100+ Best YouTube Video Ideas for New YouTube Channel In 2021

The best youtube video ideas are the second most popular social media network, with over a billion subscribers (about a third of all Internet users). Its users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video each day, accumulating billions of views. It’s also owned by the world’s largest search engine, which means that being on YouTube can help you improve your SEO and expand your audience. Our mega-list of the best youtube video ideas is here to help you get started.


1. Educational Tutorial

1.1 Make a Time-lapse Video

Best YouTube video ideas are frequently created out of need. This style may be used to convey a lot of information in a short period of time. This is extremely useful for capturing end-to-end tasks such as sketching.

1.2 Post a Public Service Announcement

People should be reminded to avoid forest fires, wear helmets when bicycling, and so forth. You may even make fun of the format by talking about something tiny or insignificant.

1.3 Offer Financial Planning Tips

Help your followers acquire money if stocks, bonds, and savings are your game. You can target 

people who are interested in financial planning advice.

1.4 Cooking or Recipe Tutorial

Show viewers how to make a beloved family dish, explain a cooking or prep method, or share your favorite kitchen facts.

1.5 Product Tutorial

A tutorial video is an exciting and helpful choice for viewers, whether you’re describing your product or just want to educate others on using a product or service you use and enjoy.

1.6 Explain a Concept

Share your knowledge! Explain a problematic math issue, relativity theory, a problematic coding challenge, or anything related to your industry or field of study.

1.7 Workout Video

When it comes to working out, many individuals look to YouTube for instructions on how to execute specific exercises as well as guided workout courses. Yoga, circuit training, stretching, and form videos are all quite popular.

1.8 Webinar or Presentation

Put the recording of an instructive webinar or presentation on YouTube so that people who missed it can see it later.

1.9 Infographic Video

Infographics are a visually appealing and entertaining method to provide data and figures that would otherwise be dull or difficult to believe.

1.10. Q & A

In the comments section of your videos, do people ask you questions? Your company probably receives a lot of queries from consumers. Make a video answering your most recent or commonly requested questions.

1.11 Bust Some Myths

Are there any common misunderstandings that irritate you? YouTube is an excellent platform for clarifying information for viewers.

1.12 Show How To Make Easy Gifts

Keeping a budget during the holidays is challenging. So, show off some of your creative (but low-cost) gift ideas.

1.13 Share Your Screen With Viewers

While working on your PC, share your screen. Sketching in Photoshop, producing a movie, or playing Minecraft are all possibilities. Simply select a decent screencasting program and start sharing.

1.14 Detail a Process

Take a complex idea and break it down into smaller parts. People are constantly on the lookout for them, particularly if they are visual learners.

1.15 Give Wedding Planning Guidance

Do you have a knack for planning weddings? Share some wedding preparation tips, such as what sort of cake to buy and what color napkins to use.

1.16 Show How VFX Work

Explain how you created a particular effect if you make videos. Show off any special animation, makeup, or prop methods you’ve used.

1.17 Share Some Fun Facts or Trivia

Trivia may give several best youtube video ideas for YouTube. Find a few fascinating facts and base your clips on them. Some channels go into great detail about topics you may not be aware of.

1.18 Make a Philosophy Video

Take your audience down your topic’s psychological rabbit hole. This is another method to put everything you learned in your best youtube video ideas into context. Also, keep in mind that there is no spoon!

1.19 Make a Science Video

For best YouTube video ideas, go to the natural world. Break out some of science’s core concepts if science is relevant to your product or business.

1.20 Be a Video Math Teacher

If your company is in the education industry, it can be beneficial to teach mathematics basics. Every day, students turn to YouTube for homework assistance. When it comes to matches, there’s no shortage of the best youtube video ideas. Teach them on YouTube!

1.21 Detail a Helpful Life Skill

It’s possible that critical thinking comes effortlessly to you. Consider discussing the ins and outs with your audience if you think it would be helpful for them to know. Biohacking is also a huge possibility to investigate.

1.22 Show a Funny skill That You Have

Are you able to roll your tongue? Or perhaps you’ve perfected the technique of popping and locking? Show viewers how to perform it, even if it isn’t a “funny talent.”

1.23 Discuss Historical Texts

For the best YouTube video ideas, look to outstanding writings. Dive into a historical text and nourish your viewers’ brains, whether it’s thinkers like Plato and Homer or playwrights like Shakespeare or The Bible.

1.24 Do a Short Subject Documentary

Analyze the life and career of an important figure in your area. For example, if you’re a comedian, you might set aside the skits for one video and talk about one of your influences and why they were so inspirational.

1.25 Show How To Manage Time

There is never enough time in the day, but it can always be better managed. Explain your skills to your audience, and they’ll appreciate you later.

1.26 Show Off an Obscure Trick

Know a few helpful keyboard shortcuts for a program you use? Make a short video to show them off.

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2. Technology Best Youtube Video ideas

2.1 Declare Love for a Favorite Gadget

Are you a fan of electronic devices? Have you purchased a new iPhone? Maybe a new pair of earbuds? Bring out your excellent Earphones and tell us why you love them so much.

