10 Ways to Passive Income for College Students

Today I will be sharing ways to passive income ideas for college students. These ways to passive income ideas will help you to make money while you are studying. Many students want to make money while looking for their pocket money, school or college fees and support their family.

The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder,” is a good rule of thumb, especially if you’re a college student focused on completing your education. Trying to maintain a good GPA can be hard if you’re constantly worried about commitments to another job. Putting your focus on passive income opportunities can help you cover extra expenses and have enough time to devote to your studies.


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Ways to Passive Income Ideas For College Students

We’ve outlined some ideas on possible avenues for ways to passive income. See if one or more of the below options are something you could fit into your current schedule. Play video games are play takes the first spot on this list, and rightfully so. Video games have an undeniable allure to the youth and being able to spend hours on a video game while getting paid for it is hitting two birds with one stone. 

Mistplay allows you to earn points just by playing video games for a couple of minutes per day. You can select from a list of games, browse for offers, and get rewarded with points from performing various tasks such as downloading games, playing them, and offering your opinion.

You’ll get paid with points according to the time you spend playing and the experience points you garner in the game; While you cannot redeem these points for cash, you can exchange them for gift cards in GameStop, Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, Facebook, and Google Play.


1. Play Video Games

Mistplay earns the top place on our list for a good reason. Video games have a natural attraction for young people, and being able to spend hours playing them while also being paid is like hitting two birds with one stone. You may earn points by playing video games for a few minutes each day on Mistplay.

You may choose from a list of games, search for special offers, and get points for doing various activities such as downloading games, playing them, and providing feedback.

You’ll get paid in points based on the number of hours spent playing and the number of experience points you earn. While these points cannot be exchanged for cash, they will exchange for gift cards on GameStop, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation, Facebook, and Google Play.


2. Get Cashback from Your Shopping

Cashback shopping is one of the easiest ways to generate ways to a passive income for college students. Various cashback apps allow you to save on your online shopping and groceries by giving you back a percentage of the money you spent. Your percentage cashback depends on the app and the deal you selected.

Once you’ve earned a certain percentage of cash back, you can cash out your earnings or exchange them for gift cards from major retailers. Fetch Rewards and Ibotta are examples of popular cashback apps. For these apps, you’ll need to snap a photo of your receipt to earn from your purchases.

Websites and apps like Wikibuy and Rakuten Rewards will require you to shop through their online portal to get cashback. Our other favourites include Dosh, MyPoints, Drop, and TopCashBack.


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3. Try Vlogging 

If you’re looking for ways to passive income for college students, creating videos for YouTube can be something most youth can relate to. Today’s YouTube stars are self-made celebrities who earn millions in dollars every year. You won’t make as much when starting, but once your followers grow and engagement spikes, you can start monetizing to earn a decent amount of passive income each month. 

For starters, you won’t get paid just by uploading videos on YouTube. Your earning potential is determined by the level of engagement you make, your niche, and the types of revenue channels you explore. There are many ways to earn from YouTube, including becoming a YouTube partner to make money from ads, working with brands as an affiliate or influencer, selling merchandise or products, or through fan funding.   


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4. Invest In Student Income-Share Agreements

An Income-Share Agreement (ISA) is an alternative to student loans. By using an ISA, a student’s tuition is paid for in exchange for a percentage of their future income. Who is funding these ISAs? Private investors and universities fund them. Investors basically take a bet on a student’s future.

You see these most commonly at coding academies and trade schools, but they are growing in popularity. Ely is a company that allows you to invest in ISAs. They have two options – one you can invest directly in a note, and the other in a fund that they use for future notes.

Depending on timing, there might not be any open notes available to invest. You must be an accredited investor to invest, and there is a $10,000 minimum. However, they are targeting 8-14% returns, which is awesome.


5. Sell Your Pictures Online.

Take pictures from your mobile phone and sell them online. There is no skill required in this method. You just have to take pictures and upload in-stock photo websites. You can take pictures of cats, dogs, kids, nature or your city. Spend some time to take photos in any of the topics you selected, then go to any stock photo website and upload your pictures.

