Best 17 Ways to Earn Extra Money Using Short Task In 2021

If you find better ways to earn extra money quickly but don’t have enough time? Many of us search for ourselves in this condition. When you’re a busy parent with lots of household responsibilities or already work a full-time job, it’s essential to realize that while your time may be limited, you can still earn extra money by doing flexible short tasks online.

You probably won’t receive rich doing work on short task sites, but you can easily make extra money to supplement your expenses whenever you have free time. Here are 9 of the most promising simple ways to earn extra money fast.


1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a super loyalty gifts site that I’ve been using for many years. All you do is sign up and start doing short tasks to make on Swagbucks, which can be redeemed for payment via PayPal or gift cards to some of your favorite retailers. Like 1,000 Swagbucks will receive you a $10.00 gift card, and 2,500 Swagbucks will make you a $15 gifts card.

earn extra money online

Some of the tasks include seeing videos, playing games, taking advantage of offers, taking surveys, and finding online. The easiest ways to earn extra money with Swagbucks is to use their search feature, which works just like Google to make money from normal surfing the website. They also have a regular Swag Code they send out. When you enter it on your profile and ways to earn extra money on 3 Swagbucks.


2. MySoapBox

earn extra money online

MySoapBox is another little task site that pays you to take paid surveys and refer friends. This website is fastly becoming one of the more popular ones due to its great payout rate. You receive a $2 registration bonus, and you need a minimum of $25 in your account before you can cash out. Points can redeem free cash prizes, such as no-cost on Amazon gift cards, among other rewards.

What stands out about MySoapBox is that they consistently have a strong reputation for paying out on time and the correct amount. It is one small task site you want to check out.


3. LifePoints

The LifePoints Panel pays you to finish surveys from your mobile browsers. Differ from other high-paying survey sites, LifePoints is definitely at the top of the list. I hope to make at a rate of anywhere between 5 to $10 per hour via sticking to the higher-paying surveys. It is a great ways to earn extra money.

You will get anywhere between 35 and 250 points for every survey. $1 is equivalent to 25 points in the LifePoints survey. Once you make enough points, you can cash out for a gift card to a retailer of your choice. For those who don’t only need to take surveys, LifePoints also pay you to partake in product testing.

earn extra money online

Branded Surveys ranks high paying on this list of most task sites because this site can connect users with thousands of survey opportunities. Take surveys to make points, and you can also perform other short tasks. Surveys cover items including employment, travel, leisure, and more. Once you make 500 points from taking online surveys and finishing another short task, you can withdraw your points for a reward for your choice.

Your gift function includes cash via PayPal or Branded Payment (Generally paid out in up to 3 business days). Branded Pay is available for the U.S. You can gift you’re making to your favorite U.S.-based charity or redeem it for a gift card to your favorite retailer or restaurant.


4. Survey Junkie

earn extra money online

Paid surveys won’t make you rich, but Survey Junkie is a leading ways to earn extra money by answering market research questions. Most surveys take 20 minutes or more, and they tell you how many points you can make before starting. You can make up to $3 per successful survey. However, you will need to answer some quick screener questions to determine if you qualify for the full questionnaire.

If not, you get a few points for your time. A second ways to earn extra money effortlessly is by installing the SJ Pulse extension or mobile app. You receive points by sharing your internet activity and can also qualify for exclusive surveys. Rewards can redeem for gift cards, PayPal, and bank account deposits with 500 points (or $5).


5. Inbox Dollars

With over 57 Million dollars paid survey to members, there’s no doubt that InboxDollars is legit money. Inbox Dollars is a high ways to earn extra money to watch T.V., play games, shop, read emails, and take online surveys. You can also earn dollars by referring your friends to InboxDollars.

earn extra money online

One of the causes, why users love working at InboxDollars, is the ability to see how much you earn daily. Your dashboard shows you the AMOUNT you have earned so far IN CASH, not points.


