Candle Shop – How to Start a Candle Making Business to Make Million Dollars

Candles add more beauty and great smells to homes; they’re ideal for enhancing an environment and making great gifts. If you love candles and are crafty, then you may have even tried creating them in the past. But have you wanted that you could try this hobby into a business? Candle creators have the chance to bring their plans to life, using their creativity to come up with something new and exciting those other people will want in their homes.

Best of all, you can start a small candle-making business in your home, saving money and allowing you to grow the business progressively. Think candle-making might be the business chance for you? Read on to find out just what’s involved with this venture.


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Candle shop makes businesses generally specialize in making particular types of candle shop. Some may make jar candles, while others may make specialty candles attracted by certain scents or places. Candle shop businesses may pay attention to hand-made candles out of materials such as beeswax, soy wax, paraffin, or gel. These businesses are run in several different ways.

Smaller operations can be run out of a home kitchen, with business owners selling at a booth at craft shows and flea markets. Some organization owners open actual storefronts or shops; some sell through boutiques and gift shops, while others sell online through their website or Etsy. There are numerous different business models in this industry, which means business owners can select to run their businesses in the ways that best complement their lifestyle and business target.


1. Why Make and Sell Homemade Candle Shop

Homemade candle shop have become a vital home decor item. Previously, the commercial use of candles has seen an increase, with spa and massage using scented candles for soothing effects and restaurants making aromatic environments for the consumers.

So, when an interested entrepreneur decides what kind of products to make, this knowledge is a powerful insight to help him build a collection that resonates with possible customers. In addition to the attractiveness of this hot product, candle shop offer business holders several other profits, including:

Low-cost entry: Granted, some homemade candle shop varieties need buying material, but in general, candle makers can make their goods with very little cash upfront.

Easy to sell anywhere: Want to sell your home decor items at craft fairs and local markets. You can sell homemade candle shop when you are traveling, so you can sell them both online and offline.

Scalable craft to learn: Whether you’re a crafting newbie, you can make a candle shop by following the base recipe of making a very easy candle. And if you are want to make your candle, use our handy infographic formula that is also simple to create a new design.

Easy to customize: With so many kinds of candle shop, it’s easy to personalize your products and differentiate yourself from direct participants.

Learning how to make candle shop is a skill that can be transformed into a viable income source. But before creating homemade candles of your own, let’s take a look at the popular types that are shoppers’ interest.

candle design

Here are some steps to start your candle business:

2. Design Beautiful Candle

Designing and creating your candle shop is the fun part. And probably why you’re looking to make this artisan craft for a full-time business? Candle making gives you the chance to play with shape, aroma, and colors to make eye-catching goods.

For example: Try creating a personalized candle shop with photo memories. Use colors and molds to make candles inspired by anything. You can design candle shop for festive tables or weddings that are attracted people very highly.


3. Making Your First Candle

Are you designing on creating candles at home? Or do you have a workshop or commercial premises? YouTube has some helpful video tutorials on how to make candles from home. The process is pretty straightforward but, the temperature and ingredients are essential, pouring too hot or cold.

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It can be helpful to make some samples and gather feedback from a small group of goal customers. Leading thorough research during the product development phases will help you evaluate your initial ideas and bring the best version to market.


4. What about Candle Shop Business Names

There’s a lot to a name. It conveys your brand’s personality and supports you standing out against your participants. You should also be aware of copyright laws that protect products and brands. Here are our tips for finding the right name for your business:

  • Select something unique – make sure no one else has had your plan first.
  • Make it memorable
  • Consider SEO – search your standing in Google to see what else comes up
  • Check the web domain is available – even if you’re not making a website just yet
  • Don’t limit yourself – make sure the brand name if you decide to enlarge your product offering in the future

If you’re still fixed for candle shop business names, try Business Name Generator for hearted inspiration.


