Best 15 High Paying Affiliate Programs For Music In 2021

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most common ways for online influencers and bloggers to make money. Almost every business segment has been tapped into and dominated by such affiliate programs for music. Gaming, fitness, hosting, and the music business all have something to offer affiliate marketers. Even if you are not a musician, music is a part of your life.

People listen to their favorite musicians, look for new local talent, and wonder what their favorite star is listening to while exercising. All of them are instances of modern-day affiliate marketing opportunities in the music industry. Today’s affiliate networks give to artists, learners, and even technicians in the music business, and influencers from all fields may participate to receive a piece of the pie.

affiliate programs for music


1. Masterclass Affiliate

The masterclass is an online learning platform for many disciplines, including music, visual arts, culinary arts, and even business. In their various fields, educators are notable achievements. The lessons are incredibly enriching for the students because the professors are very competent individuals. They provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the finest.

The Masterclass affiliate programs for music is managed by ShareASale and pays out a 25% commission for every transaction. The cookie lasts for 30 days. A monthly incentive based on success is also paid, with a maximum of $300 for a $12,000 sales objective. Carlos Santana, Christina Aguillera, Timbaland, and Usher, to mention a few, are among the performers in the music category. Because the course price is so high, influencers may expect to make some money.

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Period: 30 Days.


2. Guitar Center Affiliate

Guitar Center is a website that sells guitar instruments and other music-related items. Guitars, basses, drums, studio equipment, software, and DJ equipment are just a handful of available products. Users may also purchase used items from the store, which includes a vintage section. There’s also the option of buying a home or taking online classes.

Each sale generates a 6% commission for the affiliate programs for music. However, the cookie term is short in this case, at only two weeks. Once your commissions reach $25, a third company is in charge of keeping track of them. The Guitar Center affiliate programs for music is an excellent source of revenue if you have a lot of traffic and many items.

Commission Rate: 6%

Cookie Period: 2 Weeks.


3. Pianoforall Affiliate

Today, one of the most popular online learning programs is Pianoforall. It provides budding artists of all levels with e-books and videos to help them learn and enhance their piano abilities. For those who would like to retain a backup, there is also a DVD option.

The service isn’t only for pianos; it’s also good for most keyboard instruments. The affiliate programs for music is comprehensive, and each sale earns a whopping 60% commission. The cookie will last for up to 90 days. The registration procedure is simple.

The company also offers ad materials to help marketers create campaigns. New affiliate marketers are also well-supported by the company, which helps them in a variety of ways. This program stands out because of its high commission rates and long cookie time, making it unmatched in this category.

Commission Rate: 60%

Cookie Period: 90 Days.


4. Musician’s Friend Affiliate

Another online business that caters to virtually all of the needs of musicians is Musician’s Friend. It features an extensive collection of musical instruments and equipment. Their website has a wide range of instruments, as well as sound mixing and playing gear. They give outstanding service and counseling to consumers to help them make the best decision possible.

The website also has a section dedicated to reconditioned products. Each sale generates a 4% commission for the affiliate programs for music. The cookie is valid for 14 days. Members of the program also get access to exclusive bargains and offer designed to increase conversions.

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Period: 14 Days.


5. Prime Loops Affiliate

Prime Loops is a music producer’s online resource with audio samples and music presents. Although the collection is small, the content is of extremely high quality. The samples come from a variety of musical genres and may be listened to before making a purchase. Every sale generates a 20% commission for the affiliate programs for music.

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The payment is made every quarter via Paypal, with a £100 minimum payout. The cookie period is not specified; however, it will be revealed once a marketer joins the program. For the price of the soundtracks, the commission rate is pretty reasonable. This scheme may provide a good income for a music influencer because most consumers make any purchases.

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Period: Not Disclosed.


6. Apple iTunes Affiliates

iTunes provides an extensive library of music, albums, audiobooks, movies, and TV series. It is also quite popular all around the world. As a result, iTunes is a highly appealing platform to market. Influencers who aren’t just in the music industry may also profit from this platform.

Membership in the iTunes affiliate programs for music takes around 7 days to be approved. Influencers may produce links and distribute them with their followers using the Blink app on their phones. On sales, the commission is 7%, and the cookie term is 24 hours. Payment is due 90 days after the purchase.

Because of its vast reach, iTunes has become an extremely lucrative affiliate income source. A single tweet or Instagram post from an influencer with a large following can result in a large number of conversions. As a result, if handled correctly, this may be a big moneymaker.

Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Period: 24 Hours.


7. Sam Ash Affiliate

Sam Ash is an internet retailer that sells musical instruments, pro audio gear, and DJ gear. They are the country’s largest family-owned musical instrument retailer. The affiliate programs for music pay up to 10% profit on every transaction, and the cookie lasts for 30 days.