6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is known for its super payout rate and the wide number of surveys they offer compared to other survey sites. If you are finding for a website that never starts surveys, this is it. I find that I can usually make anywhere between 8–$14 per hour by sticking with the higher-paying surveys with Vindale.

earn extra money online

You want a minimum of $50 to cash out, which is somewhat high-paying, but you can hope to cash this out within a few days. Get a $1 sign-up bonus just for signing up as a newcomer. Sometimes they’ll throw in a survey that can earn you up to $50, but these are quite rare and usually take some hours to finish.

Panda ResearchThe great thing about Panda Research is that you automatically get a $3 sign-up bonus as a new user. This small task ways to earn extra money, filling out surveys, clipping coupons, finishing free-trial offers, and referring friends. While their website interface isn’t the cleanest, don’t let that fool you. Reading emails is the best path to take since little effort is required.


7. Survey Club

earn extra money online

SurveyClub focuses on a specific area: finishing surveys and research studies in your area. All of the surveys that you find on SurveyClub are internet, but they also connect you to research studies in your area. If you’re like for a research study, most of the time, the payout will be quite decent since you have to go to that location physically. Some of the research studies on your site can also take online.


8. Amazon Mechanical Turk

earn extra money online

Amazon Mechanical Turk is the most famous short task site that gives short Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT) for compensation. Tasks can range spreadly, covering everything from performing online searches and data entry to posting ads on Craigslist and sorting through images.

Tasks don’t pay too well on this website, so if you’re going to try it out, I’d suggest only agreeing to do tasks that seem worth your time and signing up for another site on this list. To learn more things, read my work at home review on Amazon Mturk.


9. Just Answer

earn extra money online

Just Answer paid you to answer questions on the internet in more than 100 different items. Its site is best to use if you have substantial expertise in a particular area. You can expect to receive payment via PayPal on the first business day of every month. If you meet the minimum payout threshold of $25, you will earn a $50 Amazon gift card for each referral.


10. KashKick

earn extra money online

KashKick is one of the most newer kids on the block to earn money via short tasks. Earn free cash by replying to polls, filling out surveys, watching videos, completing free-trial offers, and more. They don’t have many offers since the site is fairly new, but hopefully, they’ll be expanding soon.


11. UserTesting

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Once companies create a new site, they need people to test it to confirm that there aren’t any bugs. On new user Testing, you can sign up and see a list of sites that need assessment. As long as you store yourself (video and audio) testing the site, you can send this in and receive paid around $10 – $15, depending on whether you choose a full site test or mobile site test.


12. CallSource

ways to earn extra money

Presently, CallSource is one of the largest producers of this work, and it will normally require a contractor position. Although there are many profits, one of the biggest disadvantages of this website is that the work can be inconsistent, which creates it hard to rely on for a part-time gig.


13. Fancy Hands


ways to earn extra money


Ever thought of becoming a virtual assistant? Fancy Hands is a site that accepts you to perform one-off tasks like making phone calls, online research, data entry, and more. Pay ranges from $3 – $7. To learn more, read my work at home review on Fancy Hands.


14. Ibotta

Ibotta is another cashback site that will pay you for purchases you make in local stores and online. Ibotta is a great app to make rebates when grocery shopping, for they partner with various stores. How it works is you can browse the app for the same offers. Whether it’s Walmart, Target, Aldi, or another store, you’ll be able to see all the eligible rebates for products that may have been on your list anyhow.

ways to earn extra money

Prize Rebel. Its website hires people worldwide, but people based in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are more likely to find gigs to work. Teens 13 to 18 years can also do tasks as long as a guardian allows them. There are several ways to earn extra money on Prize Rebel.
• Take part in surveys
• Watch videos

Do small tasks for money online?
Swagbucks is a micro jobs site that awards points for easy tasks like shopping at internet retailers like Amazon, Alibaba, and Starbucks, taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. You only want around 160 Swagbucks to start redeeming them for cash cards or gift cards to stores like Walmart, Amazon, and iTunes.

Is Task Rabbit legitimate?
Yes. TaskRabbit is a legitimate platform to adjust people keen to pay for chores and errands and the people willing to do them.

What is a micro-task?
A microtask is a little job that requires a low skill level and takes minimal time to complete. (The financial remuneration for completing a microtask is also minimal.) Microwork can often be found on crowdsourcing websites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.