Bluehost or Squarespace -Which One Is The Best Web Host In 2021?

Creating a website or a blog is not an easy task. Fortunately, Bluehost or Squarespace are two popular systems that beginners and expert users both like because of their ease of use. They aren’t the same at all. Bluehost or Squarespace is a web hosting company that also offers third-party website builders, whereas Squarespace is a website builder that also offers to host. Both Bluehost or Squarespace offer really good value for money in their own way.

Sure, they appear to be similar in some ways, but a few significant distinctions will influence the type of experience you have with each. Both can assist you in getting your website up and operating, and selecting which one to choose is just a question of personal choice and money.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the features provided by two distinct platforms to discover which one wins. Note that we conducted this research from the standpoint of website development. As a hosting provider, comparing Squarespace with Bluehost is nonsensical.


bluehost or squarespace


Bluehost or Squarespace Comparison

Before we go further with this article and compare Bluehost or Squarespace, it’s essential to understand the services each offers and their key differences. So, here’s the difference between Bluehost and Squarespace:

  • Bluehost or Squarespace is a hosting company that exclusively hosts websites created on third-party platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and others.
  • Bluehost or Squarespace is a website builder and host that offers a complete package to help you get your website up and running. It has everything you need to be built right within the platform, eliminating the need for any third-party platforms.

We now know who they are and what services they provide to their customers. Let’s keep on with this tutorial and compare the differences between these two market players.


1. Ease of Use


Bluehost is a user-friendly platform with its cPanel. WP marketplace, domain administration tools, advanced settings, and more are all available in one convenient location. To begin creating a new project, log in and input the website name and slogan.

If you’re not new to WordPress, switching to the WP control panel is as simple as clicking a button. It will direct you to the WordPress content management system, where you can begin creating a website from the ground up. Even if you don’t know how to code, the CMS is quite simple to use.

WordPress has recently been upgraded to version 5.0, which includes new drag-and-drop editing features. Copy and paste information onto the page before publishing. You may add images and videos to the editing system.

  • Elements of Formatting and Layout
  • Blocks that are commonly used.
  • Widgets, shortcodes, categories, archives, and so on are all available.

When your sites demand more modification, the most recent version makes WordPress considerably easier to utilize.


Squarespace is also more user-friendly. Despite the fact that it was created to assist beginners and non-technicians in creating a website from the ground up, it has proven to be rather difficult. The platform may be a viable alternative for those who do not intend to engage bespoke developers or dig deep into the coding process themselves. The following are the key Squarespace usability features:

  • A Simple Editor- The WYSIWYG editing tool allows users to easily add new blocks and manage information. Every time you modify the page or part, however, it will be stored automatically. There is no way to see how the future website will look before it is published in preview mode.
  • Drag-and-Drop Feature: Even though the platform currently claims to be a 100% drag-and-drop tool, users will be astonished to see that nothing happens when they hover the mouse over the picture of a video. To add files, you must first open the Style Editor and then upload them.
  • The Style Editor is the platform’s core, allowing users to rearrange blocks, upload media material, resize components, and more.
  • Despite its promises to be the best website builder for beginners, it will take some time for them to figure out how the system works.

Bluehost or Squarespace 

Despite the fact that Bluehost is not a drag-and-drop website builder, it appears to be easier to use in terms of a WP-based editor than Squarespace’s WYSIWYG editor.

bluehost or squarespace

2. Features and Flexibility

Our next criterion is the number and range of Bluehost or Squarespace features and themes, customization tools, integrations, hosting, backups, and migration.


Bluehost memberships come with various appealing features that will appeal to site owners and developers, like unlimited bandwidth, a free domain for a year, and 50GB of storage space. Its extremely simple Bluehost builder, on the other hand, falls short – it’s a quick method to get started, but it lacks more substantial elements to increase site functionality and engagement.


Right out of the start, Squarespace provides a fantastic construction, eCommerce, and hosting package: Unlimited bandwidth, more than enough storage, and an exceptionally wide selection of eCommerce options for both items and services are all included in standard subscriptions.

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3. Design


Bluehost or Squarespace offers an inexhaustible number of WordPress themes. They have both free and premium themes for each sort of website, whether you want to start a tiny digital shop, a professional blog, a small company website, or something else entirely. Each template may have a different level of quality. You may, on the other hand, explore and preview themes before deciding on one.

All of our themes are, by default, mobile-friendly. They are compatible with a variety of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). All you have to do now is pick a category or topic that corresponds to your future site’s expertise and go through all of the possibilities.

The good news is that you may require some basic HTML/CSS expertise in order to personalize your theme and create a website with a distinctive look. For those with some programming knowledge, Bluehost offers limitless customization options. You may resize website blocks and elements, alter the font, change the background color, and so on.


Squarespace has over 40 distinct mobile-friendly designs for consumers to select from. When compared to Bluehost, the amount of themes available appears to be restricted. On the other hand, the platform gives you access to HTML/CSS files so that you may change the template to your liking.

