18 Best Legit Money Making Apps In 2021

You already do everything from banking to handling your bills via smartphone. So why not use your phone to earn money best legit money making apps, too? The apps to make money listed below generally won’t make you rich any time soon. But many can give you ways to earn just a bit of extra cash. 

If you want to get stronger, you have to start lifting an amount of hard but doable weight. Then, you can gradually increase the weight over time to build strength. This same idea applies to earning money by the best legit money making apps. If you’ve never made much, start with the easy idea. Then, slowly increase the level of difficulty as your skills improve. The more your skills improve, the more you can make.

Check them out if you want to earn a little money on the side, often for little to no actual work.


1. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a cash reward app and website that pays its members in exchange for completing online tasks, playing games, filling out surveys, and more! First-time users can earn a $20 Signup bonus after verifying their email address.

InboxDollars doesn’t use a “points” based earning system like other best legit money making apps. Instead, your earnings are shown in dollars, making it easy to know exactly how much real money you’re making. The InboxDollars mobile app is also one of the easiest to use, with a straightforward interface.


  • Free $20 signup bonus 
  • 100% free to join and make money right now
  • Offers cash out via PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards
  • Been in business for over 20+ years, so you know it’s legit!
  • Easy to use the website and mobile app
  • Multiple activities available for making money (not just a survey app)


  • A minimum payout threshold of $30 must be met before cashing out earned money
  • It could take up to 2 weeks to claim money
  • Some of the “free surveys” require you to buy something, so they aren’t actually free.


best legit money making apps

2. Rakuten

How it works: Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) rewards shoppers with up to 40% cashback on purchases from well-known retailers, restaurants, and food delivery services. Users can also earn cashback on travel, gift cards, and more. It’s straightforward:

  • Create an account
  • Tap on the deal you want in the app
  • Make the transaction through the portal

You can also link a credit or debit card to your Rakuten account to earn cashback in-store as long as you activate the deal through the app first. Rakuten credits the cashback to your account after it confirms the purchase with the retailer, which it says can take a few hours to several days.

Payment: PayPal or check.

Pros: Thousands of stores and purchases are eligible for cashback, so you’ll likely find deals where you already shop. You can also earn signup and referral bonuses.

Cons: As with most cashback services, you have to spend money to earn money. You won’t see your earnings right away, either; Rakuten sends out payments every three months, and you need at least a $5 cashback balance to get paid.

Download: Android, iOS.


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3. Swagbucks

How it works: Swagbucks is a cashback, rewards, and best legit money making apps app. You earn “SB” points by shopping, taking polls, watching videos, playing games, or fulfilling other tasks through Swagbucks. You can redeem those points for gift cards or get cashback to your PayPal account.

The total points awarded can vary by task. For example, surveys are typically worth about 40 to 200 SB points each. The minimum balance required to redeem depends on the payout option you choose, but some gift cards are available for as low as 140 SB.

Payment: A gift card or PayPal.

Pros: Swagbucks offers many easy ways to earn rewards, and there’s no waiting period to cash in. Payments usually arrive within ten business days after redemption. You can also get a $10 bonus with a qualifying $25 purchase when you join.

Cons: It doesn’t pay much; one SB is worth about a cent. With many tasks valued at pennies, it can take a fair amount of time and effort to make substantial money. Additionally, you won’t qualify for every survey or task. Users often report getting kicked out of surveys in the middle of taking them. This can be due to demographics or dishonest or inconsistent answers, according to Swagbucks.

Download: Android, iOS.


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4. Acorns

Acorns helped me hide and invest my money last year. What does that even mean, you say? Well, with Acorns, you can set up the best legit money making apps to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar. They take this cash and invest it into ETFs. Honestly, it’s pretty sweet.

Say you bought a pint at the pub (no, I am not British), which cost you $6.90 (more like $10.90 if you live in an expensive city as I do). Once you download the Acorns app, it will automatically round up to the nearest dollar and invest 10 cents! This adds up over time.

