32 Highest Paying Commission Based Affiliate Program For Begginer In 2021

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept: you sell a product or service to a company and earn a share of the profits. Affiliate marketing models, on the other hand, are not all created equal. For example, some companies offer you a one-time commission for bringing them a client, while others pay you regularly.

The percentage of your share varies company, but you generally get paid as long as the client continues the company. Some companies set a one-year commission lifetime for each client. That implies you won’t earn a cut even if the client stays with the firm for more than a year.

best commission affiliate program


The problematic aspect is deciding on the best payment plan. Finding a product that you can sell regularly is the challenging part. The product must also provide enough value to the customer’s daily life to stay with it for an extended period. You’ll only be able to get the most out of any affiliate program if you do this.

The amount of money you make from marketing determines finding the correct product to sell. However, there are hundreds of excellent services out there that you can offer and profit from. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to try out all of them. Here’s a list of 30+ of the best recurring affiliate programs that may help you earn much cash.


1. SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the most vital affiliate program on the market. Every sale you make pays you a staggering 40% commission! It is one of the most widely utilized search engine optimization tools among marketers worldwide.

Keyword research, advertising research, competitive analysis, and website SEO audits are all made easier. SEMRush is straightforward to sell, whether you use content marketing or advertising, and joining BeRush may quickly earn you much passive revenue.

Commission: 40% lifetime recurring


2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that helps businesses and bloggers generate more leads and sales. The platform is simple to use and provides users the freedom to target consumers as they see suitable. They can easily separate and classify their subscribers and send out appealing emails with only a few clicks. It’s accessible to the market because of the appealing UI and excellent functionality.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


3. AWeber

Another popular email marketing platform that you may use to get quick sales is AWeber. The program is feature-rich, allowing users to send RSS emails and follow-up emails quickly. With AWeber, it’s also simple to come up with a unique marketing email.

Users may choose from 700 customizable templates to quickly generate enticing emails. Joining AWeber’s affiliate program will increase your income if you generate content for bloggers and marketers.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


4. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the tools that marketing professionals desire to purchase. However, the software as a whole has a lot to offer. Users can get ready-to-run marketing programs. Everything from the landing page to the sales page is predesigned, so starting a new marketing campaign is as simple as clicking and inputting the appropriate information.

The fantastic traffic-generation capabilities, e-commerce tools, and super-effective email marketing tools will add much value to any marketer’s daily grind, making it extremely easy to sell. You may choose between receiving a $100 reward for each sale or a 33% recurring commission for the life of the customer’s account.

Commission: 33% lifetime recurring, or $100 bounty


5. Stencil

Stencil is a popular image creation tool among social media marketers, bloggers, and companies. Users may create stunning photos from scratch in a matter of minutes, increasing engagement. It may also be a helpful tool for creators who are constantly on the go. Stencil’s simple dashboard and feature-rich editor make selling a breeze, and the high commission rates make the affiliate program is a highly profitable choice.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


6. NinjaOutreach

New-age marketers require more than just graphics and email marketing. They also need to get their website to the top of the SERPs to increase engagement and lead generation. NinjaOutreach comes in handy here. It facilitates link development and connects you with social media influencers and bloggers.

The program uses a variety of channels to connect consumers with the most well-known figures in the niche. It also helps with email marketing by allowing advertisers to target influencers and consumers as desired. The 20% recurring fee may appear tiny at first, but when you consider the product’s high price, your commissions may quickly mount up.

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring


7. InstaPage

It’s not always possible to hire a qualified developer, especially when a marketing team is on a tight budget. However, this is precisely what makes InstaPage so appealing to potential buyers. Designing appealing landing pages is simple with Instapage, thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface that requires no technical skills!

Commission: 50% on first payment, 30% on following payments


8. SocialPilot

Marketing agencies are always looking for new methods to increase engagement, and SocialPilot is the right solution. This one package can handle everything from scheduling social media posts to managing numerous social media accounts to evaluating outcomes.

The main feature of this program is that it allows customers to produce thorough analytics reports with only one click. The attractive user interface and powerful capabilities of SocialPilot make it simple to persuade marketers to use it.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


9. Shopify

Every day, new e-commerce sites emerge, and finding someone with an e-commerce business concept isn’t difficult. Shopify is the ideal platform for solopreneurs to get started. Creating a brand from the ground up is as simple as clicking around on Shopify. It allows users to sell any goods from any location.

The built-in marketing suite eliminates the need for customers to invest in other marketing solutions, allowing them to stay engaged for more extended periods. Every marketer should join Shopify because of its high-commission marketing scheme.

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring


10. Kinsta

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting service that provides marketers with the data they need to succeed straight from their dashboard. Kinsta takes care of your website, protecting it and making it faster for your visitors. In addition, it backs up daily in case something goes wrong.