2.2 Dish on New Processor Releases

Processors are becoming more powerful. Discuss which ones are the greatest, how they’re utilized, and how they’re transforming the face of technology.

2.3 Deep Dive On Tech Topics

Net neutrality, cyber security, and bitcoin are all hot topics in the IT world. If you break down their fundamental principles in detail, your readers will be interested in hearing from you frequently.

2.4 Show Off Your YouTuber Tech

Show off your vlogging equipment, such as the microphones and cameras you use.

2.5 Show Off Your Device Specs

Do you have a cool gadget? Show off the features that differentiate it. Your readers may be searching for the same thing you are.

2.6 Dish ON New Graphics Releases

Improved graphics cards mean improved gaming. Let’s talk about what’s new and exciting. Remember that gamers are a close-knit bunch. Therefore they’re always on the lookout for the greatest video cards to help them better their game.

2.7 Tour a New Software Beta

Show off a beta feature if you’re a super user of a specific program or website before it’s released to the general public. ProductHunt is an excellent place to start looking for new apps.


3. Best Youtube Video Ideas of Health & Lifestyle

3.1 Share Tips About Losing Weight

If exercise is your specialty, then provide some weight-loss tips to the audience.

3.2 Show How To Stretch Correctly

Flexibility is an essential aspect of every workout. When you start your practice, show off the ones you use.

3.3 Post a Motivation Video

It might be challenging to maintain a new fitness routine once the honeymoon period has passed. Encourage your audience to continue with it by posting some motivating thoughts.

3.4 Suggest Good Energy Foods

If you’re on a diet and exercising regularly? Provide a diet that helps you to get the best training benefits.

3.5 Be a YouTube Yoga Instructor.

With a simple yoga routine, you can get your audience out of the seats and then into Warrior One.

3.6 Teach Proper Workout Methods

The wrong way to work out might be harmful. Make sure your viewers know what to do when they’re working out.

3.7 Host a Health & Wellness Q&A

You’ll be able to answer viewers’ health and wellness queries and provide them with tips and advice.


4. Youtube Video Ideas of Fashion & Beauty

4.1 Name Your Favorite Products

Imagine how many beauty products are available on the internet. Imagine how many people need product reviews. Creating a YouTube video on a particular beauty product is a proven method to get people’s attention.

4.2 Provide Styling Advice

People seek and need fashion and fashion tips. Create a YouTube video on your fashion sense if you have it. Share your opinions and insights.

4.3 Discuss Fashion History

You’re not alone if you’ve always been interested in fashion history. Look back in time with fashion. You can turn it into an ongoing series on YouTube. Account has much to teach us.

4.4 Showcase Some DIY Clothing

When it comes to clothing, do you have a creative run of success? For fashion YouTubers, this is the most interesting YouTube video concept. Old clothing may be repurposed into something new and exciting. It’s hard to imagine someone not wanting to upcycle, restore, and refresh their clothing! Anyone can assist them.

4.5 Showcase Your Beauty Routines

They will be interested in hearing about the most successful morning and evening beauty treatments for the face! People want to know how we take care of our faces, so let them know what you do and how.

4.6 Create Fast Makeup Tutorials

Nobody has time to do their makeup for four hours in the morning! Give your visitors a quick (and easy) way to get ready when they’re in a hurry.


5. Music Related video Ideas

5.1 Do a Lip-Sync (or lip-sync battle)

Spontaneity provides some of the best youtube video ideas. When you can’t stop yourself from singing along to your favorite song, record yourself. For a single individual, lip-sync videos are among the greatest YouTube video ideas.

5.2 Deep Dive On Some Music

Do you have music that you can’t get enough of? Examine all there is to know about it, including inspirations, lyric meanings, and how it was mixed and created.

5.3 Make a Creative Music Video

A music video does not require a hit single. For your music video, get a team, grab a camera, and get creative.

5.4 Do a Freestyle Rap

Don’t be scared to break a flow in front of the camera; some of us can freestyle extremely well. You may either make it a serious video or a comedic one.

5.5 Provide a Free Music Lesson

When you’re a real-life guitar hero, show off your talent for those who are practicing for the first time. These YouTube lessons are both fun and informative.


6. Gaming YouTube Video Ideas

6.1 Play Games With Other Channels

With friends, video games create good YouTube challenges. They also make collaborating on a YouTube channel a lot easier. Highlight your finest moments by recording yourself playing your favorite game with friends and on other channels.

You might have the most fun with this one out of all the excellent YouTube video ideas.

6.2 Share In-Game Footage

On YouTube, gaming is massive. Believe again if you think no one wants to watch you enjoying your favorite game. Remember that your gaming YouTube ideas may go in a number of different directions.

6.3 Reveal an Easter Egg

Have you found a surprising secret in one of your popular games? Share it on YouTube so that others may see it as well.

6.4 Show Off a Mod You Made

Mods are game features that have been customized, such as stages, characters, or items. Show off a cool one you made.

6.5 Post-Raw Gameplay

Gameplay that has not been edited or added to is known as raw gameplay. It’s boring, but sometimes that’s just what people want.

