12 Women Safety Apps to Keep You Safe and Protected

Women are more powerful than ever before in today’s globe. However, accidents and crimes against women continue to occur. So, if mobile phones are used for so many other purposes, why not women’s security? We’ve compiled a list of the finest personal¬†women safety apps in this article.

These women safety apps provide a variety of features to give women the protection they want, from SOS notifications and emergency contacts to location sharing and community guidance. So, read through the list to discover which one best fits your needs.


1. Noonlight

Women Safety Apps

Noonlight is a one-of-a-kind program that allows you to cope with both prospective and real dangers. It has two functions: initially, it can be used when you’re unsure whether or not to contact 911. Next, you can utilize it if you’re in serious difficulties and need assistance from authorities.

Once you’re in a tense situation, press and hold the button on your Android phone, and release it only when you’re in danger. Push the button if you are in trouble, and the local police will be alerted of your position. You can also get assistance by calling or texting.



SHEROES is a female-only application. However, women may use it to mingle, find employment, seek women’s health guidance, get health. And beauty recommendations, and, obviously, for protection and monitoring.

women safety apps

In the women safety apps community, you may talk about personal and family difficulties and report domestic violence from spouses or boyfriends. In a nutshell, you may obtain professional guidance on any topic concerning women.


3. SOS Alerm

Women Safety Apps

SOS Alerm is an emergency Android women safety apps that allows you to call your emergency numbers and warn them of your whereabouts when you’re in a risky scenario. It features a very basic interface that everyone can use, and it does not display advertisements. With only one tap, you may send an assistance signal to your emergency contacts or even send pre-stored SOS texts.


4. Microsoft Family Safety

It is family-friendly software that provides both digital and physical security. You may use the Microsoft Family Protection women safety apps to keep an eye on your child’s online activity. And establish parental restrictions to protect them from the dangers of the virtual environment.

Women Safety Apps

You may also track your family’s whereabouts. So you always know where they are going and learn about their driving habits. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can share your location.


5. Personal Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

Personal Safety is a safety software for Pixel phones that allows you to keep in touch with emergency contacts and first responders. For example, you may use it to share your current position. And set a timer in your phone, after which the emergency sharing will begin automatically.


6. Guardians

You may choose your friends and family as your guardians on the Guardian app, and they will be alerted in the event of an emergency. However, only your parents will be able to view the Location data you disclose.

Microsoft Family Safety

You may also enable ‘forever sharing’ so that your guardians are constantly aware of your whereabouts. They can also get notifications about your phone’s battery life, network strength, and other important safety information.


7. Women Safety

Microsoft Family Safety

The Women Safety apps, as the name implies, alerts your family members if you are in a dangerous position. The software is simple and quick to use, and it can send an email including your address, two photos, and a video or audio message to your contact numbers.

You may use the green, orange, and red buttons to tell your emergency contacts if you’re safe, in a concerning situation, or in danger.


8. Sekura

Microsoft Family Safety

Sekura is a women’s safety software that protects them from street harassment and dangerous circumstances. It has a straightforward and colorful UI. It has four buttons: one for making an incoming call, another for ringing a siren. And another for sending a message with your location, and still another for dialing an emergency number.


9. UrSafe

Microsoft Family Safety

UrSafe is a hands-free personal security Android women safety apps connected with 911, allowing you to alert authorities in an emergency. In addition, it’s a voice-activated security tool. That will enable you to program safe words to trigger further replies. Ursafe is available in over 200 countries.


10. WanderSafe Safety App

WanderSafe is an excellent travel app. It provides location-based maps that allow you to explore your surroundings while advising. And warn you if you approach a dangerous area.


Microsoft Family Safety


The software has an SOS button that notifies three emergency contacts. And a personal assistant that guides you through reliable data sources so you may confidently explore the outdoors.


11. My Safetipin

Microsoft Family Safety

My Safetipin is a tool to make your city safer for you and other residents. You may audit any location in the city in terms of safety, population, public transportation, feeling. And other factors using various parameters.

You also get points for analyzing various features of the city and for participating in the safety community. You may also ask your loved ones to join you in tracking. And learn about the city’s safest pathways.


12. SoSecure

Women Safety Apps

SoSecure assures you of your safety and security. It has virtual ADT assistance that is always by your company. In addition, it has capabilities such as towing services, collision detection, and a voice-activated emergency call, among others.