The 10 Best Netflix War Movies You Should Add To Your Watchlist

Since the first movies were made, there have been good films about weapons and war disagreement shown on screen. Netflix does have some of the best Netflix war movies of all time, so if visitors register for a monthly broadcast fee, you’ll be able to watch them. Some movies honor those who defend their country in battle, as well as movies that are against war. Among the war movie in netflix, we have chosen the top 10 movies we think are the best.

Some of these war movies on Netflix are set in varying periods. In addition, a few of them even traverse over into sheer terror and sarcasm.


Here Are The Top 10 Best Netflix War Movies:

The Outpost

This 2020 film is based on actual events in Afghanistan in 2009. There are US combatants in the film who have to protect a foreign army base from Taliban soldiers who are a lot bigger. It was eventually one of the most famous battles in the Afghanistan war. Among them are Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood and many more people who did great work here. You can watch some great war films and shows. This one is one of them.


Sand Castle

You can watch a war film about the Iraq War on Netflix. It’s based on Chris Roessner, who wrote the script. A person named Matt Ocre may well have joined the military before 9/11 to pay for college. When fighting breaks out, he is sent to the Middle East uninterestedly and tries to find himself there. A threatening country is where his unit is supposed to fix a water infrastructure that doesn’t work. He has to deal with insurgent groups. The film talks about the pressure and feelings of inadequacy brave soldiers felt during the war, and it’s very similar to what real soldiers went through.


Beasts of No Nation

Free-spirited, adult men are one thing, but children who have been through war are on another level. Take a ride on an emotional journey with Agu’s life during a civil conflict in West Africa in this movie. Some of his family has been killed. Following this, he is forced into the fight and can’t escape. Things that no child will want to do. Beasts of No Sovereign country is a very sorrowful film, but it was one of the greatest war movie netflix, even though it’s unfortunate.


War Machine

Also, this Netflix original war movie costs a lot more than other movies the company makes. In 2017, this film was made. It’s based on the real adventures of a US Army commander called Stanley McChrystal. Brad Pitt plays Glen McMahon in the movie. He has been questioned to find a way to end the Iraq war in 2009. During this movie, General McMahon wants to have more soldiers together and for one last thrust to fight the battle. However, he has to deal with objections on many political and military frontiers to his plan.

Demonstrate what the armed services have to deal with other than engaging in the war. 



It’s based on the life of five siblings who did help save more than 1,000 Jewish refugees from the Nazis in Eastern Europe during World War II. This Netflix film is about their story. Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, and Liev Schreiber are 3 of the brother who sacrificed their lives to protect the population from the Nazis. This movie is about 3 of the brothers. It’s a war movie on Netflix that has more action but is still very effective.


Da 5 Bloods

Occasionally, war films don’t become about the apparent military battles shown in the movie. Occasionally, it talks about how soldiers fight inside. For this 2020 film, Spike Lee is the director. It’s about a gathering of war movie vietnam War veterans who come back to their home province on the current day. What is their primary objective? To discover a hidden stash of gold, they found it in Vietnam and remembered one of their dead soldiers. In a flashback, they ended up being played by the early Chadwick Boseman, who was one of their military men. It’s one of the greatest war shows on Netflix that you can observe, and it’s excellent.


The King

This film is set in an ancient time, but it still is regarding war. It tells the story of Hal, also known as The great Henry V, and how he came to be. He has tried to stay away from royal life for much of his living. When his dad dies, he is required to take the throne. That is now the place for discussion and anything else that did come with being in charge. Another thing: He’s in the midst of the battle that his father left alone. The boss tries to adjust to his better beginning while taking care of his problems.


War Dogs

Some films about war don’t have to be about people who fight. They are played by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller in this 2016 movie. They become cluttered and wealthy weapons manufacturers, making much money. People who make much money by fighting with military forces and firearms can also make much money by selling them.


Triple Frontier

On Netflix, there is a war movie new called “War.” It came out in 2019. People who used to be in the U.S. Special Operations forces think they need to have a new job. Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal perform erstwhile rest of the squad. People in the group start deciding to take money from a big drug lord. Although, having gotten the cash is easy versus getting out of the nation lively as the crime lord’s powers target the team. If you like fast-paced movies, you’ll love this movie.



This war movie based on true story from 2016 is one of the most “out there” war movies on Netflix. There are combat troops from the U.S. who enter the war-torn nation of Moldova to help. However, this squad has to fight ghost-like people rather than regular soldiers. Yes, this is a movie about a ghost war, but it’s also pretty action-packed and fun to watch. They started making weapons that could fight off ghosts with help from scientists in the second half. Click Here for More Tech Content.