15 Best Web Host Sites In 2021 (Start from $2)

The best web host is actually data storage of website data storage where huge amounts of data will be stored regularly. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations or educational institutes to make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web.

When a hosting provider allocates specific space on a web server for a website to store its information, they are hosting a website. Every website must host a crying need. Web hosting makes the files that comprise a website (code, images, etc.) offered for viewing online. Every website you’ve ever visited is hosted on a server.

The total space allocated on a server to a website depends on the type of hosting. The main types of hosting are shared loyal, VPS, and reseller. They are distinguished by the kind of technology used for the server, the level of management provided, and the extra services on offer. Shortly, the best web host is the process of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web.

Website content such as HTML, CSS, and images has to be housed on a server to be viewable online. What exactly is a server? A server is a computer that joins additional web users to your site from wherever in the world.

As the name suggests, the best web host service providers have the servers, connectivity, and associated services to the best web host websites. By offering a variety of best web host plans, they cover the spectrum of hosting needs, from small blogs and large organizations. A server that files can be accessed through a website.

1. How Do Web Hosting Works Actually

The best web host is companies that pay out their services and technologies to host websites on the internet. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser. When they do this, their computer connects to the server your website is hosted on.

Because the best web host is the data storage of a website and has access to the best web host to manage the whole thing both website and web host. The server in turn serves (sends the files you have stored on the storage to display) the website to your web visitor in their web browser.


2. Types of The Best Web Host

Shared hosting is similar to renting a workstation in a busy, noisy, open-plan office or co-working space. In shared hosting, we can use two or more websites. You have all the modern services: a desk, internet connection, and some stationary and you share the space with other co-workers including the kitchen, printer, and restroom.

You can’t do any makeovers to the space such as installing whiteboards etc. This is a popular option for launching small websites and is not appropriate for large-scale commercial projects. A virtual private server (VPS) is a nice period up from shared hosting. Middle-sized businesses will benefit from renting an office within a business park.

With a VPS, users are remote from each other. You have neighbors, but you are less dependent on them, and you can carry out any makeovers (customizations) as you like and organize your workstation on your own.

Dedicated Hosting Dedicated hosting (sometimes referred to as managed hosting or a dedicated server) provides entire servers to rent. This type of hosting is comparatively expensive when placed side-by-side with shared hosting plans; for this reason, it’s only really used when a website has a lot of traffic or when more server control is required.

Dedicated hosting is a website hosting situation that provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. Dedicated servers are completely isolated from one another, so users get full admittance to configure their server any way they want without moving another user or being affected by the actions of other users.

Reseller Hosting is a method of the best web host where the account owner can use his or her selected hard drive space and bandwidth to host a website on behalf of third parties. The original hosting account owner is the ‘reseller’ in this instance.

Reseller hosting is helpful when the amount of space purchased isn’t required, and some of the allocated capital can be shared with another party. Sharing disk space, bandwidth, CPU, etc. while getting a repeated source of income.


3. Top 10 Web Host

3.1 Bluehost

Bluehost is one type of the best web host service provider. So, there is no doubt about their service. They are well-known web host providers. Bluehost is one of the most popular, fast and best choices for web hosting. This is because they always offer their customers great shared web hosting solutions at incredibly cheap prices.

They’re mostly offered for people who are new to website building. If you get fixed or have a problem, they have 24/7 customer support by telephone or live chat. No loops to jump through either. Their customers are very good and get their service 24 hours.

They list their support number and live chat options right on their site, you can reach it within two clicks. They also offer fantastic analytics and SEO tools to help you optimize your site’s performance while attracting more guests. All the opportunities are very good.

They always help you to rank your website. Their SEO tool is high ranked that scratches and tracks how well your website is ranking for precise keywords. It will give you good information on how you must optimize your website for the best search world rankings. They also offer to host that will support whatever direction your business grows.

Packages & Prices of Bluehost:

best web host


3.2 Dreamhost

Founded in 1996, DreamHost is one of the oldest and the best web host providers. The company hosts over 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications in more than 100 countries. Dreamhost is a famous web host for websites.

It is popular with all for its superpower and services. Offers a fanciful shared the best web host plan with very reasonable month-to-month prices that prices are very low. In fact, their month-to-month plans start at $3.95/month. Their own plan includes 1 website with unlimited traffic, along with a free SSL Certificate a great deal.

