Best 50 New App Ideas In Android That Not Made Yet

An app startup is all about excessive new app ideas in android. What the app can offer and is the app actually requiring, will it hit the market are certain of the questions that come to every business person’s mind? But coming up with one of the best app ideas is not as simple as it seems. It is the most vital and problematic part of the procedure that you have to overcome.


1. Augmented Reality App That Helps You Design Your Room

Augmented reality (AR) apps usage software to integrate digital content with the real world. Many businesses are finding creative ways to use this implement. For example, the healthcare industry uses AR as an analytical tool, and the transport sector is making AR dashboards that can alert drivers of dangerous situations.

Other parts that are taking benefit of these features are the home decor and home makeover industries. From viewing furniture in your home before purchasing it to making an exact floor plan, these apps make time-consuming tasks easier and more accessible.


2. Scan and Convert to PDF App

PDF Scanner App – Free Document Scanner & Scan PDF, if you want to scan numerous documents, then open your smartphone and scan data free in your device within just one touch by using the cs scanner to scan PDF Document scanner HD lets you rapidly scan any kind of documents in your office, universities, and anything that needs to be there.

Which is a famous app to scan PDF files and PDF documents. Any kind of file you can scan. Scan your file anytime, anywhere.


3. Health Checkup and Food Planner App

This new app ideas in android justify your health day by day and recommend suitable meals that you should consume in order to continue healthy. It connects you to the many healthy recipes that are provided by professional chef-bloggers.

You can set your content to be provided as per your health condition; for example, if you are a heart patient, you’ll be recommended recipes made of heart-healthy ingredients. The new app ideas in android can partner with groceries to deliver healthy items online directly from the new app ideas in android.


4. Railway Tracking App

Current developments in dissimilar kinds of technologies enabled the progress of new performant systems that can successfully be employed for several applications and subsequent functions associated with railway operations, including safety and security aspects.

Functions such as real-time monitoring, tracking, and tracing railway vehicles can improve the overall rail system dependability and give freight and passenger trains better-harmonized traffic. These would also improve interoperability by enabling the use of the taken data in real-time.

Furthermore, the potential profits of GNSS applications in the rail sector are examined alongside past attempts and current new rail research in relation to the operation of a GNSS system for security purposes.


5. Language Learning App New Ideas

The language learning new app ideas in android that support users with some beginner lessons on different languages is one of the most brilliant app concepts for 2021. The App can have dissimilar levels of trouble, with the first level being alphabets and basic letters to the advanced level containing full-fledged discussions.

The App can enable voice, so the learners know how words are pronounced. The best language-learning apps can help you build a vocabulary in your target language, develop proper grammar and eventually become easy through easy lessons to digest and recollect.


6. Voice Translation App

Google Translate is already a hugely suitable new app ideas in android for anyone who lives overseas or travels regularly, and it just got even smarter on mobile. A new update to the Android and iOS apps that is rolling out today presents two very spiffy structures: real-time voice and sign translation.

The new app ideas in android have already offered picture-based translation, but now the magic happens without any delay at all, and best of all, for regular travelers, it works offline. The visual translation feature is activated when you choose the phone camera option to private the App. You then point the camera at the sign that you want to be translated, ensuring that it is taken fully and the App will translate it.


7. Bike Servicing App

It’s the art of knowing when to change parts on your bike. This new app ideas in android helps you fully service your bike’s broken parts or any other service. We trust sound, sight and feel to judge when a part is about to give up and quickly change it before it does. We often miss the signs and end up in quite the predicament, roadside with a busted bike. To create this a thing of the past, the new phone new app ideas in android.

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Pro Bike Garage looks to track your bike’s elements, analyze their wear, and alert you when they need changing. It works fairly simply. Initially, you input your bike’s elements into the new app ideas in android with all from cassettes and chains to stems and seat posts an option.


8. Call Recording App

With Automatic Call Recorder, you can record every phone conversation you think is significant so you can listen to it later or share it with a specific contact. This instrument lets you select which calls to save and which to remove. When a conversation is saved, you can add notes to explain any data you don’t need to forget when you listen to it again.

You can also sync these discussions to the cloud to save them safe in case something occurs to your phone. You can also select the destination folder for all of the recordings and how they are recorded. There are three possible settings, but the new app ideas in android will default record all phone conversations, whether you’re sending or getting them.


9. Scan to Shop App

With the Out of Milk Grocery List of new app ideas in android on Android and iOS, you can scan goods to add them straight to your shopping list. Establishing your shopping is a lot simpler with a barcode scanner. These kinds of apps will let you scan the items that you find desirable and find them or their closest substitute on online shops so that you can buy them immediately.


