12 Best Journal and Diary Apps for Making Notes

Whether you want to keep a notebook or a diary on your phone or computer, these are the best journal and diary apps for both online and off-line usage. They’ve been around for years. Discuss your emotions and opinions. They are a fantastic spot to do it! It’s also good for people to write in scientific publications and diaries about hard things for them to deal with. Yet, writing things down is the most underrated thing you can do. There’s no doubt about it: Even writing just a few minutes in your publication each day could keep improving your effectiveness as well as your happiness!

According to a study, writing down your ideas or writing down the details during the day is a great stress reliever, enhances employees, promotes outcomes, and is more efficient. A log is the only thing that could go wrong. It’s not easy to keep one. If you have trouble with this, keeping a journal app will help you figure out what’s wrong and help you set up a daily journal writing schedule.


Benefits of Keeping a Journal or a Diary

Regardless of whether we start writing by hand or with the buttons on our mobiles, most of us keep publications for various reasons. It is a way to learn to appreciate things. On the other hand, some people write down their feelings or become more aware of themselves. There are many good things about keeping a journal. They also have:

  • People who use it can feel less anxious and stressed.
  • This way allows you to think in a more balanced way.
  • You can set goals and accomplish new heights.
  • You can write down your ideas in a smarter manner.
  • When you write things down in a journal, you have a friend who is always there for you.

List the top 12 Journal and Diary Apps for 2022 that you need to have! Those are the applications that will help you remember the good times you had this year and for generations to follow.


It’s time to check out this list of 12 of the best journal and diary apps.

1. Bit.ai for media-rich journaling

Bit.ai is in first place. You may wonder why. Contribute something more than words and pictures to your document with Bit.ai, which provides the capability to do so. Even if you always like to start writing a journal or a diary, it is the best app.

When you use Bit, your journal and diary will have a more three-dimensional look, and you’ll be able to communicate with people that don’t just use text. You can add images, videos, links, code snippets, rich media, and even files to your journal or diary to make it easier for people to understand what you’re saying. Then, if you ever wanted to make an ebook out of it, you could do that.

Content can be stored and organized in Bit’s content library, making it easy to find what you need. You can also connect it to cloud systems like Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Box.


2. Momento for social media users

Momento lets you put all of your posts from various social media sites together in one spot so that you can see them all at once.  This app lets you write in your private journal. It’s simple to edit your entrance the next day in rich text. To do this, add some images, make some tags, and add a place tag.

If you want to keep reliving a wonderful occasion, the app puts updated information from all of your social media pages and your website together in a single timeline. If you want to link up to 3 social media profiles, you can do so for free. If you buy the premium version, you can link to as many other sites as you want. If you want to be safe, the subscription service has a passcode and TouchID feature that can be used.

To get the app purchases, you can download it for free. There is a paid plan that starts at $2.49 a month. When you buy things in the app, such as more images and lock codes, they cost $1.99 and $0.99 each, including both.


3. Journey for a secure journal writing

If you have an Android phone, this is one of the best journal apps. It allows you to write records and geotag them. As a bonus, the app allows you to keep track of seasonal changes and add a wide range of media when you write a post. This app makes it easy to write a journal which can also be changed quickly.

A “premium” alternative gives you access to all kinds of additional features, like Markdown access and more control over how the site looks. You can read your journal from anywhere with the help of this app.

The app has whatever you need. It has a passcode and fingerprint security, a step-by-step tutorial for new users, and the ability to write email journals.


4. Day One for better productivity

Day One has been one of the best journaling apps since it came out in 2011. People who like or want the app can use it for many different things. Among them:

  • You can start writing in your journal from the menu bar with just one click.
  • Journaling can be easier if you use a template.
  • Add information about where you are, how fast you are moving, what music is playing, and how many steps you have taken.
  • Tag posts, add images and make videos.
  • Make a password to protect your journal.

Because it’s sleek and doesn’t bother you, it has many useful features include.


5. Goodnight Journal app with community support

Goodnight Journal has a straightforward platform that enables gratitude journaling to be easy and fun. Many things about the app’s functionality improve things more than any other journal app. The application runs the same on every framework.