6.6 Post Cutscenes

The content of a video game may also be enjoyed without playing it. That’s great. Finally, record and upload the sequences for them to look at online! As soon as a game is released, the better.

6.7 Start A Walkthrough

I love walkthroughs since they’re so easy to use. It also allows viewers to watch how you learned to play the game and overcome specific difficulties that they may not be able to figure out on their own.

6.8 Show Off A Speedrun

A game is completed as quickly as possible in a speed run by avoiding multiple stages to reach the game’s finish. Flying Zones in Super Mario are prominent examples of this.

6.9 Review A Game

People have paid real money to play video games. As a result, people may want to learn more about a game before purchasing it; therefore, feel free to write game reviews! Thereby, you assist your fellow gamers and may gain some favor if you have a good reputation.

6.10 Discuss Gaming Trivia

It’s not always about the big picture when it comes to gaming. What is Pac-last Man’s level? To show and share, look for unique gaming trivia.


7. Food Video Ideas

7.1 Cook With Friends

Try cooking with another YouTuber when your business is connected to food. Find a meal option that represents your or their brand.

7.2 Share a Secret Recipe

People are constantly looking for tasty dishes to taste. Take the one you designed and share it with the rest of the world.

7.3 Recreate Food From Movies

What could be more addicting than watching food in films and on television? Take it from the screen and put it to life in the real world! Try to replicate a meal from a movie or television program.

7.4 Create a Viral Video To Tet Noticed

The Real Beauty advertisement by Dove was created to bring attention to how women view themselves. The ad has earned over 115 million views, making it one of the most popular commercials of all time.


8. Best Youtube Video Ideas of Review Videos

8.1 Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of YouTube’s most traditional types of video. Before making a purchase, millions of people look for these educational films. Technology and cosmetic items are prominent topics, but reviews are available for a wide range of products.

8.2 Movie Review

Have you recently seen an excellent (or bad) film? Use YouTube to express your thoughts and initiate debates with random people. 

8.3 Book Review

Share with us what you think of your most recent read.

8.4 Testimonials

Testimonials should be a feature in your video strategy when you operate a business. This sort of video creates “social proof” and aids in developing confidence in your industry.

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9. Fun YouTube Video Ideas

9.1 Comedy/Skits

A humorous video might help you go viral. Because they made people laugh, many of YouTube’s most popular videos became so popular (and shared).

9.2 Music Video

A music video is an obvious choice when you’re a musician. With a theatrical video, go for high-production value, or keep it simple with an acoustic sound. Just make sure that your music is on fire! 

9.3 Prank Videos

People still like prank films, from Secret Camera to Punk’d to YouTube. Play a harmless prank on someone and upload the results to your YouTube channel.

9.4 Cute/Funny Baby Videos

Is your child charming in any way? The grandparents of your child aren’t the only ones who would enjoy seeing your adorable newborn videos.

9.5 Challenge Videos

Do you recall the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Challenge videos are a YouTuber’s favorite type of video. Just be sure that your challenge is risk-free!

9.6 Parody Video

With a comedy parody video, you may put your twist on a popular video, song, or movie.

9.7 Bloopers

You’ve undoubtedly flubbed some takes if you’ve been in the YouTube game for a while. Combine them into an entertaining blooper reel that your audience will enjoy.

9.8 Magic Tricks

You see it now, and then you don’t! If you’re a master of sleight of hand, upload a video on YouTube and leave your audience wondering, “How did they achieve that?”

9.9 Walkthrough Video

Do you know how to defeat the very last boss? YouTube players in most need of assistance prefer video game video tutorials.

9.10 Speedrun Videos

As a result, you can defeat Super Mario 64 in under two minutes. YouTube is a great place to show off your skills. On YouTube, speedrun videos (a player beats a game as rapidly as possible) are a popular genre.

9.11 Highlight Reel

If you’re a sportsperson, there’s no better opportunity to display your abilities than YouTube. Skateboarding, snowboarding/skiing, and surfing all have strong communities where participants show their skills. Athletes and sports teams will also use YouTube to put together their finest plays to attract recruiters, sponsors, and interested fans.

9.12 Time-Lapse

Time-lapse photography is a method of capturing video frames at a considerably slower rate than usual. The result is frequently hypnotic. Popular time-lapse topics include traffic, clouds, and the night sky.


10. More Best YouTube Video Ideas

10.1 Show Off Some Drone Footage.

Show off your outstanding drone capture when you have one. Take it through the woods, the city, or perhaps a fireworks show.

10.2 Make a Holiday Video.

It’s a powerful thing to help your viewers spread Holiday cheer by sharing a video that makes you emotional, and creating a video on something like the holiday can offer it unlimited appeal.

10.3 Host a Contest

Setting up a contest for your followers to join is a fantastic opportunity to interact with them directly. Hosting contests results in entertaining and easy-to-share videos.

10.4 Answer Fan Questions

Do you get a lot of inquiries from the same people? Respond to them in your videos. While viewing your clips, other viewers are likely to have asked the same thing.

10.5 Ask Your Fans for Best YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re having trouble coming up with the creative best youtube video ideas, look to your audience. Make a video to request support from your fans.