10. Mall Navigation App

A digital mall navigation map supplies the digital map of all the shopping malls in the area and can be used to navigate the mall as well as instructions leading up to it. It is mainly helpful for larger malls where with the support of the new app ideas in android, the user can find the particular store or even status of the restaurant, parking spot, or crowdedness of the mall.

InMapz is an indoor navigation new app ideas in android for malls, airports, resorts, hotels, casinos, universities, hospitals, and amusement parks. InMapz helps you find shopping, stores, instructions, deals, and indoor services like restrooms. Inside each venue, you can search for exact stores and get walking instructions for that store.


11. Criminal Alert App

LexisNexis Community Crime Map. The LexisNexis Community Crime Map is a free instrument that provides customers immediate access to the latest crime reports and information from local law implementation agencies. Seeing a missing person or a wanted criminals’ face once on the television is problematic to remember.

Plus, there is also a chance of meeting a stranger who turns out to be a criminal that you don’t know about. An application concept is such that the new app ideas in android will alert you of criminals in your area to save a life and help in taking a lawbreaker.

Crime Alert was established in 2007 as a privately owned and operated business in Nigeria. She is a mobile security network system to curb or stop crime with your phone without saying a single word.


12. Fitness App

The profits of fitness go on and on, but you want reliability and discipline in order to stick with a routine long sufficient to reap those profits. That’s where technology can help. The right new app ideas in android can act as a virtual personal trainer or training partner to save you interested and accountable.

Healthline looked high and low for the best suitability new app ideas in android to help you out, and we selected the year’s winners for their value, user reviews, and overall reliability. Find one that suits your needs, and get your fitness on.


13. Tip Calculator App

The tip calculator new app ideas in android has structures that permit fast bill entry for those dining out with friends or family and have to split the bill. You can calculate the particular percentage of tipping amount from your whole bill on the spot and get a good facility each time you want service from the institution.

The most popular, free tip calculator available in the new app ideas in android Store with well over a million downloads! Quick Tip delivers a fast and suitable way to calculate the gratuity for any bill. A quick Tip is an easy and fun way to figure out tips using big text and simple controls.


14. Contact Tracing App

One of the best apparatuses we have to slow the spread of the Coronavirus is, as you have no hesitation heard by today, contact tracing. But what accurately is contact tracing, who does it, and how, and do you want to worry about it?

In short, contact tracing supports stopping the spread of a virus by proactively finding people at greater danger than others due to possible exposure, informing them if possible, and isolating them if required. It’s a proven technique, and smartphones could help create it even more actual, but only if privacy and other concerns can be overcome.

A real-time contact tracing new app ideas in android that permits the users to view COVID affected zones and global statistics, this App is settled to help the government track the contact chain of a user diagnosed with Coronavirus determining the source and likely spread of poison.


15. Real-Time Car Sharing App

Real-time ridesharing is an automatic system that matches drivers and riders on very short notice or even en route,1 opposing from formal ridesharing by not needing pre-planning or recurrence. A real-time car distribution app permit the user to enlist their car and put it in the destination as to where they are going.

Another user on the new app ideas in android who is going a similar way can put in their destination and find the users with cars who are going in the same way. In the end, they can split charges.


16. Food Recommended App

The Food-Recommender is an android-based application that offers food recommendations created on anthropometrics and food intake analysis. According to the modifications of this target-performance comparison, the new app ideas in android recommend up to three food items each to grow or reduce in the household’s common diet.

A food recommendation/ review new app ideas in android shows suggestions from people who like to discover different restaurants and can be trusted to put out reviews and recommendations of what people can try when they visit so and so eating places.


17. Parking Space Finder App

Parking spot locator new app ideas in android have a GPS tracking structure that assists the user to simply find a parking spot. This navigation system should be simple and user-friendly. In fact, they have a road parking map to make it as simple as possible.

This new app ideas in android can help people find an available parking spot in an exact location. The App can make use of GPS, webcams, location, and real-time parking data in order to find users a free parking spot as soon as they need.


18. Graphical Restaurant Table Reservation

GRRS or Graphical Restaurant Reservation System is an online user reservation system through which a restaurant showcases a graphical outlay of their establishment, allowing the client to see the available tables.

It would help if you had secrecy in a corner seat for a special date or need the central table for making a great declaration. But in restaurants, it’s hard to get the exact seating preparation for what you’ve planned.


19. Virtual Study Group App

Virtual Study Groups are essential to include synchronous elements, including scheduled meeting times for class activities. This permits students to be able to plan their timetables and have consistent and robust course appointments.

Students can meet up on a common forum and make for their exams and other students studying for the same subject matter. The new app ideas in android can deliver them with study material, tools, discussion helps, guides, etc.


20. Language Learning App

The best language-learning apps can support you build a vocabulary in your target language, develop proper grammar and finally become fluent through lessons that are easy to summarize and remember. They’re also economical, exclusively when compared with formal schooling with a language proficient.

