Best 10 PC Performance Tools That Improve Windows PC

Pc performance tools provide fantastic services, and PCs need to be maintained regularly. Clear undesirable data, upgrade software, and keep the system safe from malicious applications. And maintaining associated hardware such as a broken keyboard or PC mouse may appear to be a daunting task.

Many third-party maintenance solutions are available. That will automatically run essential maintenance chores for you. Saving you time and ensuring that your PC is always performing at its best. I’ve included ten different sorts of PC maintenance items that you should offer to your computer below.

Top 10 PC Performance Tools to Improve Windows:

1. PC Cleaning Tools


PC Performance tools

Clearing your PC of all data such as cache, temporary files, logs, and fragments, among other things, guarantees. It remains fast and clear of clutter. If not processed on time (in GBs), these files can take up much space. And cause software problems and system slowdowns.

CCleaner is a popular PC cleaning application that is simple to use, widely configurable. And does an excellent job of removing trash files. You have complete control over the data you want to erase, so you’ll never lose track of anything crucial.

Other cleaning tools to consider:

  • SlimCleaner
  • BleachBit
  • FileCleaner


2. Defragmentation Tools

Keep reading if you’re utilizing a hard disk drive (HDD) rather than a solid-state drive (SSD) for storage. Otherwise, move on to the following tool. When you access a file on a hard disk, data is written in random pieces that are distributed.

It leads to fragmentation, making it harder for the hard drive’s access arm to locate the needed data faster. As a result, every time you open a new file, it will take a little longer to locate. Open the file, resulting in a slower system.

PC Performance tools

A defragmentation utility will arrange all of the data logically. It allows the hard drive to access it more rapidly, resulting in speedier file launch times. Once in a while, pc performance tools keep your PC working at top performance.

However, Windows PCs come with a built-in defragmentation program. Defraggler, a third-party defragmentation application that gives you greater flexibility. You may use Defraggler to defrag individual files, directories, and even applications. You may also defrag vacant space to prevent fragmentation in the future.

More defragmentation tools:

  • Smart Defrag
  • Auslogics Disk Defrag


3. Automatic Driver Updaters

Keeping your hardware drivers up to date is the best approach to guarantee. That your linked devices behave as expected. Manually tracking and updating drivers, on the other hand. And it might not be easy. The driver update tool will automatically look for the most recent drivers for your PC.

PC Performance tools


My personal favorite for this purpose is IObit’s Driver Booster. Maintains drivers up to date and patches corrupted drivers. If you’re running Windows 10, it also offers specific support for Windows 10 drivers.

Other driver updates:

  • DriverPack
  • Driver Talent


4. Uninstaller apps

pc improve

Programs produce registry entries and other files in the system. And the data in the primary directory for various purposes. The built-in uninstaller in Windows only uninstalls an application from its primary directory. Other data remains in your system for no apparent purpose.

If not deleted, it accumulates over time, causing system slowdowns and storage waste. Use an uninstaller tool like IObit Uninstaller to remove all linked data and guarantee nothing is left behind. I’ve been using IObit Uninstaller for over a year, and it’s never let me down. It can uninstall apps in bulk and delete all traces.

More uninstaller apps:

  • Revo Uninstaller
  • Wise Program Uninstaller
  • Geek Uninstaller


5. Antivirus and Malware Removal Programs

pc improve

Malware and viruses are always developing, and a new virus threat arises every day. Antivirus software is there to fight them and pc performance tools ensure your PC stays safe. Though there are many antivirus programs available, Avast has a reliable free antivirus program. It has real-time protection features with powerful scanning and network protection.

Other antivirus programs:

  • BitDefender
  • F-Secure Antivirus
  • Malwarebytes


6. CPU and GPU Temperature Monitoring Tools

PC overheating is a major problem resulting in data loss and even irreversible damage to computer components. The major heating components are the CPU and GPU. Keeping an eye on their temperatures can assist you in keeping them cool when they’re needed. A PC temperature monitoring tool, such as HWMonitor, will display your CPU and GPU’s current and peak temperatures.

Other CPU and GPU temperature monitoring tools:

  • Open Hardware Monitor
  • HWiNFO
  • Real Temp



7. Disk Space Analysis Tools

Understanding what is on your computer will assist you in keeping it clean and clear of unwanted material. When published, disk space analysis tools (link to my post “Disk space analysis tools”). Scan your PC and display all of your data in an easy-to-digest format.

For this reason, I like the WinDirStat disk examination program. It’s a really basic program that builds a handy data tree to show all forms of data on your computer. And makes it easy to identify which data takes up the most space. It also makes navigating and managing data inside its interface a breeze.


Other Disk space analysis tools:

  • HDGraph
  • DiskSavvy


8. Hard Drive Health Monitoring Tools

Hard drives have a finite lifespan and are susceptible to deterioration or corruption over time. Safeguard your data and be prepared for the inevitable. It would help if you kept an eye on the condition of your hard drive. CrystalDiskInfo is my go-to tool for hard disk health monitoring.


It’s simple to use and provides much information. It summarizes hard drive health and informs you if it is in good operating order or has any issues. It also displays information such as the type of hardware, the temperature, and the specifications.

Other Hard drive health monitoring tools:

  • PassMark DiskCheckup
  • Hard Disk Sentinel
  • HDDScan


9. System Information Tools

System Information Tools give detailed information on the software and hardware components of your computer. Such as CPU speed and kind, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, and hard drive, among other things. These programs may not actively assist PC maintenance.

But they are extremely useful when your PC performance tools encounter a problem or require hardware adjustments. For example, a professional attempting to assist you with a PC problem may want your PC specifications.


Windows also comes with a built-in system information utility that is highly useful. On the other hand, Speccy is a terrific tool if you require even more information. With easy navigation and export features. It displays a wealth of information about your computer, including network, operating system, and connected gadgets. I also appreciate its real-time data tracking, which indicates changes in value, such as temperature, in real-time.

Other system information tools:

  • System Information for Windows
  • Free PC Audit
  • Belarc Advisor


10. All-in-one Toolbox


All-In-One Toolbox

Although the programs mentioned earlier are excellent, unique all-in-one utilities combine numerous PC toolboxes. Applications into a single package to automatically improve speed and resolve issues. Of course, they’re generally a jack of all crafts and a master of none, but they’re worth a look.

Glary toolbox is a program that I’ve used before, and it has some pretty great features. The Glary utility suite includes most of the toolbox I described above. and a few extras like a startup manager, explorer, security checker, and more. It also has pc performance tools built in to help the PC run faster.

Other All-in-one Toolboxes:

  • Advanced SystemCare
  • Auslogics
  • WinToolboxes



You can also get a registry cleaner to keep things tidy. However, registry cleaners don’t help too much with speeding up the PC. And while modern operating systems can manage registry quite well, they are still worth having at desperate times.

If you don’t clean your registry at all, then over time, there is a chance the registry may get corrupted. And lead to slowdowns or software errors. If you face such a problem and can’t find the solution, try cleaning the registry to see if it helps.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a good choice since it makes cleaning the registry simple and includes a defragmentation option. I observed significant pc performance tools gain after cleaning and defragging the registry of my old PC with Wise Registry Cleaner. So there’s a chance you’ll benefit from it as well.


As mentioned earlier, all of the pc performance tools are either free or offer a free version that is sufficient for usage at home. As a result, you should have no trouble keeping your PC up to date for free. If you know of any more useful programs for PC maintenance, please let us know in the comments.