Best 10 Apps for Social Media Management In 2021

Apps for social media management are growing increasingly popular due to their user-friendly qualities. People may connect across distances through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Companies may use social media to promote their brands.

Social media has evolved into a center for advertising and provides excellent chances for customer interaction. Apps for social media management, the user’s online presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more by creating and analyzing the content.

These applications save time for consumers and allow marketers to communicate with other users or customers in the world. The world of social media is constantly developing. There are some fantastic applications available now to assist with the administration and development of content for your company’s social media accounts.

Managing all of these various accounts from one location used to be difficult, but now it’s possible! Here are nine fantastic applications for 2021 that will help you stay organized in this world. Here discussed 9 apps for social media management.


1. Sendible

Sendible apps for social media management tools that can handle multiple brands and clients at the same time. Agencies, individuals, and small companies may use the platform to better interact with their audiences. Its enables integration with social media networks and websites. The software makes communication easier and more efficient. It also provides the creation of a blog calendar and the global sharing of existing material.

Sendible Price

The Starter package, which includes one user, 12 services, and unlimited scheduling, starts at $29 per month.


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2. Zoho

Zoho has a global user base of over 50 million people that trust it. With essential capabilities like automation, multi-channel communication, and more, Zoho is intended to help maximize sales. Zoho enables marketers to connect with their consumers through many channels like email, phone, social media, live chat, surveys, and more.

Zoho Price

The Standard package, which includes seven channels and two team members, starts at $15 per month.


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3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most effective apps for a social media management platform for developing and executing business campaigns. The most popular social media interface, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and YouTube internet connectivity.

Users may develop, schedule, plan, publish, monitor, and communicate with their audience from anywhere at any time with this application. The platform is the most frequently used apps for social media management on the market. Automatic scheduling, social media monitoring, performance reporting, basic work management, and more are among its main features.

Hootsuite Price

Three social accounts and 30 periodic updates are provided in the free plan, while the Professional plan starts at $39/month (paid annually) and includes one user, 10 social profiles, and limitless scheduling (billed annually).


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4. Buffer

Buffer is a web and mobile apps for social media management networking platforms. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest are all available for users to connect with (connection with the apps is not possible in a free plan). For brands, corporations, agencies, and organizations, it is a reliable platform. Because data is encrypted at rest and HTTPS is accessible to all sites, the tool is secure and safe to use.

Buffer Price

One user, three accounts, and ten queued posts per profile are included in the free plan; the Pro plan costs $15 a month and includes one user, eight accounts, and 100 queued posts per profile.


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5. SEMrush

One of the most popular SEO tools is SEMrush. It allows users to find various reports for keyword research.  It works with Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. It allows you to customize each social network’s timetable. It facilitates the management and promotion of brands for solopreneurs and agencies.

It’s one of the greatest social media planning methods available. Over 6 million individuals rely on the app. It offers SEO, PPC, social media marketing, public relations, content marketing, and campaign management services.


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6. Hubspot

HubSpot is a software company based in the United States that specializes in inbound marketing, sales, and customer support. It is an all-in-one platform since it provides excellent help to marketers in every manner imaginable. Free HubSpot CRM, social management, website integration, communication tracking, and marketing are some of its main features.


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7. Later

Later is an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest scheduling tool with one disclaimer: it’s just for sharing photos and other visual material. Later differs from many other social media scheduling applications in that it offers a free lifetime plan that is sufficient for many small enterprises.

A “social set” is defined by Later as one Instagram account, a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, and a Pinterest account. You get one social set with 30 scheduled posts per social profile and a single user with a free plan.

While Later may upload photos to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it truly shines with Instagram. It is possible to contribute material to your Library using stock images, hashtags, mentions, and tags on Instagram or even by allowing invited users to submit their photos if you have an Instagram for Business account. To access the options, simply select the Collect Media tab.

Paid subscriptions provide you with even more options for what you may publish, including movies, stories, and numerous photographs in a single post. Although Later isn’t the quickest software, but the posting calendar is attractive and easy to use. Simply add some photographs to your Media Library and drag & drop them to the time you want to post them.

If you’re posting in volume, I recommend using the Month view. Enter a caption or select Saved Captions to use the one you’ve already written. If you have a premium subscription, you may utilize Hashtag Suggestions to automatically create more hashtag ideas, increasing the reach of your posts. Finally, to schedule the article, click Save.

Later isn’t simply a time management tool. Your article performance may be evaluated using the Conversations and Analytics page. It’s difficult to disagree with what Later has to offer if you’re just interested in visual marketing, mostly on Instagram. It isn’t as feature-rich as some of its competitors, but it does the job well, and even the premium plans are reasonably priced.

Later Price

One Social Setup is free, with 30 posts per profile and basic features. The Starter package, which includes additional media formats, analytics, and automatic features, starts at $9/month.


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8. Tailwind

Pinterest is a unique type of social media platform. While Facebook is mainly used for social interaction and Twitter is a fantastic method to keep up with news and trends, Pinterest is a much more reclusive social media platform.

Pinterest users are mostly concerned with themselves, discovering and classifying visual stuff that they find appealing and organizing it into conveniently accessible groups. Tailwind beats all other social media tools when it comes to Pinterest management, and it also integrates with Instagram to provide comprehensive brand management on the visual side of the social web.

Tailwind Price

The Plus package starts at $14.99 per month and includes one account, 400 monthly posts, smart scheduling, statistics, and a 30-day history.


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9. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that assists companies of all sizes in marketing and developing their brands. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest are all integrated within the platform. This application makes it simple to manage material and repost existing content across social media while also checking hashtags on Instagram.


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10. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is the best apps for social media management software or application that helps you enhance your brand’s visibility and traffic. Professionals, marketing firms, and bloggers will find the platform quite useful. This app gives you a place to manage and build your social media channels. The software also assists with social media posting and scheduling.


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