Many have structures like speech recognition, which is key to confirming you have proper pronunciation. Others offer numerous language options, which is perfect when you want to pick up multiple languages.


21. Karaoke App

Karaoke app that lets you and your friends sing karaoke for free. Sing along to millions of karaoke songs with music and lyrics, use our special audio and video effects, and share what you make with our helpful singers’ community. Everyone has a pop star imaginary, even if they are not much of a singer. With a karaoke app, the user can sing and use filters to sound like their singing idols. Plus, unprofessional singers can also practice on the new app ideas in android.


22. Supermarket Checkout App

When the client has complete shopping, the scanner is brought to a checkout app, where the data from the barcode scanner is downloaded to the App, generally in conjunction with a customer loyalty card. The customer pays and receives a receipt at the checkout app. No one likes to wait in a long line at a selling store.

With brands such as Amazon bringing in self-check-out retail stores, these kinds of apps will be gradually used. These apps will let you scan the goods on your mobile while shopping and make the payment consequently.


23. Video Editing App

Social media use is on the upward trend, even if the trending social media app preferences modification. More and more people put their private lives on social media in a video format for distribution and advertising goods. Thus, such posts are continuously essential to look professional and attention-grabbing. Here comes a video editing app that lets the user get a professional-looking final product.


24. UPI Payment App

UPI Combined Payments Interface-based payment apps are all the rage nowadays. It is a real-time inter-bank payment scheme that permits sending or requesting money. Numerous bank accounts can be linked to a single app, and money can be sent/requested using account number/IFSC code, mobile number, virtual payment address, Aadhaar number, and even QR code.

UPI is a payment system that permits you to transfer money between any two parties. UPI permits you to pay directly from your bank account to dissimilar merchants without the hassle of typing your card details or net banking/wallet password.


25. Gift Suggestion for Friend App

Gift gram allows you to shop and send considerate gifts to your special someone for any event birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and more without needing their address. Basically, browse by group or charge and choice a gift for anyone on your contact list. This App can look over the whole history of your friend’s social feed to propose the best gift knowledge for your friends based upon the content they posted.


26. Social Networking App for Item Sale, Buy and Rent

This App will be like Facebook, but with extended capabilities such as connecting with your existing friends to sell/buy or give stuff for rent online. This App allows you to make recommendations and search and buy products based on your friend’s suggestions.


27. Goods-Transporter (Logistics) App

A complete and combined logistics delivery mobile app supports you to manage the fleet, routes, shipment details, drivers, goods, and much more. Clients trust their logistics associates to ship their goods and packages from one place to another. Many people want to transport goods to places in a short time, but it is hard to find the right services at the right time. While, on the other hand, there are automobiles the return empty after unloading their goods. 


28. Virtual Clothes Shopping App

Good Style is an easy-to-use app for Android and iOS that delivers customers a virtual fitting-room for the most suitable online shopping. Try on items, complete your wardrobe, find similar pieces, and buy clothes online with your smartphone.

This App will permit the user to see if the clothes they want to purchase fit them better and look in different styles. With this App, the user saves time instead of spending it on really shifting the clothes in the dressing room and waiting in line.


29. What’s in Your Fridge App

This App takes account of all the vegetables, spices, and other eating materials in your pantry or refrigerator and then, based on that, suggests what you can make at home. It also gives you instructions as to how to cook a specific recipe.


30. Toy-Exchanging App

Toy Swap is used for the exchange of toys. A User can swap his toy with the opposite user and point balance manage consequently. It is apparent that children rapidly tire of their toys and move on to the next one as they grow. This is one of the most innovative mobile app ideas for 2021.

It is for the community of parents whose children outgrow their tows quickly. Instead of purchasing brand new toys every few months’ parents can put their toys on the App and exchange them with other toys.


31. Loaned Money Tracking App

Loaned is a simple mobile app that helps you track the things you lend and borrow. Add items in seconds, invite your friends and never forget about rented items again! You can also connect an item to a friend via Facebook, so you both see it in-app and remember it! Existing for iOS & Android.

Often when a group of friends plans an outing together, it is hard to track who owes them money for group activities such as attending a concert, going to a restaurant, or shopping. This App keeps track of how much money is spent on an activity by whom and how much other members owe them or vice-versa.


32. Finding People to Maximize Your Spending on Rewards Credit Card App

This App provides a matching service for people looking to maximize their spending on a rewards credit card to reap its full benefits, with people looking to make purchases.


33. Re-Cycle Helper App

The app functions as a localized search engine for recycling everything you can think of. It your address, tell it what you need to recycle, and it gives you a list of the best options for your location. But it’s more than a recycling search engine. This App can scan your trash bin and locate if the degradable and non-degradable waste has been correctly placed in the containers consequently.


