you have to pay your taxes every three months, these will come in very handy.


Stay On Top of Industry Trends

It’s important to stay up to date on what’s famous in any kind of innovative design business. To make something like that for your customer that doesn’t meet their needs, you need to know who they are and what they would like.


Set Your Own Guidelines

Remember that you can establish your own rules as a freelancer, which is important to remember. A freelancer has complete control over how much work they take on at any one moment, as well as how long they work each day. Is there something wrong with the puzzle? If it does, modify it!



How easy is it to make money as a designer on the web? So many fantastic learning methods to help you have begun, and there are so many employment panels that it’s simple to find potential clients.

If you’re a person who likes to be inventive, you might be able to get a job as a freelance designer. Take a glance at Flexjobs and Upwork, and make some money today