You can save money if you use this hosting, their one-year and three-year contracts start at $2.49/month, which is silent and fantastic smooth though it’s not the lowest on this list. Along with excessive prices, DreamHost also stands out for the way they manage their web hosts.

They don’t use the standard cPanel that most hosts use. In its place, DreamHost always offers their customers a custom to manage their website. It is really good for developers who want more control over their websites. Another web hosting is not generous to you with this type of opportunity.

It is totally different from others. Another one of WordPress’s three suggested hosts, and includes some achieved WordPress hosting in its basic shared plans. It also offers a managed plan with more bells and whistles called DreamPress. It does have an industry-leading free trial period, a full 97-day money-back guarantee and transparent pricing that doesn’t increase after your initial contract.

They have customer service that is a little less traditional: email support is available 24/7, but live chat is only on during business hours. Customers can complain at any time during business hours.

Packages & Prices of Dreamhost:

best web hosting


3.3 Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the best web host out there. Hostinger International, Ltd is an employee-owned web hosting provider and internet domain registrar. Recognized in 2004, Hostinger today has over 29 million users, jointly with its companies in 178 nations. The business uses cloud web hosting technology and provides hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP.

All of these rates are promotions so they’ll go up at renewal. But you’re able to lock in these ridiculous prices on a longer subscription. The uptime, site speed, and support are all pretty good too. They have a 99.9% uptime capacity along with 24/7 support when you need help. Don’t imagine them to be quite as decent as other hosts but the value per dollar is supreme.

However, we found that they’re best for any business that’s looking for simple websites. If you don’t need a boatload of extra features from your web hosting provider, HostGator is a top option.

Packages & Prices of Hostinger:

best web host


3.4 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is founded by Bryan Muthig. According to Reddit reviews, A2 Shared Hosting is sufficient for basic websites, but every shared hosting plan has its limits. On top of being lightning-fast, A2 Hosting is also quite reliable, fast, and user-friendly. They had some anxiety a few years ago when their uptime struggled to reach the industry standard of 99.94%.

However, they’ve turned the hitches around over the past year and achieved an average of 99.97% uptime. Their uptime is bigger than others. A2 Hosting is a widespread and popular best web host known for its ultra-fast service and reliable WordPress hosting and guru technical support team.

In 2002, they were founded as a developer-friendly hosting company that offers all the flexibility and advanced structures that you need to easily create your own website. Now, they’ve grown to offer a worldwide variety of hosting plans to suit anyone from beginner bloggers to big businesses.

When searching for fast WordPress Hosting for your website make certain to select the host with a high-concert Swift Server platform. At all, fast hosting has a direct impact on your page load speeds. Earlier sites eventually have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates and, most importantly, improved bottom lines.

Your account even includes PHP 7 and free HTTPS protection. With their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans, you’ll get access to their Turbo Servers. They boast that it’s 20x faster than their other servers and includes:

  •         40% faster AMD EPYC CPU concert
  •         2x faster to the first byte
  •         Succeed 9x extra traffic
  •         3x earlier read/write speeds with NVMe drives

A2 Hosting also has a 99.9% uptime commitment on all plans so you know you’ll have a reliable host that won’t be down often.

Packages & Prices of A2 hosting:

best web host


3.5 GreenGeeks

Their speed is better than the commercial regular, clocking in everywhere 487 ms. Overall, GreenGeeks’ loading times have been reliably good during the year which makes us believe that they’re a reliable host. In the humblest sense, WordPress is the best web host that is just hosting that has been optimized to better meet WordPress’ analysis and security needs

It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to get started with WordPress. GreenGeeks has grown a renowned product in the WordPress hosting industry with their furious fast website concert, 24/7 U.S. based customer support, and an environmentally answerable platform. GreenGeeks power over 600,000 websites and customers love them.

They have given up a special 60% discount for WPB beginner readers combined with free SSL and a free domain name. Their security is very high. Apart from being decent to the planet, their web hosting facilities are top mark. They always offer fast reliable speeds and solid uptime, and great solutions for:

  •         WordPress Hosting
  •         WooCommerce Hosting
  •         Reseller Web Hosting
  •         Virtual Isolated Servers
  •         Shared Hosting

Packages & Prices of GreenGeeks:

best web host small business


3.6 WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the best WordPress websites. So, in this case, we can understand that WP engine is a really famous and reliable host. They deliver a truly first-rate product that’s highly improved for WordPress websites. If you want all the data storage and speed you can get for your WP blog or online store, this is the host for you and you can purchase this host. It does come at a price, however.