With the Acorns app, you can build an investment portfolio one dime at a time. The best legit money making apps is a millennial investing strategy. You can set it and forget it and build your investment portfolio without even knowing it.

You can also direct additional funds into the Acorns app for investment. It’s a tool to help you invest more money and an investment platform. Try it risk-free! Receive a $5 signup bonus by signing up below.


  • $5 signup bonus 
  • FREE for college students
  • Automates saving and investing
  • Invests in ETFs with low expense ratios


  • Flat fees are high for low balance accounts
  • Requires spending money to save money
  • Limited investment options


best legit money making apps


5. Paribus

If you purchased something online within the past year, and that item decreased in cost, the store might owe you a refund. With the money-saving Paribus App, you can take back your money and get refunded for things that you’ve already bought!

Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible that stores owe you money! Paribus just secured two free months of Amazon prime for my mom (compensation methods for late deliveries can vary). Online shopping continues to increase, especially if you live in an expansive city. If you are someone who shops online frequently (I certainly am), then you might be looking at a quick refund!

Refunds are typically processed very quickly, usually 3-7 business days. Retailers will issue the credit back to your original method of payment, like your credit card or debit card that you paid with. You gotta check out Paribus. Paribus is 100% free to use and does the heavy lifting for you!


  • 100% free to sign up and claim refunds.
  • Safe, secure, and legit! (Capital One owns Paribus)
  • Refunds happen quickly, typically 3-7 business days


  • Not every retailer participates
  • Must allow access to your email inbox


best legit money making apps


6. Fiverr

How it works: Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace that features gigs in over 200 categories, such as programming and video, and animation. You create a profile as a “seller,” highlighting your expertise. Then, post the gig you’re offering, which will include pricing and a description of your services.

Clients, known as “buyers,” can click through and place orders. You’ll get paid once you complete the job. Fiverr assigns seller levels based on performance. As you move up each tier, you’ll be able to sell more “extras,” such as a faster delivery time.

Payment: PayPal, direct to a bank account or credit to a Fiverr Revenue Card (a prepaid card). Minimum withdrawal amounts vary, and you may be charged a withdrawal fee, depending on which option you choose.

Hire WordPress Developer/Freelancer On Fiverr

Pros: You don’t have to worry about tracking down buyers because they come to you. You can also earn tips.

Cons: Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings for every gig, including tips, and there’s a standard 14-day waiting period to withdraw money after completing an order.

Download: Android, iOS.


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7. Upwork

How it works: Upwork connects freelancers to gigs in writing, design, marketing, and other categories on the marketplace. First, you’ll create a profile. It should include information such as the field you’re interested in, plus your qualifications, availability, and desired rate.

Then, you can submit proposals. Clients will review them and offer projects if you seem like a good fit. You’ll pay a small sum for each submission, but you won’t be charged when clients contact you. You can get paid on an hourly or per-project basis.

Payment: Directly to your bank account, wire transfer, Instant Pay, PayPal, and Payoneer. Charges apply to some payment options, so be sure to check Upwork for details.

Pros: Upwork helps take the work out of seeking out clients, establishing relationships, and getting paid. The service also gives you the flexibility to set your preferred rate and schedule.

Cons: The best legit money making apps is free to download, but initiating contact with clients costs money. Users also get charged a service fee. Upwork takes a 5% to 20% cut of your earnings based on how much you’ve billed a client. The more you earn, the more you get to keep.

However, you won’t get paid until ten days after the billing period ends. Remember, too, that you’re competing with other freelancers on the platform. That means clients may choose those who’ve set lower rates.

Download: Android, iOS.


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8. Capital One Shopping

Disclosure – Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the Capital One Shopping extension using the links provided.

One of the best legit money making apps is Capital One Shopping. It’s a shopping app that can help you make money in two ways: finding better deals and giving you rewards.

The first is by helping you save money on the products you buy every day. A penny saved is a penny earned, so saving money on a purchase you would make anyway is just as good as making money.

