Best 15 Fun Ways to Make Money As A Dog Lover In 2021

Did you know that you can earn money working with dogs? If you love dogs, this can be a fun path to boost your income. Pet ownership has been developing steadily in the USA and Canada, and for the first time in years, more humane societies and rescue shelters have reported store numbers of adoptions.

With over 77 billion animals in the US, it’s no surprise that the pet industry is worth $99 million in the US alone. As you can see, there are fast ways to earn money working with dogs. Dog lover can give people many great ways to earn an income by offering dog walking, sitting, training, grooming, and others.

Pet also delivers in high demand for pet owners, such as dog treats, clothing, accessories items, and high-end products. Today I’m sharing some creative side hustle plans for dog fans. Turn your game time with your dog into an exciting chance to make money with pets.

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1. Bake Homemade Dog Treats

Before we get into activities to earn dollars with dogs, let’s begin with something you won’t do best at home: Homemade dog treats are a good way to spoil not only your pup but other people’s pooches, too. If you have a dog with food items, being able to customize their treats confirms you can let them know what a good girl he is without risking a possible allergic reaction.

The next task then is knowing how to sell homemade animal treats. Offering your pet-friendly baked products to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers is a good place to start. It would help if you tried selling your homemade goodies at neighborhood bake sales, farmers’ markets, and Facebook pages. If all goes well, you could start your side hustle on your first job.


2. Make Money As a Dog Walker

Even though other people are now working from home, dog walkers are still in high demand. It is because not everyone has time to take their dog outside for a good walk once they are busy juggling Zoom meetings, kid’s online learning, and home life.

It is one of the best ways for dog lover to earn up to $1,000 per month playing with pets. You can control your rates and schedule. Use the site to control the details of your dog lover walking business. Rover will take care of the payments via their app, making it easy to meet new clients.


3. Sell Dog Clothes and Accessories

With more people creating their pets as a part of their families, it’s no surprise that the pet goods industry is thriving. Yes, even pets need clothes. Popular animals clothing includes sweaters, dresses, coats, hoodies and sweatshirts, swimwear and life jackets, pajamas, tracksuits, diapers, bows, booties, and more. To get started, brainstorm some unique plans you can bring to the table. Here are a few examples to receive you entered:

High fashion dog clothes:

  •  Dog clothing for cold weather environments
  •  Clothing created specifically for certain breeds of dogs (Greyhounds, Dachshunds, and so on)
  •  Costumes for dogs (Halloween, off days, weddings, birthday parties, and so on)


4. Make Money As a Dog Sitter

If you want to earn money working with dogs but prioritize not offering dog walking, consider becoming a dog sitter. As a dog sitter, you can give doggy daycare services or house-sitting. Doggy daycare is ideal for a work-from-home dog lover.

Pet owners can drop off their dogs at your home while they start errands or go to work. As a house-sitter, you can live with or check up on dogs in their natural habitat. I select earlier in this post that you can use the app Rover to find dog walking jobs in your local area. Via Rover, you can also find paid gigs as a dog sitter.


5. Dog Adventure Leader

More than just an animal walker, adventure leaders take dogs on epic hikes up mountains, via the woods, or into the ocean’s surf. You love the indoors and hanging out with an animal, and people will pay you more dollars to take their animals on epic, exhausting adventures while they are at work.


6. Make Dog Treats

Dog treats are becoming a big business term. Bake up a batch of doggy food like biscuits and cakes and take them to vet clinics, dog groomers, and animal supply stores. Give out some free samples with your business card added, and you might be able to launch selling enough dog treats to earn a nice income.


7. Drive Dogs To Appointments

Many places disallow dogs on public transport. Hence, people who don’t have cars and senior citizens or people with disabilities who are homebound have no way to get their dogs to veterinary or grooming appointments. Busy men who work a lot may also be willing to pay somebody else to take their dog to appointments as well. You may want additional car insurance, but this could be a feel-good way to bring in some extra money.


8. Become a Doggie Chauffeur

Dog moms and dads with disabilities and who are elderly may regularly take their pups to a veterinarian doctor appointment or the groomer. Fortunately, you can lend a supporting hand by driving their pets to doggie check-ups. You could even help busy friends and neighbors who have pets. It would come in handy for those midweek appointments that require people to take off of work before.


9. Paint Doggie Portraits

Another creative way to make a little cash is to sell your drawing. Dog lover moms and dads love to display off images of their fur children, so why not provide them a stunning piece of artwork they’ll have to stop and admire every time they see it? First, you can start by gifting your creations to friends and family (this would be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift!) to receive exposure. If all goes well, people will start commissioning drawings from you, and you won’t think about your rates.


10. Service Dog Trainer

More than just training average animals to sit and stay, service dog trainers teach dogs very selected ways to help disabled people live good lives. Every dog lover may need to be taught different terms to be the most useful for its help. As a dog trainer, you’re working with dogs and creating a very real impact in the lives of men who need help.


11. Sell Animal Art Online

If you have painting or other artsy skills, men are willing to pay a lot of money for their dogs’ paintings based on photos they submit. Even if you can’t paint a selected dog, any dog-themed art is likely to sell well.


12. Dog Cleaning

Anyone famous with dog lover knows that they can receive a bit smelly. But bath time can be a hassle and make a huge mess; many people prefer not to do it in their homes. Offer to take care of animal baths either at a self-wash facility or in your bathroom. And throw on a bow or a bandana at last for a fresh-smelling, looking good dog.