10 Sleek Portable Scanner for Documents That You Can Buy

Portable scanner for documents transfer data to computers and other devices by either USB or Wi-Fi. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to convey or share information that you find in print? Such as in a magazine or newspaper? Taking a snapshot with your smartphone may be possible, although the quality on certain phones is poor. So instead, why not utilize a portable scanner?

Many current mobile scanners provide functionalities that were previously only available on desktop document scanners. The distinction is that they are lightweight and portable. As a result, any individual on the road may quickly handle business cards, statements, invoices. And any other papers they need to digitize with the use of portable scanner for documents.

I’ve compiled a list of the greatest, most convenient, most sleek-looking portable scanners of the modern era, all of which are designed to make your life a bit simpler. So let’s have a look at what we’ve got. Here are 9 portable scanner for documents list below.


1. Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner ($64.5)

portable scanner for documents

If you’re a film photographer, you probably have many picture films stashed away in dusty boxes in your closet. If you need to save them in electronic information, the iPhone and Android Film Scanner can help!


2. IRIScan Scanner and Mouse ($83)

portable scanner for documents

This clever portable USB mouse scanner produces a digital copy of any document put beneath the mouse in a matter of seconds. Articles, images, maps, receipts, business cards, and even more intricate items like artwork fall under this category.


3. O King Scanner ($140)

portable scanner for documents

Nowadays, most (but not all) desktop scanners can capture images and videos. You can even fax and send documents to others. All of this is possible with the O King S200 portable scanner, which is elegant and tiny.


4. DSmobile DS-940DW ($249)

The Brother DS-940DW Duplex is a highly tiny scanner that fits your luggage or backpack and can be used anywhere, thanks to its DSD (Desk Saving Design) technology. In addition, it runs on a lithium-ion battery, so there’s no need to connect it to a switch to use it because it’s self-contained.

portable scanner for documents

You may use a microSD card to save data or link it to your mobile device over WiFi using Brother’s free iPrint&Scan software. You don’t need to install any drivers to get the papers you scan on your phone or computer.


5. Epson DS-80W Document Scanner ($188)

portable scanner for documents

The Epson DS-80W scanner is a compact document scanner. It is one of the lightest single-sheet-fed document scanners on the market, weighing only 0.66 lbs.

The scanner connects wirelessly through WiFi to your iOS, Android, macOS, or PC. It also offers the quickest scanning speed. You’ll find it in a portable scanner — a single page scanning in 4 seconds.


6. IRIScan Book 5 ($94.99)

portable scanner for documents

IRIScan Book 5 Mobile Wand is a handheld document scanner with high-quality scanning resolution and an incredible scanning speed of a little over 1 second, making it a magic wand of a portable scanner.

It can scan 250 pages (both colorful and black and white) in one session, and the scanned document may be saved straight as a JPG or PDF file.


7. Doxie Go SE ($179)

Doxie Go SE is an innovative portable scanner for documents that allows you to get up. And scan any document on your desk or the go.

portable scanner for documents

You can scan black and white to full-color pages in only 8 seconds at up to 600 dpi. And then transmit the document to your mobile device or PC using the Doxie app. Furthermore, you may scan up to 400 pages on a single charge of the battery.


8. CZUR Shine500 ($99)

portable scanner for documents

The CZUR Shine500-Pro is a high-speed document scanner with smart paging and several color settings. Because it is lightweight and collapsible, it is very portable and easy to transport.

The portable scanner for documents may also be used as a document camera for teaching. And distance learning that works with ZOOM. In addition, you may convert your scanned documents into JPG, PDF, and TIFF, thanks to ABBYY.


9. Plustek Photo Scanner ($199)

portable scanner for documents

It handy tiny picture scanner that can scan any 35mm, 46mm, 577mm, or 810mm photos in about 2 seconds. You may save scanned photographs in 300 or 600 dpi resolution. And quickly share them on social networks or in cloud storage.

It can scan A4 size paper documents. And photographs, and it is faster than a flatbed scanner. It also has a robust picture improvement feature to recover outdated pictures with a single click.


Final words

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