Best 10 Mobile Apps That Keep Kids Safe In 2021

In today’s increasingly digitalized society, it appears that everyone, including children, owns a smartphone. If you give your children a smartphone, you should utilize it to keep them secure as well. You can load up your child’s smartphone with various applications to keep kids safe in both the digital and real worlds.

You can track their present position, check their phone use, and even give them safety lessons to keep kids safe. In today’s post, I’ve compiled a list of 10 child-safety applications that will undoubtedly keep kids safe from a variety of risks.

Here 10 Mobile Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe

1. TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

For parents of teenagers, irresponsible driving is a major issue. No matter how much you teach your teenagers about safe driving, their teen impulses can take over at any time, resulting in rogue driving. But not anymore; with TrueMotion, you can not only monitor your teen’s driving behaviors but also encourage them to drive carefully.

Download the app to your teen’s phone, and it will automatically track and rate all of their driving habits. You can see their present position as well as the route they took to get there. Overspeeding, abrupt stops, and a few other characteristics are recorded to provide an accurate grade.

After you join up, you’ll have to inform the app how many times each week you drive. This information produces accurate ratings, so make sure you and your adolescents supply the correct information. After that, you can start adding family members to view their driving patterns. Click on the gray icon in the bottom left corner.

Thanks to the app, everyone in your family can observe and compare their driving behaviors, which records your family members’ driving habits. That effectively creates competition for the highest score. Motivating your adolescents to ride safely to beat out other family members.

In summary, TrueMotion provides excellent tracking capabilities. Ensure that your family members (particularly minors) are driving safely. While also creating a feeling of competition to encourage everyone to drive properly.


2. SPIN Safe Browser

A browser is a portal to everything on the internet, and the internet is full of stuff that is improper for children. If you’re concerned that your children will unintentionally access something improper on the internet, you should acquire SPIN. It’s a dead basic browser that, without any settings, bans all forms of inappropriate information on the web.

The filtering is simple and effective. Open a browser and begin exploring. It will prevent any unsuitable website that children try to visit either directly or through a link. Adult content, drugs, alcohol, firearms, malware, phishing websites, proxy sites, gambling, and other types of content are all restricted.

SPIN Safe Browser, for example, permits YouTube, but it automatically bans channels that contain inappropriate information for children. As a result, your children will be able to use YouTube securely. The best part is that it doesn’t have a private browsing mode, so your kids safe won’t be able to perform any private surfing.

The browser is built open-source code of Firefox, and its interface is quite similar to that of Firefox. By heading to Settings > Tools > Add-ons, you may also install Firefox add-ons.


3. Family Locator by Sygic

Sygic Family ensures your family’s kids safety by allowing you to monitor the real-time location and battery levels of your family members’ cellphones. You may also track your child’s location or have them check in with you regularly to see where they are and if they have arrived safely at their destination.

The software also includes a built-in messaging system that allows you to send messages over the internet for free. You may also create Safe and Unsafe zones, which will send you a signal when they enter or depart. This software also has an SOS button that allows you to send out your exact position with a single push. You never know when you’ll need anything.


4. Life360: Find Family & Friends

The ability to track your child’s whereabouts and communicate with them at any time. It is arguably the most effective approach to keep them safe. And Life360 is fantastic at keeping the entire family connected at all times. It’s a tracking program that keeps track of where your children are now. And where they were during the day. In addition, you may send personal messages and participate in group conversations.

All registered family members are displayed in real-time on an interactive map. You may start a dialogue with them by touching on their profiles. There is also the possibility to establish dedicated groups. To follow numerous families or create different groups for children and adults.

The monitoring and talking functions are both free. However, there is a subscription version available if you want more control and functionality. You can examine tracking data from the last 30 days, generate location alerts, trace a missing phone. And even get roadside assistance with Life360 Plus ($50/year).


5. FBI’s Child ID

The FBI’s Child ID App allows parents to save images of their children and essential information such as their height, weight, eye, and hair color, which was to authorities at the touch of a button. Parents will find safety checklists and tips in the app to assist them in keeping their children safe.


6. Qustodio

Qustodio is a feature-rich parental control program that allows you to monitor your children’s internet activity. It allows you to monitor how your children use their devices or install applications, protect them from online abuse or cyberbullying, and set device usage restrictions to live a healthy lifestyle.

Reports on your child’s activities in the last 30 days, pornography filters, setting time limits for game and app usage, YouTube monitoring, internet usage limits, and social media activity tracking are just a few of the program’s highlights.


7. Kaspersky Kids Safe

A smartphone is a major responsibility, and as a parent, you’d want to make sure your kids safe. Kaspersky, a prominent cybersecurity business. Offers a dependable all-in-one tracking and regulating solution for your child’s smartphone.

Download and install the app on your child’s phone. You’ll be able to manage it from a dedicated dashboard. It covers applications and websites. They have access to and for how long they have access to them.

The program will prompt you to generate a pin after it has been installed. The program makes it simple for parents to create rules and enforce them when their children break them. You notify if your youngster is trying to access something banned or exceeds the device use restriction.

It functions as a parental control app with the free version, but a $16.99 yearly membership unlocks additional security features. It includes kid location monitoring, call and SMS logs, email and phone alarms, and extensive app and internet activity reporting.


8. Norton Family

The Norton Family app comes from one of the most well-known antivirus and online protection companies. It’s a feature-rich application that allows parents to keep track of their children’s online activities and create a more balanced existence for them by limiting their screen time.

Its various child and online safety solutions, including

  • giving parents visibility into their child’s internet behavior, such as search phrases and videos watched,
  • banning problematic sites, and
  • alerting suspicious actions so parents can talk to them about it.


9. Zift Parental Control

The Zift parental control devices, often known as Net Nanny, protect your children from the dangers of internet abuse. It disables unwanted applications, records the actions of targeted devices in real-time, and lets you create a screen time restriction for each child in your household.

One of the finest aspects of the program is the sophisticated filters that read through individual websites and their content and work in real-time to decide if the pages are kids safe or not. Furthermore, the app provides effective help as well as free weekly parenting updates.


10. Bark

Bark provides a secure online surfing and smartphone user experience for your child through a simple and user-friendly interface. You can monitor your children’s text messages, emails, social media activity, and web surfing behaviors with the app.

The app, which develops after extensive research. And consultation with child psychologists, youth advisors. Digital media experts include web filters, screen time management, location tracking, and clever algorithms that detect potential risks. And various alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs.



Although this is a game rather than an app, it is one of the most effective tools for keeping your kids safe. The key to safety is knowledge, which this game delivers in spades. The game has 12 chapters in which your children will go through various exercises to learn what to do in various emergency circumstances.

Escape the fire, elevator difficulties, strangers at the door, getting lost, the danger on the road, and other scenarios are among them. The youngster greets a beautiful map displaying all 12 chapters with corresponding graphics when they start the game.