The 15 Best Free Instagram Story Templates for 2022

Best free instagram story templates will help you to develop and distribute on a continuous basis while getting them published more quickly. Instagram stories are a terrific way to engage with your fans and provide them with unique behind-the-scenes information. And an insight into your private life. Making an Instagram story from scratch, on the other hand, might take a long time. Instagram Story themes come in helpful in this situation.

We’ve organized a list of the most exceptional Instagram Story templates to help you design. And uniformly post your tales while also getting them published swiftly. Above all, you’ll stick to your brand’s image and follow a strict appearance throughout all of your Instagram posts.


Here are Best Free Instagram Story Templates: 

1. Vana – Fashion Social Media Instagram Templates 

The Vana template is a trendy Insta story layout set that is customized in Photoshop and Sketch. You may use these templates for any story because of the minimalist style, and you’ll get a total of 8 layouts.


2. Instagram Stories Vol. 4 

If you’re looking for an Instagram story template with a beautiful and stylish font, try app for instagram stories design Vol 4. The template set comes with 9 Photoshop elements and a new color combination.


3. Tanska – Instagram Template 

If you’re advertising a Scandinavian company or lifestyle, look into the Tanska templates. This set includes ten different templates with gentle color palettes and attractive geometric forms.


4. Fallen – Instagram Pack 

The first template on this list has an attractive style that would suit a clothing company or blogger perfectly. Keep things consistent, and the template contains 10 Instagram Account templates and ten standard Instagram posts.


5. Free Instagram Story Templates 

This free trial instagram story template apps set offers minimal text and focuses on images. They’re an excellent option for a fashion, cuisine, or travel firm looking for a unique method to publish behind-the-scenes images.


6. Glorious Instagram Quotes Stories Pack  

Quotes are among the most popular Instagram posts, so if you’re trying to inspire or motivate your followers, this collection is for you. You’ll gain access to over 50 editable quote templates – replace the quote with your own, change the colors, and save the layout.


7. Hepburn Free Instagram Templates 

This insta-stories template set would be ideal for a feminine company or specializing in a specific audience. The set comprises nine lovely templates with a gentle color palette and elegant typography. You’ll discover quotations, regular postings, sales notifications, and more in the templates section.


8. Instagram Stories Vol. 3 

Creating instagram stories Vol. 3 Select creative and enjoyable instagram story apps layouts in various styles. The templates are used to promote a sale, special deals, or an introduction to new products. And to share a quote or a behind-the-scenes snapshot.


9. Everyday Adventure Instagram Templates 

The Common Adventure Instagram templates library is a versatile set of social media layouts ideal for advertising travel, culture, clothing, and other Instagram posts. They feature a bright style with a current font that is simple to change.


10. Instagram Stories Template  

Take a look at this free Instagram Stories template with a modern look. The template comes with a unified Photoshop file that is well-organized and has a solid color palette with trendy typography.


11. Lush Social Media PSD Templates for Instagram  

A stylish bundle of 24 Instagram Stories templates to promote your business and share brief updates. And announce new products, sales, and more. The insta-story design includes elegant shapes, making it simple to swap out example pictures and text with your own.


12. Instagram Story Mockup Templates  

A package of four editable Photoshop files is included with the free Instagram story maker layouts. Smart objects are used in all of the files so that you can quickly upload your photographs. This template set includes an iPhone mockup to help you show off your ideas.


13. Instagram Stories Free Template  

This insta.story simple design comes with various Photoshop components that are well-organized and simple to customize. Appreciating a minimalist structure, you can quickly add your color scheme and change the typography to your brand typefaces.


14. Free Template Instagram  

This free Instagram Story layout distinguishes out since it was created with Adobe XD to optimize the layout of Instagram Stories. Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous template that you can utilize to engage your audience and expand your reach.


15. Free Instagram Stories Templates  

This free insta.stories template comes in two designs: exchanging quotations and making brief statements. And encourage your followers to take action. The template comes with a neutral color scheme, but you can change it to match your company’s colors.


Stand Out With Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a terrific way to connect with your followers and increase your participation on the platform. You will be capable of standing out from your competitors. And attract your viewer’s attention with the aid of these current Instagram story layouts. So could you hurry up and obtain them immediately? More Tech Articles Here.