As well as trying to write journals, Goodnight Journal also has free counseling characteristics that can be used together with them. Everyone loves the “well-defined society.” If you want to join, you must be a member. It’s a great place to let things out of your chest and feel lighter.


6. Five Minute Journal for saving time

Journaling lets us spend a little time each day writing down our thoughts. Most of us have very busy lives. It is not easy for all of us to spend all of our time digital journaling. This app is a great way to get around time constraints.

You can use this app to write down your thoughts for the day right away. It only takes five minutes of your time to respond to questions that keep coming up during the day, and it doesn’t take long.

The morning precedes help you create your goal. On the other hand, the evening makes you think about the things that occurred during the day and the things that need to be changed.


7. Penzu for stress-free journaling

Penzu is renowned for providing the skills to make writing things down stress-free. It allows you to write records, change the format, and add images to your submissions. The protection lock is the best thing about this journal app. No one can see what you write without your approval.

With Penzu Pro, you can have free journals, custom journal covers, 256-bit encryption for your confidentiality, and fonts that you can choose from. The app includes writing as many records as you would like. The app also has end-to-end security to ensure you don’t have any problems.


8. Diarium for speech to text journaling

Diarium is the best to keep a journal app in the Windows 10 store. Diarium needs to stand out since it can play a lot of different types of media. If you want to talk instead of write, you can use voice recognition to write down your ideas.

It’s also possible to transfer your submissions in formats like HTML, RTF, or TXT because you can ensure your information will be safe and secure when you export it. In Diarium, feeds from social media such as Twitter and Facebook will automatically be added to your journal. It will also tell you when to write in your journal once a day, so you don’t forget to do it! The app is free on Android, costs $19.99 for Windows 10, and costs $2.99 for extra features on Android. You can get the app for free.


9. Google Keep app for simple note-making

If you want a bullet journaling tool that can be used in many ways, Google Keep is a good choice. Many people have used this app to make general notes. It is used by other people as a personal journal too.

Many things contribute to making this app unique. The first thing it does for you makes adding photos to your posts easier. To make it easier to figure out which group it originally belonged to, you can indeed add various colors to each personal journal.

You can use the selection and application if you need to begin writing down your observations instantly. The application automatically transcribes your audio files, which are instantaneously stored in the app itself.


10. Diaro for organized journal writing

If you would like to keep your digital diary in order, this is the app for you. Because once you add a new entry, you can choose documents and tags that you want to put in it. Journaling is much easier if you only think about the full-screen option simultaneously.

The app’s Pro version lets you use your Dropbox account to add records. To say it another way, this implies that you can now peruse your journal on a new device. The Pro version also gives you more storage space to back up and outsource journal entries.


11. Grid Diary for better Introspection

Grid Diary makes it easy for you to initiate writing things down. What sporting activities did I do today to improve my health? Did I probably spend time with my family? “What can I do presently that will make my world brighter?” in a quick and concise form. Thus, this is the quickest way to write a journal. It gives you a good picture of what is going on in your life, one day at a time.

It’s up to you how you would like to set up the grid and how you would like to think about the aspects of one’s life that you would like to keep track of. There are many ways to use Grid Diary. You can also use it to write down simple solutions that enable you to concentrate on your days rather than having to worry about what you should write each day. A free version will be available, and you can get a premium version for $1.49 a month.


12. Foodility app for food lovers

Keep track of your eating patterns and food cravings with this app. It’s worth a try if you need to keep track of your eating patterns, food cravings, and other things. It’s easy to use, so you can focus on the critical thing: attempting to control the food you eat. You can write about what you eat, take pictures of what you eat, and record your overall mental health with an elegant design that looks like sticky notes.

There is an app that can help you keep track of your food, rainwater harvesting and workout, as well as your weight, mood, and medications. Many people use this app for free. The premium version costs $2.99 a month and $29.99 a year. Click Here For More Tech Articles.



Journaling is a way for you to write down your thoughts and feelings and show them to other people, too. Others don’t want anyone else to see it, but some people want it to be seen by everyone.

There are a lot of different journal and diary apps that let you keep a digital diary with a lot of different features. It’s up to you to share the entries with your friends or keep them safe with a lock.