Of course, it will necessitate some knowledge and coding experience, making the platform far from ideal for beginners. On the other hand, you may choose from a variety of ready-to-use platforms, such as:

  • Themes for online stores and cafe/restaurant websites.
  • Blogs and professional portfolios are two types of websites.
  • Sites dedicated to weddings and bridal gowns.
  • All of the templates appear to be in good shape. They have a professional design, yet most of them are identical.

Bluehost vs Squarespace

In terms of design, Bluehost is unquestionably superior. It has a larger selection of themes, and both systems allow you to personalize the pages and execute any web design concept using CSS and HTML.


4. Support and Resources

Is there professional assistance from Bluehost or Squarespace if you require help navigating the platform?


Bluehost provides customer and technical support by email, LiveChat, and phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also has a well-maintained knowledge base. However, rather than its builder, much of its team’s expertise is focused on its hosting offering. At an extra fee, the Bluehost Sky Service may be utilized for WordPress website support.


When compared to Bluehost, Squarespace’s customer service is both quick and knowledgeable about the most frequent technical difficulties that site visitors have. Issue escalation to more qualified staff members is also seamless, and their knowledge base is substantial and updated regularly.


5. Security and Free SSL

When choosing the proper web hosting for your brand-new website, security is another primary consideration. Take time to examine your website’s security and extra SSL certificates. Several prominent web hosting companies offer enhanced protection to increase your website’s defense with different security upgrades.


Bluehost provides simple but necessary security protections that are sufficient to safeguard your websites from malicious virus assaults and hackers. It enables customers to implement two-factor authentication on their Bluehost accounts. This function has a high level of security, and every time you log in, you will receive a notice and a login OTP.

This technique prevents unauthorized account login and allows you to trace login devices in the past. In addition, when a customer signs up for an annual subscription, they will receive a free SSL certificate, which assures that your website is safe. Bluehost is dedicated to providing a secure web hosting environment for its customers.


Squarespace employs technological and organizational security measures to safeguard the company’s assets and data as well as those of its customers. It has a security team in charge of designing and maintaining safe and private web hosting services. To improve operational security, Squarespace exclusively supports the secure platform and feature development.

They keep a close eye on the hosting environment and are always working to improve security procedures. With a monthly or annual hosting subscription, it, like Bluehost, provides a free SSL industry-standard certificate. In terms of security and SSL certificates, it is one of the most important web hosting companies.


With a monthly or annual membership, both hosting providers provide free SSL certificates. However, Bluehost provides greater security and performance. Squarespace, on the other hand, has its benefits. It’s worth noting that Bluehost was built to handle a lot of stress. On websites with a lot of traffic, you may expect greater execution.

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6. Value for Money

When it comes to web hosting, value for money means obtaining the most features and advantages for the least amount of money. Many hosting behemoths bundle a free domain, website builder, server space, and SSL certificate into one package. Hosting companies strive to include unique features in every monthly plan, which is advantageous in the long run when hosting a WordPress website.


Bluehost is the cheapest option to get your WordPress website up and running, and their control panel includes a lot of useful features at a low price. It comes with a free one-year domain and a basic website builder. Many basic website designs are offered in the Bluehost website builder, making the construction process simple and quick.

All of the above advantages are included in the basic plan, as well as 50 GB of storage for hosting the website and handling emails. The simplicity of use, excellent active customer service, and responsive control panel are all available for only $12 a month, which is a fantastic value.


Squarespace provides a unique type of value. It has enough bandwidth, limitless storage, and is simple to set up. These advantages include a one-year free domain and a free SSL certificate. It also allows you to create a website much more quickly and easily by utilizing one of Squarespace’s templates.

They provide award-winning website layouts that come with a monthly plan for free. It’s also a low-cost hosting option for bringing your ideal website to life. To handle domains and custom email IDs, the Squarespace dashboard offers Google workplace integration.


Let’s call it a stalemate! Because both offer good value hosting services, including a free name and SSL certificate. On the other hand, Bluehost is the most acceptable option for hosting a single website if you are a novice. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned pro who manages many websites and domains, Squarespace is the way to go.

It’s simple to use and offers features that help expert website builders. So, before making a decision, figure out what you need and then pick the best web hosting company for you.

The Bottom Line

Bluehost and Squarespace are obviously two completely distinct platforms. They do, however, share one important characteristic. They’re both made to assist individuals in creating strong websites. Bluehost appears to be a more versatile and cost-effective option from this perspective.


Bluehost provides everything you’ll need to start a website at a low cost. Users will benefit from a simple editing panel and a unique WordPress dashboard, in addition to a variety of hosting options. The platform offers various add-ons, widgets, and applications that make it simple to create a professional WP-based website from scratch at a cheap cost.


Squarespace is still a website builder, which means it has limited customization and construction options. On the one hand, it can be an excellent place for newcomers to start because of its drag-and-drop nature. On the other hand, after some time, you’ll realize you need a little more, especially at that price.

As a consequence, we now have Bluehost as an easy-to-use platform that fully supports and integrates WordPress. WP-based websites are no longer reliant on web hosting costs or separate storage locations. Bluehost is an all-in-one solution for building any project from the ground up, including a website and hosting.