Capital One Shopping has a database of websites that sell a product and the price it sells it at. Once you install the app on your browser, Capital One Shopping can automatically comparison shop for the product you’re interested in. You can also use the phone app to scan barcodes of products in stores and find local retailers selling the same thing for a better price.

The other way Capital One Shopping can make you money is by giving you rewards when you shop. You can add deals from local merchants and online vendors to your account. When you shop at one of those stores, you’ll get reward points you can redeem for gift cards to popular websites. Read our full Capital One Shopping review.


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9. Public.com

Public’s iOS and Android app let you connect with other investors much as you connect with friends on social media. Interacting with more experienced traders can help you if you’re just starting out and not sure where to invest.

The platform has about 50 investing themes that bundle similar companies together. Maybe you want to invest in women-led businesses or environmentally conscious companies? The public has a theme for that, helping you invest with your heart along with your head with other app users.

One of its coolest features is the ability to invest in slices. Say you want to own a part of Apple or Amazon but don’t have thousands of dollars. With slices, you can buy “fractional shares” to make things a little more affordable when you’re just starting out.

The public has a super-sleek interface, and the free app is very user-friendly. There’s no minimum to get started, no trade fees, and the free app is available from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


  • Invest in small increments
  • no trade fees
  • Social interface, allowing you to connect with like-minded investors
  • Fractional share investments
  • Offers a referral program


  • Not all companies are available for investment (no OTC stock)
  • Fees apply for money transfers, wires, and some statements or checks
  • Not ideal for day trading


best legit money making apps


10. MyPoints

MyPoints is a platform that allows you to earn gift cards for answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, and many other online activities! MyPoints will also pay you to shop online! Earn free gift cards when you shop online at over 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon. You’re going to buy things anyway; you may as well buy it through MyPoints to save money and earn that gift card!

$5 Sign-up Bonus: Complete five surveys.  $10 Task Bonus: Make your first purchase of $20 or more and receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card.


  • A legit and trustworthy company
  • 100% Free to sign up and use the best legit money making apps
  • Multiple redemption options like real money or gift cards
  • Large network of participating partners and retailers


  • Surveys and video options (like with most survey sites) are probably not the best use of your time
  • Requires purchases to get cashback
  • Limited customer support options


real legit money making apps


11. OfferUp

How it works: OfferUp, which recently combined with competitor Letgo, functions as a local marketplace you can use to sell your stuff. If you want to reach a broader audience, OfferUp also allows shipping within the continental United States.

Create an account and snap a picture of your smartphone, car, sofa, or whatever it is you’re selling. Once you add a title, description, and price, you can post your listing and chat with buyers directly through the app. Then, you’ll ship to or arrange a meeting with the buyer. 

Payment: Cash or deposit to a debit card or bank account.

Pros: Creating a listing is simple and fast, and you’ll get paid instantly when you make a cash sale. You can also view a prospective buyer’s reviews and ratings to understand how trustworthy they are beforehand. If you ship your item, the buyer pays the cost, and OfferUp provides the label.

Cons: You’re responsible for meeting local buyers in person and handling transactions. Sellers must pay a 12.9% service fee, or a minimum of $1.99, for shipments.

Download: Android, iOS.


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12. M1 Finance

M1 Finance is a Robo-advisor that uses an algorithm to manage and re-balance an investor’s portfolio. I spent 1-year using Betterment.

While I am not currently an M1 Finance user, I recommend the platform for people who are learning how to start investing and more experienced investors looking for an easy-to-use hands-off investing platform with an exceptional user experience.

As more Millennial investors are starting to look for where to start investing, the team at M1 Finance has done an exceptional job marketing their service to Millennials. Anytime I am searching online about personal finance and investing, it is hard not to see M1 Finance ads across most websites.

M1 Finance is a solid choice for new investors looking for an easy-to-use platform and a simple way to start investing.