First, you have to register once your account is created, then upload images on the stock photo website. Now your photos will be listed on the stock photo website, and once anyone buys your photo, you will get commission or royalty for the photo. To more your photos will sell, the more you earn. To upload as many photos as possible to make more money.


6. Design and Sell T-shirts Online

If you think you have to invest money to start a T-shirt business, you are wrong. You can begin selling T-shirts online without investing any money. There are websites where you have to create a T-shirt design. If someone buys a website, the company will deliver the T-shirt to the customer, and you will get a commission.

Website such as the spring and Zazzle are providing a platform where you can design your T-shirts. Here you can create a T-shirt and set the price of your T-shirt. The website will promote your designed T-shirt, and if someone purchases your T-shirt, you will get a commission.


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7. Build an App

If you’ve got a skill for coding, app creation offers students another great ways to passive income opportunity. You can make money by charging people every time they download your app. Another way you can make money is by offering it for free and allowing ad placements. Once you have a stable app ready to go, you’ve got an avenue for ways to passive income that can continue paying dividends for years.

You can also earn extra money through an app by offering a basic version for free, then giving users the option to pay for extra upgrades. Think about a game like Candy Crush. The creators let users purchase power-ups to help them get through difficult levels, ultimately making more money than they would by charging a flat fee. It also helps them avoid having to place ads throughout the game.

Think about where you want users to download your app. Ideally, you want to publish your app in as many stores as possible. So your app should be available in popular stores like Google Play, the Apple Store, or through Windows Apps.


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8. Start an Online Course

You can start teaching in your area of expertise, even if you still haven’t earned your degree. If you have deep knowledge of a subject and excellent communication skills, you could create an online course on sites like Udemy, showcase them on YouTube, or offer them through your website. Online courses can be a great way to complement an existing blog podcast or blog.

Online course creation can take a lot of up-front time investment. But once you’re done, you can continue advertising it and ways to passive income as long as the content is relevant. It’s an opportunity to reach people from around the world looking for a deeper dive into a specific subject.

Do your research into what others are already offering around the same course topic. Try to approach your course from an angle not yet covered by other courses. You don’t want to put a lot of time into creating a course no one is interested in or where there is already a lot of saturation.

You can use your online course for advertising other services, like an individual coaching program. Keep in mind that if you decide to host your videos with Udemy or other services, they control the platform. You’ve also got to make sure you’re pricing your content correctly, so you get a solid financial return on your initial investment in time and recording technology.


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9. Online Food Delivery Services

Nowadays, people used to order food online and have it at home due to the current pandemic situation. A lot of food delivery services come into existence, and they deliver food at home. They will hire a lot of people to provide food. You can join one of these companies and earn money.

Spend a couple of hours daily to deliver food and get paid. They will pay nicely and also you will get incentives for extra deliveries. If you have a bike or bicycle, it will help, but most companies provide their vehicle for delivery. The most common food delivery services are McDonald, KFC, Pizza hit then you can join Uber eat, Postmates, DoorDash, Seamless, etc. 


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10. Start a Print on Demand Business

Think about starting a print-on-demand business to earn passive income if you’ve got some serious art skills or know-how to develop catchy slogans for merchandise. You can build custom graphics and reproduce them on products like coffee mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, canvas bags, and key chains.

Once you come up with a base set of designs, think about details like the availability of color options for your products, the print provider you wish to use, and how much you want to set aside to get started. Your profit margins live or die on making the right decisions around these areas. You also want to do your homework and ensure you’re not violating someone else’s trademark with your products.

Try to find a niche that isn’t saturated by a lot of other competitors. You should also think about proper marketing of your products. What’s the point of having items for sale if no one knows your print-on-demand store exists? Once you build up a loyal clientele, it could generate enough ways to passive income to cover your financial goals.

Yes, it is possible to make ways to passive income as a college student. There are many ways using that you can build a source of income; some of them are free some are paid. Most ideas require a lot of time and effort, but a student can’t spend more time.

I have listed specific ways to passive income ideas for college students that do not require more time and the best part is that most of the pictures do not require investment. If you do it in the right way, then definitely you can make money online. Pick any ways to passive income ideas and start working on them to build your passive income stream.