A fully achieved WordPress host is prominently more expensive than shared hosting providers. WP Engine’s lowest-priced plan is $30/month and that’s only for one 10GB site with a max of 25,000 visitors/month.

WP Engine’s Customer support is really good on WordPress, which makes for highly capable knowledgeable support staff available with tracked tickets and on live chat 24/7 a day. Fair aware of the value. You will be paying extra in order to get a lot more. With that said, WP Engine is the final choice for any business running on WordPress. So, anyone can easily buy this product.

WP Engine is a managed hosting environment specifically plan for WordPress installations, themes, and plug-ins. Actually, you don’t need to install WordPress as you do with most other web hosts; the content management system comes pre-installed.

WP Engine Packages & Prices:

best site to host a blog


3.7 Hostgator

Hostgator hosting is another web host that caters to small businesses. But we found that they’re best for any business that’s looking for simple websites. If you don’t need a boatload of extra features from your web hosting provider, HostGator is a top option. HostGator might be one of the biggest, oldest web hosting companies in the industry, but they’re still posting a solid average uptime of 99.93% over the past 12 months.

Their basic shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain (for the first year), and a free SSL certificate. Hostgator is a really fast web host. HostGator’s Cloud hosting is one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services we’ve had the pleasure of using (check out our review here).

So, it’s saying a lot when we say that the shared web hosting’s site load speed is almost comparable to their cloud hosting.  HostGator provides a large list of how-to guides for technical support. If you don’t find the answers you need, you can turn to phone, live chat, and email support.

Hostgator Packages and Prices:

best web host


3.8 InMotion Hosting

InMotion also gives you total access and a self-help knowledge base. So, no doubt, and if there’s something wrong, there’s probably a guide out there to help you. Customer support is always the best. Don’t believe it? You can Try for yourself.

InMotion has a 90-day free trial period for shared hosting is one of the longest around and gives you plenty of time to test out InMotion’s support team. They have strong solving capability and good support that help you more.

Even the entry-level plans have good customer support. It’s 24/7 via 5 communication channels: phone, chat, email, tutorials, and Q&A, which were actively answered. It has also some of the best VPS hosting options. They even have two types of VPS hosting so you can get the exact amount of support or flexibility that you want

The Last Host You Will Need!

  •         Simple & Easy cPanel/WHM
  •         Free Website Transfers
  •         20X Faster SSD
  •         24/7/365 U.S.-Based Live Support
  •         90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting Packages & Prices:

best web host

3.9 SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is a popular web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As of January 2020, it provides hosting for about 2,000,000 domains worldwide. It provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise solutions, email hosting, and domain registration. In 2019, the company employed about 500 people.

Along with DreamHost and Bluehost, SiteGround is one of WordPress’s three suggested web hosts. That’s because WordPress hosting is constructed into all of their shared hosting plans. That method you’ll get robotic updates, streamlined security and expert technical support.

They have a host of different security measures including an in-house built server monitoring system that examines servers every half a second. Their 24/7 protection team is always caring a hawk-like eye out for software vulnerabilities. Any problem they can solve easily. You can get any support by live service in 24 hours.

SiteGround Hosting packages & Prices:

best web host


3.10 Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides you with many years of unrivaled hosting experience, delivering 99.999% uptime & 24/7 access to the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting. Started in 1997, Liquid Web has turned the leader in managed VPS hosting, managed cloud hosting, and dedicated server hosting. They are famous for their fast and excellent customer support, known as ‘Heroic Support’. Customer service is always good and they are really experts.

All Liquid Web hosting servers are highly tuned for rate, production, and privacy making it a fully hassle-free hosting solution. Their WordPress hosting choice includes staging sites, automatic updates, and an intuitive console to manage all your sites in one place. There’s a reason why top companies like Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, and FedEx use Liquid Web.