The commission is more significant than most other shops, as is the cookie duration. Sam Ash collaborates with LinkShare to track affiliate members’ profits and monitor traffic on their website. Due to tax issues, they do not accept affiliates from Arkansas, Connecticut, North Carolina, or Rhode Island.

Commission Rate: Up to 10%

Cookie Period: 30 Days.


8. Singorama Affiliate

Singorama is a web-based training program for budding singers and composers. It is beneficial to individuals who want to increase their vocal strength and range. They provide both digital and physical items, such as DVDs, that may send to clients.

In immediate downloads, affiliate members receive 70% of the sale and 40% in the case of delivered items. The cookies last for 60 days. Singorama is working with Clickbank to track traffic and compute commissions for members.

Singorama earns a commission on the original transaction and subsequent promotional sales, such as one-time deals and more. This feature makes the Singorama affiliate programs for music one of the best ways to generate money as an affiliate.

Commission Rate: 70% of instant downloads and 40% of shipping products.

Cookie Period: 60 Days.


9. Singing Machine Affiliate

That is one for the karaoke fans. Singing Machine is a one-stop shop for all things karaoke. They provide gadgets with incredible features as well as a song library for karaoke fans. It was the very first corporation of its sort in the United States.

Their affiliate programs for music offer a 5% commission on each transaction and have a 30-day cookie term. That is a one-of-a-kind platform for influencers with little competition. The items are both affordable and of good quality. The business is well-known, and many families would appreciate having something similar in their homes.

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Period: 30 Days.


10. Music Teachers Helper Affiliate

The Music Teacher Helper is a business management handbook for music teachers. It enables them to keep track of their learners and better manage their earnings and profits. A 20% commission is paid out through the affiliate programs for music. Cookie duration, on the other hand, may only be determined after joining the affiliate programs for music.

Members who pay for the software can earn a commission every month as long as the subscriber pays the monthly cost. The monthly price varies according to the plan selected by the customer. Influencers can profit from endorsing this brand since it provides a one-of-a-kind solution explicitly tailored to the demands of music teachers.

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Period: Not Mentioned.


11. Music Business Institute

The Music Business Institute is a web-based resource that aims to assist aspiring musicians and artists in breaking into the music industry. They assist musicians with a better understanding of the market, grow their fan base, and increase their fame. Artists will be able to get more work and, as a result, market their music to a broader audience.

Their affiliate programs for music offer a 50% commission and have a 45-day cookie term. Commissions can rapidly add up to a substantial sum when a course costs approximately $300 each year. Additionally, the company conducts promotional deals that allow influencers to earn additional money. Apart from the hefty fee, many influencers advertise their services because they support emerging artists.

Commission Rate: 50%

Cookie Period: 45 Days.


12. Emusic Affiliate

Emusic is a Malaysian musical instrument internet shop. They include pianos, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, violins, and many more instruments. The items are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. They frequently conduct special deals and provide cheap items.

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The commission per sale or cookie length is not specified on the website. They are, nevertheless, one of the few Malaysian online musical businesses with an affiliate program for music. This website may provide significant revenue to influencers in this region who have many followers.

Commission Rate: Not Disclosed.

Cookie Period: Not Disclosed.


13. Rocket Piano Affiliate

Rocket Piano is a website dedicated to teaching people how to play the piano. It includes instructional videos that take learners step by step through the procedure. They pay a 75% fee on video downloads and a 25% commission on physical copies.

The cookies are tracked for 90 days. These are pretty great figures, and they are among the highest in the piano instruction specialty. The website is well-liked by influencers since the service has good ratings and the payouts are pretty attractive.

Commission Rate: 75% on downloads and 25% on hard copies

Cookie Period: 90 Days.


14. Maestro Classics

Maestro Classics is an internet store dedicated solely to recorded music. The shop features both an MP3 and a CD collection. “Tortoise and the Hare,” “The Story of Swan Lake,” and others are among the collections. The website also has information on the subject for instructors or parents who want to teach their children about music.

The affiliate programs for music offer a 20% commission. However, the cookie lifetime is unknown. Payments are made via PayPal at the beginning of each month. Influencers are drawn to this platform because of the store’s originality and its goal of educating youngsters about music. At present, there aren’t many services like this.

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Period: Not Disclosed.


15. Audimute Affiliate

Audimute is a family-owned company that specializes in soundproofing. Wall panels, sheets, ceiling tiles, sound barriers, and installation gear are just a few of the items available. Soundproofing solutions for homes, businesses, and studios are also available from the organization. In a nutshell, they provide all soundproofing goods and services.

This affiliate network is simple to join and offers a 5% commission on all sales. The cookie will track for 60 days. This company’s high-quality products and outstanding service and the fact that they solve an issue that nearly every musician has to make it one of the most exemplary affiliate programs for music to join in 2021.

Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Period: 60 Days.

The courses mentioned above cover nearly every element of the music industry. These initiatives, however, are not limited to influencers in this sector. With the appropriate strategy and content development skills, anyone may gain from these music affiliate networks.