5. Set A Basic Startup Budget

We suggest you make a budget for your first two months in business. Estimate the cost of supplies, equipment, and overhead. Don’t forget to pay yourself an hourly wage for your time and effort as a business owner. Because this business is a startup so, you must be alert for everything.


6. Develop an Initial Product Line and Prices

It’s best to keep your product line small and manageable. Think about which candle shop are most familiar to your friends and family and if they fit your target market. You’ll also need to determine how much each item to produce and what a reasonable price might be. Don’t be worry about pricing your candles based on your time and effort. We’ve seen several candle entrepreneurs price their candles anywhere from $5 up to $30, depending on their goal marketplace.


7. Targeting Market

Candle-making businesses will improve different target markets depending on how they feature their businesses. A business specializing in premium candles shop might market to gift-givers and homeowners looking for that perfect candle to decorate a home space. Producers who craft candles designed to reflect the scents of a particular location will market to tourists and homeowners in that exact location.


8. Select Your Location

While a smaller business can be run out of a home’s kitchen, it may be necessary to move into a larger space or maybe even a small storefront as that business grows. Rental costs for these spaces will vary depending on the size of the space, whether it’s a retail or industrial space. A main retail location will carry a higher rent cost, but it can result in valued walk-in business and improved public awareness.


9. Apply For Business Licenses and Permits

There are no exact licenses for a candle-making business; however, there are general business registrations at the local, state, and federal level that a candle-making business might essential, such as a sales tax permit, Employer Identification Number, and Occupancy Permit, among others.

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10. Expanding Your Products

When you’ve nailed creating candles, you might need to expand your product offering. For example, wax melts are popular on Etsy and not on the high street, and you won’t need anything extra to make them. How to make wax melts to sell? Wax melts are wickless candles that you heat with a burner or tea light to release the aroma. And they’re super simple to make:

  • Bring a pan of water to simmer
  • Put wax into a heatproof bowl over the pan
  • Add your aroma or essential oils
  • Pour melted wax into ice cube trays


11. Write a Business Plan and Budget

Although we could all do without business admin, a business idea supports you in understanding your purpose, strategic objectives, and participants. It can also help if you’re planning on applying for a startup loan. Next, you’ll want to consider costs and make a budget. It’s not expensive to set up your candle-creating business. Initial startup costs can be about £50, depending on the supplies you go for.

To work out your budget, you’ll want to think about:

  • Set-up costs (including equipment and supplies)
  • How much time it take to make your goods
  • How much does each candle cost you to create
  • Shipping costs (if you’re selling online)


12. Get Your Marketing Plan in Place

A strong, complete marketing idea can contribute to a business’s achievement. Many candle creators make websites and control active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Paid online marketing and paid social media ads may also be valuable policies.

Business holders who do some or all of their marketing themselves can save on the cost of hiring a professional marketer, stretching their budgets in the process. You should be marketing your products to make the brand values your products and sell more items. Advertising costs will vary depending on the kind of marketing being performed.


13. Get Insurance

Candle shop making businesses need some types of insurance to be fully covered:

  • General liability insurance protects the business if a customer is ever injured while on the business’ property, like a trip or a fall. This insurance can cover costs like legal fees and expenses.
  • Commercial property insurance protects the business against the loss of property and supplies after an event, like a fire (which is vital as you are working with flammable materials). 

Workers’ reparation insurance supports covering expenses like medical payments or lost wages if an employee is ever injured while on the job. Various factors can affect insurance policy costs, including the value of the business’ equipment and the number of employees on staff.

To get the best plan of what insurance will cost, request quotes from multiple providers and compare them. Be sure to look at factors like each policy’s coverage limits, exceptions, and premiums.


14. Hire Employees

A business holder can handle all of their primary candle production, but it may be time to hire support as the business grows. Entry-level candle shop makers earn a bit less at $22,425 per year, while more experienced candle makers can earn as much as $33,826 per year. Salaries are just one expense that comes with hiring employees. A business also needs to budget for workman’s insurance, paid time off, and health insurance contributions.

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