34. Best Vacation Spot Finder App

Tourist hotspots are easy to find, but the fun of traveling is realizing unique and offbeat places. These travel apps will help you find something changed and fun to do on your next trip, apart from suggesting the must-visit attractions. This App lets you enter your favorite scenery, vacation time, preferred activity, good holiday, and other variables to show you the top 10 places where you should spend your holidays.


35. What Is Consult a Doctor App

Use the Doc app to chat with a doctor in 30 minutes, complete the consultation, rate, and review the doctor. Ask a question, give basic details, and get linked to an expert MD doctor. Consult with the doctor through chat or call without any hassles at your convenience and give rating and review for the doctor.

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This App lets you consult doctors that are on the App. You can ask questions and get replies from doctors, get the latest updates from medical science and even book an appointment with the doctor.


36. Water-Reminder App

Water Reminder by VGFIT will support you to calculate how much water your body needs, track your hydration, and softly remind you to drink water to fulfill your target. Progress your health with a personal drink notification. Drinking more water can prevent most types of lifestyle disorders. With this App, you are sure to drink the essential amount every day.


37. Social Networking App for Single Parents

New app Frodo aims to ease solo-parenting isolation by delivering together single mums and dads in local areas to build new social networks. The app functions like a Tinder profile for parents; users load their benefits and their children’s age to be matched with parents of a similar outlook in their local area.


38. Warranty-Expiry Alerts App

Made by people who understand the troubles of a missed warranty expiration date or a lost receipt, expired helps you keep track of your goods warranty dated, receipt, and warranty card. Get informed before the product warranty end. This App lets you know if the electronics in your house are about to reach the end of the warranty period.


39. Note-it App

Note It! The App is a smart note-taking application that helps you take and manage your day-to-day notes in a very optimal way. It works in such a well-organized way like Notepad for your Windows 10 devices, but it is more interactive and lightweight that you will love to knowledge and recommend it too.


40. Find Your Band Member App for Musicians

This is an app that is like a job searcher for musicians. Members of the band who are looking to fill in a position- be it singer, drummer, or guitar player- can find it here. Of course, musicians who want to join a band can search for different bands recorded on the App and select the ones they want to join.


41. Business Tips App

Business tips tend to provide young entrepreneurs with a complete guide on how you can start your business, make your startups successful, promote your business, treat your workers, build good terms with your manufacturing people, etc.


42. Internet Speed Checker App

Speedtest.net: This is maybe the most popular speed test app on Android. There’s a good chance that you might have also used this before. Speedtest.net has raised and set the quality standards for speed testing apps worldwide. This App shows your internet speed in the status bar and shows the amount of data used in the notification pane. The App will support the user to monitor network joining anytime while they are using their device.


43. What Is Travel-Planning App

This App will plan your ultimate trip. All you have to do is fill in the information like your budget, the scenery you like, weather, activities, and other specifics that are the most appealing to do in your vacation, and the App will find the ultimate destination and the time of the year when you can go.


44. Subscription Alert App

Living without subscriptions is not possible in today’s world is almost impossible. And keeping track of all the subscriptions, billings, payments, and history could be tiring and burdensome for you. To make your life much easier, we have developed a one-stop solution for you.

Nowadays, users are subscribed to multiple apps like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other entertainment and utility apps. This App will notify you and help you save track of all your subscriptions and bills that you need to pay when the deadline arrives.


45. Communications App

A communication app is a platform planned to make it easier for team members to work together. Apps deliver a way to centralize data and enable team members to speedily seek additional data or help from others. Additionally, communicating new app ideas in android is useful for teams with remote members.


46. Food Donation App for Restaurants

This kind of App will permit the restaurants to call on the charities surrounding their area to provide excess food every day to the homeless.


47. Motivation App

Today’s motivation apps are planned to motivate you to keep moving forward with positive affirmations, tips, and insights. We rounded up the year’s best apps and selected winners based on their content, overall reliability, and user reviews.


48. Period App

Before you can use the calendar technique as birth control, you want to keep track of the length of your menstrual cycles for at least six periods. You can do this with a regular calendar or our period tracking App. Here’s how you do it: Mark the first day of your period (this is day 1).

This app lets the user put in the start and end date of their monthly cycle and alerts them if they are late, if their period is early or unusually long (like if medical attention is required). The App can also have a birth-control pill reminder module.


49. Home Security App

Most safety mobile new app ideas in android permit you to check the status of your checked security system and easily arm and neutralize your system via a smartphone. Some apps also connect to other equipment such as security cameras to see live footage and save videos.


50. Tuition Finder App

The Tutor Finder App – A Platform for Students & Tutors o Connect. With a fast glance, see available Tutors Around you and those offering online tutoring. View Tutors’ subjects, experiences, availability, rates, and simply send them a message to arrange a session.