Liquid Web is a leader in Managed Hosting solutions for mission-critical sites & apps. Dedicated Servers. Advanced Solutions. Live Chat Available. Liquid Web is a hosting company totally devoted to web and cloud professionals like you. Growing businesses and the Designers, Developers, and Agencies who create for them. It’s our center point.

Liquid Web Packages and Prices:

best web host blog


3.11 Just Host

JustHost offers a variation of affordable hosting plans for sites of all sizes. Their packages come with features that make it easy for you to create and manage a personal or business website, including a free domain, unlimited email accounts, and cPanel access.

Just Host formerly known as Super Green Hosting has been one of WPBeginner’s original partnerships with this type of other business. They have outstanding technical support and extremely reliable servers. They are always strong.

They have a special deal for WPBeginner users which makes them the cheapest hosting company among all providers. Not to mention, they are also a contribution-free domain for life with every new account. They have 24 hours of customer service.

Just host Packages & Prices:

best web host


3.12 Nexcess

Nexess is a popular web hosting solution that is from Liquid Web, a provider we’ve featured on our lists for best dedicated and reliable web hosting, best VPS hosting, and best WordPress hosting. Many websites use the Nexcess website because of its popularity. It is a risk-free host; you can purchase it. So, it’s no real shock that Nexcess makes our list for best web hosts. Where they really shine is managed eCommerce hosting. Actually, they offer eCommerce hosting for:

  •         Magento
  •         Woocommerce
  •         WordPress
  •         Drupal
  •         BigCommerce
  •         Sylius
  •         ExpressionEngine

So, if you’re looking to make an online store, they should be a top consideration for you. Their Nexcess Cloud Accelerator is a feature that adds a layer to the cloud stack that increases the speed of your website’s loading time. That’s a huge boon because speed is everything when it comes to keeping your customers on your website and browsing. They have 24 hours customer service to help you address any technical issues as they occur.

Nexcess web host Packages & Prices:

best web host


3.13 Pagely 

This is actually WordPress hosting. And this host very fast provides good service. Pagely is the first and largest WordPress hosting platform. Their robust server design is strong and popular with Amazon Cloud.

This permits you to have the same best-in-class performance, excess, and scalability that is ready to use for the largest brands in the world without having to deal with any of the technical details. Their technical support is ready to give you 24 hours customer support.

You can purchase it easily with their mostly support opportunity. Pagely holds all technical stuff like automatic updates, PressArmor security, daily backups, and each item else so you can focus on your business. Not to mention, they have world-class support provided by WordPress experts. They have worldwide support.

This is why brands like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Vonage, and thousands of others trust them. You need long-lasting Managed WordPress Hosting for your goal critical sites. Featuring tireless support, managed DevOps, and a very flexible tech stack – Pagely is the ultimate hosting solution for your businesses.

Pagely web host Packages and Prices:

best web host


3.14 Media Temple

Media Temple hosting has been around for over 17 years and is known for managed cloud hosting. This is now famous around the world. Maximum websites use the Media template hosting for their websites. And it is a very fast and the best web host.

Media Temple gives highly specialized WordPress hosting plans that come with a fast setup wizard, push-button daily backups, automated WordPress updates, DDoS protection, staging sites, Git integration, and their renowned server performance with 24/7 uptime monitoring.

Combine that with expert support, it’s WordPress hosting without the worries. Some of the world’s largest brands including Adobe, jQuery, CBS, and Samsung use Media Temple for their hosting. They have 24 hours customer service via online chat or through the mail.

Media Template web hosting Packages and Prices:

best web host


3.15 HostPapa 

HostPapa has been providing services since 2006 and till now, they’re hosting over 500,000 websites so you can understand how popular it is. Their hosting is really strong with high protection. They provide good performance, excellent options, and value for money.

For the time of the past 12 months, our test site has shown a really solid uptime of 99.99% and a middle page speed of 565 ms. But rock-solid performance isn’t their only pro: HostPapa offers additional support options than perhaps any other host. So, you can be risk-free about your service.

They have 24/7 live chat, email, fa, and mail support as well as phone support in over 18 countries and 4 languages. Also, their knowledge base has many helpful videos. HostPapa is an independent hosting provider that offers a few attractive features in its hosting plans and appeals mostly to small businesses. Its low starting costs mean most people can afford its cheapest plans, although its renewal costs can be pretty pricey.

HostPapa web host Packages & Prices:

best web host