10 Best Google Picasa Alternatives for Windows

Some best google picasa alternatives kindly make you confused. Google Picasa has been among the biggest and most popular photo management tools for organizing and sharing photos in 2016. In 2017, that changed. Google did not keep customer support. Instead, they replaced it with Google Photos. Google Photos does a great job, but it doesn’t have nearly as many functionalities as Google Picasa, which is a lot better.

You may have been using Windows for a long time and have noticed that there isn’t much good software for managing images on the platform. In that case, it can be hard to get a good substitute for Google Picasa.


List of 15 Best Google Picasa Alternatives

There are many good options available to Google Picasa that you can utilize right now. These photo editing tools enable you to maintain your microsoft photos and make changes to them, so use them. So, let’s take a look at the best Google Picasa options.


1. Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC is a beautiful system for managing your digital images and basic editing them if you want to use your PC to do that. In this initiative, you can use all of the image organizers solutions you’ll ever require.

Also, the initiative lets users insert images into the initiative and then gives them the best replacements for picasa to arrange or characterize them however they want. To get the most out of your monthly fee, you can save all your photographs on the cloud.


2. Phototheca

If you want to make things easy to see, sort, arrange, or edit videos and digital photos on your PC, take a glance no further than Phototheca.

Phototheca is a data capture plugin that allows you to insert photographs from NAS, network connections, storage devices, drives, mobile phones, and more. You can also use Phototheca to organize and store your pictures. Also, it gives you a few tools that allow you to enhance your pictures.


3. Amazon Prime Photos

We can say that Amazon Prime Pictures is very compatible with Google Photos. The first thing you need to do to start using Amazon Prime Photos is to login with Amazon.

The free Amazon Photographs give you 5GB of space. You can shop as many photos as you want in the free space. The photographs you save on Amazon Photos will be available on any handset, even if you don’t have the same one.


4. Google Photos

We can say that Google Photos is a good thing because it’s a substitute for Google Picasa. If you don’t like Google Picasa, this could be the most significant thing to use instead of that tool. What helps make the Photos App more beneficial is that it works with other Google services, like Google Drive, to keep your photos in the same place.

If you want to change your photos, you can also use them. Only a few months ago, Google changed the policy, and now subscribers of Google Photos could get unlimited storage for free. There is only 15GB of space available for each person to use now.


5. Photoscape

That is one of the image editing tools on the lineup. It has many tools for editing and managing images. Even though the operating system doesn’t have cloud services such as Picasa, it looks unique because it is straightforward to use.

‘It’s not just for edit photos. It also lets you take screenshots, split photos, and more.


6. XnView

If you want to see more innovative photos on your Windows 10 computer, you should try XnView. Especially in comparison to all the other Google picasa app options, XnView has good picture management tools.

It looks like Google Picasa’s user experience with XnView’s look and feels, too. As a side note, the picture viewing audience tool for Windows can open more than 500 different types of image formats files.


7. Flickr

Well, Flickr would be another excellent cloud-based photo-sharing site in which you can discuss your services for free, and it’s also good. Flickr is a photo-sharing site, but it also has many photo editing features, storage and manipulation expertise.

Users can store up to 1,000 photos on Flickr under the primary account. In addition, Flickr also has a few picture editing features from Aviary.


8. Dropbox

If you want to store many different types of files, this is a sound cloud-based service to use. You can store pictures, videos, documents, and more with it. The cloud storage system is defined as being easy to use and straightforward. Dropbox lets users establish data files to keep their photos in the order of photo management software.


9. FastStone Image Viewer

If you want to pick the ideal image file viewer software for your Windows computer, you must choose FastStone Picture Reader instead. There are many good picture viewing audience apps, but FastStone Picture Viewer is one. People like that many different image files can be shown in the image viewer because it can show them. You can use those two more things instead of Google Picasa, which you can utilize right now.


10. IrfanView

It is the best online photo organizer retouching software for Windows that you can use. The most significant part about IrfanView is that it only takes up less than 5 MB of space on your desktop to set it up. Even though IrfanView is small, it has all the characteristics you need. However, the software doesn’t have any tools for editing images. Click Here for More Tech Content.