It also comes pre-installed with Google Cloud Platform, making it one of the most excellent hosting packages available. It’s simple to sell because of the attractive, feature-rich interface. In addition, by joining the affiliate program, you may earn up to $500 for each sale.

Commission: $50–$500 per sign-up + 10% lifetime recurring


11. Teachable

Teachable is ideal for anyone who wants to create an online course. In addition, their affiliate program is presently one of the most exemplary affiliate program for beginners, given the growing demand for online course development tools. Without any specialized experience, anyone can create a stunning course website using the suite. It’s simple to sell because of the aggressive price!

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring (90-day cookie!)


12. LiveChat

Many small businesses are trying to expand without investing much money. Thus, specialized customer service providers like LiveChat are in high demand. The 120-day cookie provides you plenty of time to connect and entice prospects, and once you do have a LiveChat customer, you earn a large cut of your monthly income!

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring


13. Post Affiliate Pro

It may be challenging for marketers and bloggers to keep track of all of their affiliate marketing schemes. However, post Affiliate Pro is a tool that you can easily offer to this demographic. The simple interface provides consumers with a quick overview of their commissions, campaigns, and reports. It integrates with over 170 CMS and payment processors and handles the affiliate program by small businesses and major marketing agencies.


14. Depositphotos

Depositphotos make graphic designers’ and bloggers’ lives much more straightforward. Millions of royalty-free vector graphics, stock pictures, and movies are available to users. It’s a simple buy for anyone seeking to gain momentum on social media or elsewhere because of the vast library of assets and customizable options.

For each sale you make, you’ll receive a 40% commission on the initial payment and a 20% recurring commission for as long as the buyer stays with you.

Commission: 40% earnings for first-time purchase + 20% lifetime recurring


15. Mangools

SEO products are flying off the shelves as competition for the top SERP rankings heats up. Mangools is one of the most widely used SEO tools available. It allows you to locate long-tail keywords in only a few clicks. Users may also use the tool to evaluate and target keywords in specific areas. That method also uses to follow a competitor’s SEO stats and learn about trends. Mangools pays $487 on average to affiliates, making it a must-have for any affiliate.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


16. Cloudways

The use of SSD-based website hosting in conjunction with sophisticated caching is the order of the day. Websites must load quickly for everyone! Cloudways provides low-cost, high-speed website hosting to the typical person.

For each website hosted, dedicated firewalls activate. Two-factor authentication, for example, causes the site’s security breach. Cloudways’ cost starts at $10, making it extremely straightforward to sell, whether you promote it on social media or through blog material.

Commission: $30 per sale recurring


17. HideMyAss

HideMyAss provides customers with military-grade encryption and allows them to protect themselves with only one click! Their affiliate program provides a lot of profit-making possibilities. You may sell it everywhere because every internet user needs adequate protection against hackers and viruses. When you onboard a customer for the first time, HideMyAss offers you the total price of the subscription!

Commission: 100% (first-time purchase) + up to 65% commission per renewal


18. PureVPN

PureVPN likewise offers 256-bit AES encryption to its clients, but what sets it apart is that it assigns each user a unique IP address. The VPN kill switch and sophisticated DDoS protection provide the most comprehensive security against hackers for the average Joe. Its low-cost membership model makes it simple to market to budget-conscious customers.

Commission: 35% lifetime recurring


19. Ontraport

Users may utilize Ontraport to manage everything from email to full-fledged membership sites. Marketers can trace every click and purchase across campaigns using the built-in CRM, making it simple to target particular groups as required.

It also helps create beautiful landing sites and sends out emails and SMS messages as needed. The fact that all of the marketer’s data is in one location makes it an appealing alternative.

Commission: 25% lifetime recurring + VIP resources eligibility


20. HubStaff

Hubstaff is a cutting-edge workforce management system that allows companies to measure productivity, organize meetings, and allocate assignments to specific employees. Hubstaff can help marketing companies, graphic design companies, and nearly any contemporary business better manage their personnel. Their plans start at just $7 per month, making it an easy sale, and you earn a 30% commission on every sale you make for the life of the customer’s subscription!

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


21. ClickMagick

Using various technologies for sales funnel tracking, split-testing, geotargeting, link monitoring, and advertising might slow down marketing activities. All of this and more are possible with ClickMagick. ClickMagick also allows users to produce progress reports and mobile-optimized campaigns rapidly.

The inexpensive cost of ClickMagick is one of its most delicate features. However, plans start at a little over $20 a month, a bargain given the extensive features.

Commission: 35% lifetime recurring


22. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is quickly establishing itself as the go-to solution for entrepreneurs in every sector and vertical worldwide. It allows users to construct high-convert sales and landing pages, allowing businesses to sell any product quickly.