  • Free trades and no Assets Under Management Fees
  • Invest, borrow, or trade money all in one place
  • The very intuitive mobile app and web platform suited for savvy investors


  • Limited customer support
  • No human advisory services – Robo only
  • Limited trade windows


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13. Poshmark

How it works: The Poshmark app is tailor-made for selling clothes and accessories. After signing up, you take or upload photos of your item, fill out a description, price it, and share the listing. You can also feature items in the app’s “Posh Parties,” which are virtual shopping events centered around particular brands, categories, and themes. Poshmark emails you a prepaid shipping label once a purchase is made. Then, you send the package.

Payment: Check or direct deposit to a bank account.

Pros: Poshmark facilitates the entire process, from selling to shipping. Plus, you don’t have to meet with strangers to make a sale. The company will cover lost packages and handle issues between you and the buyer. Getting paid is relatively quick; Poshmark issues the money within three days of the buyer receiving the order.

Cons: You’ll pay a fee for selling through Poshmark. The company takes a $2.95 commission for sales under $15 and a 20% commission for $15 or above sales.

Download: Android, iOS.


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14. Slidejoy (Android Phones Only)

Slidejoy, available only for Android devices, is one the most popular apps that let you monetize your lock screen.

With Slidejoy, you can earn extra money by placing an ad on your phone’s home screen. If you like what you see, you can swipe left to learn more. If not, just swipe right to open up your phone as usual.

Either way, you’re earning some extra cash. Users can expect to earn about $3 to $5 per month on average, with the option to cash out via PayPal.

While not the most exciting way to earn money by best legit money making apps, you can save up to around $50 to use as you wish over a year. 

Minimum Withdrawal: $2.


best legit money making apps 2019


15. SweatCoin

SweatCoin is a popular passive income app that allows you to earn money by best legit money making apps. To get started, you download the mobile app and provide it access to your location. SweatCoin then tracks the steps you take when you’re outside. 

What’s the catch? Well, you can indeed earn points (called Sweatcoins) from walking. However, the points earned from walking only can only be redeemed for rewards inside the mobile app. Furthermore, these rewards tend to offer that are available elsewhere.

In other words, they’re not exclusive to Sweatcoin. You can indeed earn money by best legit money making apps when you refer users to Sweatcoin. For referring 12 invites, you can get $6 in PayPal cash. 

Minimum Withdrawal: $6 for 12 invites.


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16. Earny

If you use credit cards or retailer apps, chances are some of the items you buy are subject to price protection policies. This means if the price drops within a certain amount of time of your purchase, you get a refund. Early hooks up with your credit cards to automatically search for price drops and subsequent refunds. The app takes 25% of the refunds it gets you. But it’s still free money by best legit money making apps.


legit money making apps 2020


17. Iconzoomer

Share snapshots of your consumer activity and earn extra cash by best legit money making apps. Download the app on your iOS or Android device, create a profile, and wait to receive your assignments. Expect to be asked to take pictures of things like what you’re eating for dinner or the shoes you’re wearing.

Share a review of the products you photograph and submit the image to receive five credits. You can request a PayPal payout when your account balance reaches 200 credits.


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18. Ibotta

Ibotta app is 100% free to use. After a large grocery shop, boom! Instant cashback. After a trip to the mall, cashback! Even after shopping for some items on Amazon, boom, CASH BACK! Cashback for every type of shopper, including online and in-store retailers. Seriously, this Ibotta app is legit. You have to try the Ibotta App; I continuously accumulate cashback on everyday purchases. There is no downside.

Receive a FREE $20 Bonus when you redeem ten offers in the first two weeks!


  • 100% Free to sign up and use
  • A HUGE network of participating retailers
  • Easy way of earning money while making everyday purchases
  • Available in Play Store for an Android Phone, or App Store for iPhone


  • The app tracks your location while inside stores
  • Limited customer support for disputes or issues
  1. Achievement

Achievement is a combination of a survey app and a fitness app. It works by syncing with other fitness apps you have on your phone, including:

  • Apple Health
  • Fitbit
  • MapMyFitness
  • MyFitnessPal
  • And, over a dozen others

You’ll need a minimum of 10,000 points to cash out, which gives you a $10 gift card to popular retailers. 

Minimum Withdrawal: $10.


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