Although ClickFunnels is costly, it will be simple to sell because it is a feature-rich suite of marketing tools. You begin by earning a 20% commission on every sale you make. Then, your commission rates will be increased to 40% lifetime recurring as you bring in additional clients.

Commission: Lifetime recurring 40% commission + $100 commission (on selected goods) + dream vehicle contest eligibility.


23. Leadpages

Leadpages is an excellent landing page builder that assists users in converting visitors into buyers. It also allows users to create full-fledged web pages with components such as pop-ups and alert bars. Building a site is quick and straightforward with customizable, mobile-responsive templates.

Customers won’t have to pay for or install a bespoke name, and hosting is a significant bonus. It’s straightforward to sell to anyone who wants a website because it’s only $25.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


24. MailerLite

MailerLite is both robust and affordable, making it an appealing email marketing tool right away. Users may utilize the software’s unique emailing features with any of their plans. It also allows users to develop landing sites and establish automated email sequences to generate leads more quickly. Website pop-ups and surveys are simple to create, and the user-friendly website builder allows users to move a project from start to completion swiftly.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


25. Tailwind

Instagram and Pinterest marketers may use Tailwind to increase engagement, which can lead to more conversions. At one click, users may schedule posts, whether images or videos and pair them with popular hashtags suggested by Tailwind! Users may utilize the SmartSchedule tool to post at optimum times, and the analytics function can help them figure out what material works best for them.

Commission: 15% lifetime recurring


26. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the ideal solution for the affiliate program in the YouTube niche, which is a field that affiliate marketers underserve. The videos are search-friendly because of their extensive keyword research tools. Attractive templates aid in the speeding up of the publishing process.

Users may also utilize our comprehensive A/B testing functionality to figure out what works best for them. It’s an appealing the affiliate program network to join because of the high commission rates (up to 50%!)

Commission: Up to 50% lifetime recurring


27. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO solution that allows marketers to monitor and modify the rank of their website. Fast site audits, keyword research, competitive research, position tracking, and backlink analysis are all possible with it. Their program is unique because you get paid if a customer signs up for upgrades from a free account to a premium one.

Commission: 30% recurring lifetime


28. Linkody

Linkody facilitates monitoring backlinks as simple as inputting a website’s URL. It allows bloggers and marketers to examine their site’s link profiles using various criteria to detect and remove problematic connections rapidly.

Users may manage several domains at the same time and gain insight into their rivals’ link-building methods. You must send an email to [email protected] to join Linkody’s affiliate program. You’ll be able to start earning 30% commissions in no time!

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring


29. SamCart

SamCart is a feature-rich marketing platform that allows marketers and business owners to quickly upsell their website and increase client lifetime value. By allowing consumers to add extra goods at checkout, the order bumps feature raises the average order value. As a result, entrepreneurs may make up to three times the value of their carts with one-click upsells!

With SamCart’s one-click integrations, automating marketing and handling emails is a breeze, and giving coupons and pushing trial offers is just as straightforward. It’s a highly profitable program because of the high commission rate of 40%.

Commission: 40% lifetime recurring


30. Podia

The affiliate program, a five-in-one tool for high-intent consumers, may bring in more cash, and Podia fits the bill. Podia makes it simple to create, move, and host a website. Users may also connect their website to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other third-party services.

It’s equally as simple to customize the site. The flexible structure provides consumers complete flexibility over how the site appears. It’s straightforward to upload and sell an online course or a digital product like an ebook. All of the tools you’ll need built inside the dashboard.

Users may also use one piece of software to conduct webinars, establish membership sites, develop email lists, verify items, package them, and sell them.

Commission: 30% recurring commission


31. Pipedrive

Marketers want a sales CRM that handles all of the heavy liftings for them, which Pipedrive provides. Pipedrive uses bespoke chatbots and online forms to feed leads into sales pipelines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pipedrive makes it simple to track clients stuck in the middle of the funnel and encourages them to convert. It’s simple to market because of the range of functions it provides.

Commission: 35% lifetime recurring


32. Demio

Webinars are pretty popular at the moment. They are an essential tool that every marketer should use since they assist both in engaging and converting. Setting up a webinar, on the other hand, may be tricky, which is where Demio comes in. It allows users to host both live and automated webinars easily and construct registration sites and replay webinars. It’s reasonably priced, so you can easily offer it to both individual marketers and businesses.

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring



Choosing affiliate program to join has been difficult in the past. It would help filter down your choice depending on the payment strategy and discover the most outstanding options. If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, you should also think about your specialty because beginning from scratch might be costly.

We hope that now that you have this list, all you have to do is select your preferences and look over the alternatives. In no time, you’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying, most exemplary affiliate programs!